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Yoda Accepts Visa


This weekend I had family in town for my niece’s 13th birthday and on Saturday we descended upon the Science Museum like an Army of Wookies to celebrate with Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.  

First we watched Special Effects which is billed as ‘a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars movie magic’, but we pretty much unanimously agreed ‘grrrrrraAArrhhghhh grrrr’ which is Wookie speak for ‘Gosh, this sucks’.

That’s right, Wookies say ‘gosh’.

After the show we had some time to kill in the museum so we assembled on the deck overlooking the river and made a plan ‘let’s split up and meet at the exhibit at 2:45’.
The deck at the Saint Paul Science Museum.
At 2:30 I was standing near the front of the exhibit line eavesdropping on a seemingly normal family aside from one small aspect: the lightsabers on their belts.

Then the doors opened and we flooded in; there were a ton of cool costumes, models, videos, and interactive stations.

We probably spent an hour wandering the exhibit, but I could see someone hard core enough to spend two hours and someone not really into it being done in 15 minutes.   

Pros: It was very cool to see the original costumes and models up close.
Cons: The exhibit’s videos were kind of lame. I was a little disappointed in the lack of people in costume.
Considerations: Every Star Wars fan I’ve talked to has loved it, but someone not into Star Wars probably won’t.

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