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How Minnesotans Are Spending Their Stimulus

I was under the vague impression that most people weren’t planning on using their stimulus check to actually stimulate the economy. I thought more folks would pay down debt or save it. Boy, was I wrong.

According to, people from Minnesota have all kinds of plans.

Brian from Merrifield, MN is using his to make his home more energy efficient. Robert from Minneapolis spent $216 on sweatpants. Elizabeth from Minneapolis is replacing her harvest gold washer and dryer. Nikki and Dustin from St Paul paid some wedding expenses. Maura from Minneapolis is paying on her student loan. Other Minnesotans are going on vacation.

(I don’t know why it tickles me so that it’s been shortened to “my stimulus” from “my stimulus check.”)

You can share your story with a photo or with a video (visual aid required). I’d be really curious to see some aggregate data six months or a year from now.

I’m boring. I’m paying down debt with mine. Inquiring minds (i.e., Sornie and I) want to know: What’re you doing with your stimulus?

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