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Running with the Devil 101

John Camp discusses the how-to’s of covering a riot as Main Street Media or a Citizen Journalist and breaks it down into 8 simple rules, How To Cover a Riot.

I find his description of CJ’s pretty amusing “… and the sort of Off-Broadway Media, and the Off-Off Broadway media, and the Far-Off Broadway media.” Heh.

I think his rule #3 could have helped a lot of our local CJ’s that ended up gassed.

3. Always — ALWAYS! — know where the Little Assholes are. Most people in protest mobs are pretty sincere, and don’t want to fight cops or break things. But there’s a subset of most any anti-war mob, the LAs, who are similar to the football hooligans in Britain

 The only thing I can think of that he missed is find a good vantage point and have great equipment, but that’s not always an option.

Anything you can think of that he missed?

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