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NWA/Delta Merger Awareness

delta_nwaMy trip from Orlando back home to MSP yesterday on Northwest was, well, an experience.

The Orlando Airport (MCO) still has giant “Northwest” signs for passenger dropoff outside, but when you walk inside, there is no sign that Northwest ever had counters there. Inside, my family and I were walking around blind.

The Delta counters were down a bit further, so we headed that way. Finally we asked someone, and they huffed at us to use the Delta lines.

We heard three other people ask just after us, so I know we weren’t the only folks confused by the fact that merger actually happened — well, in Orlando anyway.

I won’t get into the rest of our experience, but I’ll just say both airlines still need to work on their customer service and merger awareness.


i was thinking explains the Harrington Household Index (HHI) for local grocery prices, from the point of view of someone who loves a good ethnic market.

Ponedaddy’s Pound has good things to say about Minneapolis Public Schools. One of ’em, anyway. That would be Cityview in North Minneapolis.

Two items on Northwest Airlines’ nickel-and-diming: News Cut is brainstorming ways to work around the new luggage checking fees. Aaron Landry explains why he’s breaking up with Worldperks.

On the Radar rounds up some of the plentiful free entertainment options in Minneapolis over the next week.

MinnPost says that the Trust for Public Land says St. Paul parks are awesome.

Altered Esthetics is having its first ever Arty Garage Sale this Saturday.

Car Free Family says “[t]he Northeast Parade was as toxic as usual.”

Two upcoming NRP-sponsored workshops: “Neighborhood Volunteer Training” on July 16 and “Walking your way to a safer neighborhood” on July 17.

Northwest Airlines recycling program 1/4 of the way there

nwa_recycling.JPGI fly for my job – a lot. And almost always on Northwest Airlines.

This week I was on four Northwest flights (New York and Chicago [and back]), and on my outbound flight to Chicago yesterday morning I heard something completely new and foreign to me during the in-flight announcements:

Something to the effect: “As part of Northwest Airlines’ commitment to the environment, we will be coming through to collect aluminum cans, newspapers and plastic for recycling…” The flight attendant read a whole little speech about it.

Apparently this is part of a bigger environmental program called EarthCares.

However, during my three other NWA flights this week, the cans and papers were thrown into the same garbage sack with all the other trash — just like always. Maybe it’s an effort in-progress.

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