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Unknown Prophets Le System D

Need something to do tonight?

Go to the Unknown Prophets (CD-Release)

When I called Mike Madison aka MaD SoN of the Unknown Prophets a few weekends ago I was a little unsure of the direction my interview was going to take. I’d been listening to the their new release Le System D in the car and noticing the great guitar work. I mean, who calls a rapper to talk about guitars?

I guess I do.

So I figured the best way to proceed would be to just blurt it out, (I mean, what could go wrong? Right?), “I have to tell you, I love the guitar work and it seems as though there’s a theme. Is that true?”

“I was experiencing some tough times last year so I decided to lock myself away in a room and just start writing. I wanted to make a summer album, know what I mean? Something that you’ll want to listen to while driving on a nice summer night.”

I knew what he mean, but did I hear him right? “Wait, you wrote the guitar parts?” Sorry for the stereotype, but I’m just not used to rappers also playing an instrument.

“Yeah, I do all the guitar work. The album started with a few riffs that I decided to turn into songs. I’d write a track and send it to Jesse and he’d change the beats and add his input. “

Style wise you guys are all over the place, one of the first songs that really clicked with me was “Fresh”. I found it to be kind of a corny feel good piece that made me want to spend the day with my special lady friend.

“Not to be cocky, but I feel like we are one of the few hip hop bands that can play anything. We’re hip hop, but we also like to get heavy and rock and we can pull off a corny song, but still give it depth and meaning.”

Throughout the interview we talked about politics, kids, grocery shopping, the musical writing and recording process, and that’s just to name a few. They wrote the entire album from last November to January and spent the rest of the time recording and mixing. The quick turn around really makes the lyrics on the political songs pertinent as they rap about everything from war to bank bailouts.

I realized not only do I like the CD, but I like Mike and the message that the Unknown Prophets deliver. Maybe that message is you can be controversial without being in your face offensive or maybe that message is when times are tough life is good, or maybe it’s a little bit of both and something more, but believe me there is something appealing about Le System D that is both untangible and good.

How good? Check them out tonight at First Avenue and see for yourself.

Next week I’ll be posting my 10 questions with Mike, in the meantime buy the album and experience Le System D.

CD Release Tonight: FIRST AVE MAINROOM – 5:30PM – 10PM
Official Website: Unknown Prophets

Just Another Music Friday – 07/31/09

Old Cars
Uploaded on June 21, 2009
by manyhighways @ 2009 MSRA “Back to the Fifties” Car Show

Do you know what goes really well with music? Cool old cars.

I don’t have any shows to see this weekend, but I bought a ton of Cd’s last night at Half Priced Books. So I guess I’ll be ripping them to disk and dumping’em on my iPod Bombadil.

Heard and good local music lately?
I hear the new Vampire Hands release is superb, which I don’t doubt for a second. It’s my opinion they are the best “vampire” band out there, and that other vampire band that was so popular on 89.3 . . . well I’m not going to even mention their name.

Here’s Vampire Hands with Safe Word.

What are you listening to?

*Saturday Morning Update*Ways to get live and local this evening, Tim Mahoney will be rocking the 5:00 PM slot at St. Anthony Village Fest (FREE!) and the Unknown Prophets will be laying it down later in the eve at the 501 (FREE?) (I think so)

Or spend a little money and get artsy at the Fringe Festival [ #MNFRINGE ] or perhaps help the Common Room “bust through gallery stereotypes” at The Soap Factory.

So much to do. Rock on.


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