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Did I break the Internet? (Coachella Queries. )

Do you ever wonder that?

I mean locally, of course, not at Coachella or someplace totally way more awesome than SxSWhatnot or Seattle.

That is, do you know somone at Coachella? You know, someone local? Or, have you heard about any Coachella acts that you really, really, really, want to roll through the T.C.?

.My friend mellowlee says “Now playing at #Coachella ; #Calexico Check it out at #webcast ♫

 and stephenhero just can’t catch a break  “Glasvegas cancelled. Bullshit! I feel like a Gypsy homosexual in 1939 Poland.” #coachella

Do tell.



A Proposition To Party

Have you read the Tractatus Logico-Dessalophicus or the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus?

If you have you may very well ask “Can Rap be really be saved?” Can anything?

These are the types of questions Marsh may ask Dessa of Doomtree at the Spiral Bound Release Party where Dessa is sure to wax philosophical about her book, life,anesthesia, and the written vs. the spoken word.

I know you’re sick of winter and ready to get your party on so you should go out Saturday evening and catch some awesome music from the likes of the lush voiced Jeremy Messersmith with guest appearances by Aby Wolf, Cecil Otter,Paper Tiger,John Jodzio, and Shane Hawley


Saturday, February 7, 20098:30 p.m.
Guthrie Theater, Dowling StudioTickets: $14


Hitchcock Blonde @ Jungle Theater



This weekend I went to see the newest production at Jungle Theater. I rolled up with just fifteen minutes to spare and got rockstar parking, seats, and permission to take pictures.
So I did my set up work, picked my shots, and almost cried when my lone battery died. At least I got three frames: one blurry wall shot, one blurry shot of the most stripped down staging, and one shot more blurry of the same. 
I then reached for my backup camera, but I just wasn’t willing to sacrifice my artistic vision with the backup. As a mountain man once told me, retreat is the hardest battle tactic so I took the high ground and watched the show unfold.
It’s a play about film and runs two timelines, one pre and one post, Alfred Hitchcock: the casting was phenominal (You won’t believe the Hitchcock ringer), the script by Terry Johnson was snappy,witty, and had the perfect balance of total suspense and corny that Hitcock himself may very well approve, but the Pièce de résistance was the amazing stage production by Director Joel Sass.
Sass used a combination of lighting, video, sound, and even a hologram at a level that is rarely seen onstage.  I don’t want to give away spoilers, but let me tell you this; the technicals created amazing suspense and toyed with the brain as well as all the senses.
You should check out Steve’s review where he says things like “shopworn thrust-and-parry ” as he takes a more in-depth look at the plot while exploring sexuality and psychology, Spring Awakening @ The Orpheum and Hitchcock Blonde @ The Jungle.
Although I may not have gotten the pictures I wanted, but I did get one hell of a show and afterwards I flirted my way across the lobby and talked about my hair with strangers; I even managed to escape without a single knife wound.
Big ups to Marsh @ MSPMAG and Dana @ The Jungle for the show.
I’m hearing a play of the year type buzz.
See it!
Jan 30 – March 8th
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