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Chaska’s municipal Wi-Fi too slow, limited for me

We just moved to Chaska and were excited to try out the citywide wi-fi. They gave us a little antenna to set up in the house, and we’re getting a full strength signal.

But it’s slooooow — I mean crawling. And during peak hours, like this past Sunday night, it’s nearly impossible to even load a YouTube video.

Last night I tried hooking it up to our wireless router so we could get two laptops going at the same time, and it wasn’t having it — kicking off each laptop alternately. Turns out that’s a no-no.

Plus it seemed to block Comcast’s Web site when we tried to research our other options.

So what’s so great about slow-ass municipal wi-fi? It’s slow, limited and possibly neutered.

Screw that. Guess we’re back to the cable monopoly.


I love how ex-UnitedHealth CEO William McGuire can’t even build a park without pulling some shady shit.

Trash Lady chimes in again on the Minneapolis Public Issues Forum to tell you everything you need to know about what to do with your plastic garbage bags. The next time I go to Ikea I’m totally buying one of those giant blue bags and then stashing it in my car.

Minneapolis City Councilmember Robert Lilligren says the reopening of Nicollet at Lake Street is a question of when, not if.

The natives are getting restless over municipal wi-fi.’s Minneapolis/St. Paul site appears to have a new guide (i.e., person who writes it). Anybody have any idea who Clara James is? Looks like a redesign in the last few months, too (it’s now web 2.0-ish). I had noticed as of the end of last year it hadn’t been updated in about a month. If you want to placeblog for pay, that was an opportunity, but I have to say that writing for carries little to no street cred with me (and I hate myself a little bit for using the word “placeblog”). Just sayin’.

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