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Who is that fashion guru?

More on the GOP shopping spree which Erica mentioned.
The Atlantic is reporting it was Jeff Larson that did the shopping for Palin in Sarah Palin’s Personal Shopper.

Does the name Jeff Larson sound familiar? It should. Larson is the Karl Rove protégé who’s a principal in the robocalling firm of FLS Connect (the “FLS” stands for Tony Feather, Jeff Larson, and Tom Syndhorst, all veteran Republican political operatives). Larson’s firm is the same one that launched the scurrilous robocalls against John McCain in 2000, and that McCain has now hired to make robocalls connecting Barack Obama to Bill Ayers. He’s also well known in Minnesota for leasing his basement apartment at a steeply discounted rate to embattled Republican Senator Norm Coleman. Evidently, Larson also has quite the eye for women’s fashion.

Apparently Mr.Larson has a place in Oakdale. Hey Jeff, if you feel like buying someone else suits I’m just down McKnight a piece. Stop on over and we’ll talk hair.

It’s time to start asking questions.

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the latest Bachmann kerfuffle where the esteemed Minnesotan Representative calls for a “penetrating expose” to take a look at who in Congress is “pro-America or Anti-America”.

I heard about it last night Via schmelzenfreude when he Tweeted this story, New McCarthyism: Bachmann calls for investigation of ‘anti-American’ Congress members.

For me, this story raises a lot of concerns and I’ve composed several diatribes in my head about the dangers of recent GOP rhetoric.   I’ve had a nagging feeling like a thorn in my thoughts since the last debate that started when the candidates were discussing allegations of people chanting “Kill Him” at Palin speeches. John McCain too umbrage to the suggestion his campaign should do anything to quell or denounce the “fringe” while mumbling something about people making negative TShirts about him. Seriously, he compared death threats to hurtful tshirts.

Do I digress? Perhaps, but it all seems connected by a reckless strand of anger and hate that is trying to tangle our country up and drag it back generations into the past.

The flip side of this latest Bachmann debacle is it’s helping raise support and funding for her opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg. Frankly, that feels a little dirty too. It suggests the dirty little secret none of us like to speak aloud, money basically buys votes. I’d rather politicians pay for their mistakes through loss of funding and support than their opponent making money from their gaffes. Now, I digress.

I have a lot of questions.

What is anti-American? Why does a call for Congress to be investigated for anti-American behavior resonate so strongly with the public when Congress has been basically making the same call against the U.S. citizens for the last 8 years? Assuming we had an agreeable definition of “anti-American” what would such an investigation accomplish? Censure? Gitmo? Kill Him?

This is a leak not even a plumber can fix. What do you think?

MNpublius Scoops the Nation

The Coleman Campaign appears to have made a million dollar mistake when not displaying the proper image and disclaimer information during a Coleman commercial. The information is required to be displayed atleast four seconds to recieve lowest unit charge for advertising. In this case, I’ve seen it reported that the violation could cost between one and two million dollars.

Still, Coleman may not have to pay the extra money.

As reported by CBS News

But there’s a catch. The law has never been seriously enforced – and the decision on the rate charge has often been left up to the discretion of individual stations. In 2006, then Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum made a similar mistake, but the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission declined to force stations to hike.

The original scoop? Local cat lover and political activist Aaron Landry.

What do you think? Should the Coleman Campaign be forced to pay up for the mistake?

Who has time for the RNC?

Well, not Georgie or Cheney or Cainey; so certainly not I. 

Besides, I know the real reason no one has time for the RNC. 

 Before I left for vacation I posted a challenge at MnSpeak about out-K.K.-in’  K.K. “You love her, You need her, but . . .” and all too few few took up the challenge.

Now look!

 K.K. took it up and out done herself with Heteroflexible: Girls kissing girls is the latest trend.

I can attest to this, today as I was driving home from Duluth, the wife popped the latest Islands release Arm’s Way in the C.D. player and commented “This C.D. has chick on chick action.”

It’s true.

Though, that C.D. was released  May 20’th 2008 which in Internets time is like 8000 years, so I have question “the latest”.

In the mean time I do have some great Northern Mn stories, video, and news and we’ll see about this “RNC” thing.

Minnesota is full of werewolves?

How do I know?

The Star Tribune said so with a stunningly brilliant piece of thought by Thomas M. Greaney: We’re far too easy on drugs and drinking .

 Mr. Greaney says ‘Don’t be fooled. There is no silver bullet for the addiction issues we face. It will take education and nationwide zero-tolerance laws ‘

Or, you know, a silver bullet.

That’s right. Zero tolerance.  

You let your teen have a sip of wine? Silver Bullet.
Your kid was caught smoking? Silver bullet.
Your 20 year old has a beer at the lake? Silver bullet.

Hey, not just for the kid, for you too.

Disagree? Silver bullet.

We need zero tolerance. I mean, heck, zero tolerance has been an amazing success so far. It’s time we  take it to the next level and find Mr. Greaney’s silver bullet because that combined with zero tolerance is the only thing that can save society from the lycanthropic ways of the intolerable werewolf.

So which zero tolerance laws do you think Minnesota should pass that allows the state to justify this silver bullet policy?

Me? I think we already have the laws. With about 1 in 38 American adults jailed, if you’re not already in prison, maybe you should beg Thomas M. Greaney for your silver bullet.

Our local paper thinks it’s best that way.


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