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Just Another Music Friday – 11/fourteen.2008

It’s the weekend and it’s time to rock out as much music as possible.

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Photo “eagles of death metal @ the fine line, minneapolis november 2008” originally uploaded by invisiblepilot.

You, know what?
I’ll tell you what, I love it when music I forgot I owned shows up in my shuffle.
(I’ll bet you thought I was going to say chicken butt.)
Last night as the shuffle played I noticed a great remix version of Brimful of Asha playing.
I don’t even remember buying a Cornershop remix cd.

Do you have any favorite remix cd’s?

What’s in your shuffle?

Just Another Music Friday – 09/19/2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that would make this picture one very long sad-sad song. Perhaps, a visual reminder that the world needs sad songs too. Sometimes they haunt us with memories, or they can be a reminder of how good we have it, and somehow through the tough times they often give us hope when we feel like there’s no where else to turn. Sad songs.

“Nicollet Mall and 8th St. Minneapolis, MN. ”
Originally uploaded on September 12, 2008
by silent union

Luckily, the world is not all sad songs and sometimes, like Hey Jude, we can even take a sad song and make it better.  I hope the coming weekend is better than the week and full of rocking happy songs for you and yours.

Are you looking to put a little music into your life?

This weekend has the McNally Smith River Rocks Music Festival at Harriet Island. I’ll be going on Saturday to catch The Roots, Mike Doughty (of Soul Coughing), and Semisonic who I hear has reformed. There are a lot of great acts and I’d like to see more, but my weekend it typically booked in advance.
If you’re going on Saturday hit me up DM style

Till then, I’ll be hitting the shuffle and rocking out.

What’s in your shuffle?

Just Another Music Friday – 09-05-2008

I’m back from Vacation and ready to rock. While on vacation I bought the new Islands CD (which I love) and took a risk on a Muse CD I haven’t listened to yet, but I did sample a few of the songs at the Duluth Electric Fetus and found them interesting.

Did anyone see the Billy Bragg show at the Parkway? What did you think?

Billy Bragg at the Parkway

Photo Uploaded on September 2, 2008
by katbaro

What’s in your shuffle?

Just Another Music Friday – 8/08/2008

It’s Friday and I am ready to heat up this weekend with some rock and roll.

Gold Standard on stage at the Minnesota Music Cafe

Pictured is Gold Standard on stage at the Minnesota Music Cafe originally uploaded on January 15, 2007 by swirlspice

Alright, all you Metblogtastics, I need a little help. Do you go to shows and take pictures and/or know someone that does? The Metroblogging Minneapolis (Pool) is running a little dry of things music related.  Heck, take a picture of your kids playing “Indiana Jones” theme on the violin and Flicker tag it. In the mean time, heard any good local music lately? What do you have playing on your iPod,stereo,computer or Mp3 player?

Young Minnesotans Making an Impression

Emily Anderson [via] MPRThis week I’ve been listening to MPR: Radio at 8:15 am.

Each morning they’ve been featuring a young up-and-coming Minnesotan artist that is also a winner of the Schubert Club’s Bruce P.Carlson Student Scholarship.

From the MPR article: “The preliminary round competition typically draws more than 250 students competing in 15 divisions, split up by age and instrumentation. The youngest competitors are in junior high. The oldest are graduate students, but there a few out of college”

The talent level of these up-and-coming young artists is amazing and each day I have been delighted and impressed by the chosen material and the performace.

Show your support for Minnesota talent and give these young artists a listen.

The Schubert Club

Listen to the interviews on MPR’s website after they air.

( Photo, Stillwater High School violinist Emily Anderson, courtesty of MPR/Karl Gehrke ) 

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