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Ok, maybe just a little RNC

There’s a caption contest

Sorry, “WELCOME TO MINNESOTA” is taken.

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RNC08 Roundup

Coverage of this weekends raids and various protests, parades, marches, etc. continues.

The Uptake has a nifty google map of the raid locations. Click on the markers to see video from each location. MnIndy has the deets as well. The Pioneer Press had a pretty good story, I think, but when I tried to hit it again they redirected me to the registration page (GRRRRR!).

Coldsnap Legal Collective is an autonomous legal collective based in the Twin Cities whose purpose is to work in solidarity with other groups or individuals in order to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and SUPPORT the radical community by sharing knowledge, raising awareness, and developing a network of legal support and solidarity.” They’re tweeting updates on police activity, organizer activity, and calling for legal observers to show up/help out at locations where there could be conflict. And LOLcats. [web] [twitter]

Minnesota Public Radio on street medics. If you’ve ever gone through first responder training at your place of employment, you can be a street medic. Featured: The Northstar Health Collective, which also provides training.

You already know your local independent media joints are all over the action. Independent citizens are out gathering stories, photos, and video themselves. Tony Webster [twitter] and Matt Albiniak [twitter] are just two who are frequently tweeting their observations. Tony’s got a great photoset of the Earth Justice bus that was pulled over and impounded, leaving the occupants on an I-94 exit ramp.

While I ordinarily am not a fan of media reporting, I do enjoy MinnPost’s David Brauer, who is tweeting copiously and insightfully on the coverage of the police activity and the RNC. [twitter]

And, oh yeah, the Republican National Convention is going on, too. They have decided to delay the start of the RNC for a couple days, on account of the big-ass hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast. Originally scheduled for September 1-4, the RNC will now delay its start until Wednesday, September 3. I don’t know what’s the best way to handle it, but I’d like to see the convention go ahead and just get the damn thing over with already. Delay the start, fine, but finish it early, please, and go on home.

Ramsey County Sheriff Raids in Saint Paul and Minneapolis Ahead of RNC

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted four raids late last night and early this morning, three of which were in Minneapolis. Remember: St Paul, home of the 2008 Republican National Convention, is in Ramsey County. Minneapolis is in Hennepin County. Jason Barnett of The Uptake notes: “Why the Ramsey Co Sheriff is important – he’s the only GOP elected official in Saint Paul, and wanted to set up holding camps.”

On 2320 23rd Ave S in Minneapolis, aka Food not Bombs:
MnIndy: “Crackdown begins: Food Not Bombs house among Saturday raids”

On 827 Smith Ave in St Paul, aka the Convergence Center:
TC Daily Planet: “Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting”

On 3500 Harriet Ave S and 3240 17th Ave S in Minneapolis:
MnIndy: “The crack-down on demonstrators continues”

A mass public meeting to discuss the raids will be held at 11:30 am today in Powderhorn Park.

The Uptake has video forthcoming. Twin Cities Indymedia is continually updating as well with submitted reports from citizens. Keep your eye on The Uptake, Indymedia, and MnIndy for continuing updates on further developments.

No Risk of Governor Molnau

It’s official: Governor Pawlenty will in fact not be John McCain’s running mate this fall.

Wouldn't it have been hilarious if John McCain died and this guy became president? No? Yeah, probably not. But still! [click here for hilarious reaction to this news]

I kind of wanted him to get the pick. This is not because I wanted him to be vice president (I don’t even think McCain will win in November, Palin or Pawlenty), but because I was proud that our governor was worthy of such rigorous national attention. Lil ol’ us in Minnesota! Our leader! How neat is that! I disagree with a lot of what the Governor says, but I’m happy for him that he was considered for such an important job. And if the rumors are true, I’m a little pissed that he was used as a red herring. That’s just not nice you guys.

What about you? Did you want to see TPaw on the ballot this November? Or could you not stand even the slimmest chance of Governor Molnau?

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