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One hump or two?

Baby camels Samara and Sarah were born at the Minnesota Zoo on Friday the 13th and April 2 respectively. I’m going to go check them out tomorrow whilst enjoying the last weekend of Farm Babies.

According to the Strib, “Bactrian camels have two humps rather than the single hump of their Arabian relatives…Suffering from habitat loss and domestication, there are fewer than 1,000 in the wild.”

They don’t say how old a camel has to be before you can ride it. These babies look pretty strong, so I’m guessing they could hold me. As for racing, they may need to wait a month or so.

And speaking of the Strib’s coverage, they have some pretty great video of the camels here but it’s unembeddable and doesn’t have a permalink. Do you need some help understanding how social media content works, guys?

"Oh No You Di-int!" Quote of the Day: Racist Flood Coverage?

From yesterday’s STrib opinion Letter of the Day, in which Jeffrey Seyfert from Farmington tries to compare the recent midwest flooding to Hurricane Katrina.

The suffering that is being endured by our fellow Midwesterners is no less than the suffering of those in Louisiana. The difference is our fellow Midwesterners are picking themselves off the ground, brushing themselves off, and getting to work. Their first instinct is not to blame government; their first instinct is to help each other out and try to put their lives back together.

To which I say “PUH-LEAZE,” “Pfffft,” and “How much did you do to help, Jeffrey Seyfert?”

Bob Collins takes on the perceived bias at MPR’s News Cut blog, mentioning that this is not a unique opinion in the Midwest. Interesting stuff in the comments, including a really good response from a native Iowa Citian explaining how the two situations are not comparable at all except for the fact that they both involved flooding.

(And even though I disagree with some of the comments, the level of discourse is waaaaay above any comments I’ve read today at the STrib.)

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