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Sayonara, airport security line losers!

I am officially an expert at getting through airport security lines.

I empty my pockets (including cell phone and wallet minus driver’s license) immediately after parking my car at the MSP ramp. I don’t even put my belt on the morning – it goes straight into the carry on bag. All of my wires (mp3 player headphones, cell charger, laptop charger) are bundled and dispersed for easy discernment in the X-ray machine. Liquids are few and tiny in a small plastic bag.

Once in line, I untie my shoes, pop my laptop out of my briefcase and take off my suit coat. Then I wait patiently for idiot amateur travelers to figure out the simple-stupid procedure to get through security.

Inevitably, someone in front of me forgets to keep their boarding pass out, didn’t put their laptop in its own bin, didn’t realize you couldn’t bring a bottle of water through security (this happens almost every trip), didn’t put all liquids in their own plastic bag, forgets to take off shoes, forgets to take off belt and of course, is so flustered by the whole process they stress out, become exasperated at the poor TSA employees and slow up the line even further.

Well, good riddance you loser newbies.

Yesterday, MSP joined more than 24 other airports in testing a new security lane system that they (and I) hope is going to make the frequent business traveler’s life a lot easier in speeding through these checkpoints.

From the PiPress:

Self-selected security lanes for travelers, chosen by how well they think they know the security checkpoint routine, opened at MinneapolisSt. Paul International Airport’s larger Lindbergh Terminal Friday.

When the security checkpoint line was busy early Friday afternoon, Brandy Brant, a traveler from St. Louis, slipped into the “expert” lane. It’s one of three newly designated lanes among the terminal’s six security checkpoints; passengers also can opt for a “casual traveler” and “family” lane…Presumably, “experts” are frequent travelers familiar with the routine and requirements of the security system.

I’m super pumped to try this out. Now if only they could solve the problem of replenishing those plastic bins in a timely manner.

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