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Gas Prices in the Twin Cities

filling station and garage
Filling station and garage at Pie Town, New Mexico (Library of Congress)

You probably didn’t need to be told, but gas prices are lowering throughout the country:

The average U.S. retail price for gasoline is closing in on $2 a gallon after falling another 15 cents over the last week to the lowest level since March 2005, the U.S. Energy Department said on Monday.

The national price for regular unleaded gasoline fell for the ninth week in a row, sinking to $2.07 a gallon, down $1.03 from a year ago, the department’s Energy Information Administration said in its weekly survey of service stations.

Minnesota happens to be one of seventeen states whose gas prices average under $2/gallon. The Midwest also had the lowest regional price at $1.94/gallon, and much of the Twin Cities seems to have gas going for less.

What are the cheapest prices you’ve seen lately? I’ve spotted $1.79/gallon a few blocks away at Jim’s Chicago Service on 54th & Chicago Ave S.

Take this job and shove it?

It appears that money is becoming a hot topic in keeping the Saint Paul Police in town. The police union is even mockingly threatening a mass exodus of cops to other towns.

This from

Will St. Paul be suffering an exodus of police officers to the suburbs, where they can get paid more?  That’s the specter presented by the police union in a radio ad being released today.  “It’s a short drive to Eden Prairie and Edina’s next door,” the ad begins with a man singing. “Cops from St. Paul can move to either and make thousands more.”

The sticking point for the union, which represents nearly 700 people, has been salary. The city has offered an annual 3.25 percent pay increase for 2008, 2009 and 2010, which is what the city’s other bargaining units accepted, city officials have said. The union is seeking an extra 2.37 percent boost in the final six months of the contract

The cities suggested raises translates to the following,

“The city’s proposal would have St. Paul officers with five years of experience making $66,866, compared with $79,064 for Eden Prairie and $70,459 for Edina, Shannon said. “

 I think the Saint Paul police do a great job, but it seems to me that almost 70k before overtime is a pretty nice salary. Is it fair for the police union to demand more money when everyone else is getting paltry raise or,as is often the case these days in the private sector, no raise at all?

What do you think?

How Minnesotans Are Spending Their Stimulus

I was under the vague impression that most people weren’t planning on using their stimulus check to actually stimulate the economy. I thought more folks would pay down debt or save it. Boy, was I wrong.

According to, people from Minnesota have all kinds of plans.

Brian from Merrifield, MN is using his to make his home more energy efficient. Robert from Minneapolis spent $216 on sweatpants. Elizabeth from Minneapolis is replacing her harvest gold washer and dryer. Nikki and Dustin from St Paul paid some wedding expenses. Maura from Minneapolis is paying on her student loan. Other Minnesotans are going on vacation.

(I don’t know why it tickles me so that it’s been shortened to “my stimulus” from “my stimulus check.”)

You can share your story with a photo or with a video (visual aid required). I’d be really curious to see some aggregate data six months or a year from now.

I’m boring. I’m paying down debt with mine. Inquiring minds (i.e., Sornie and I) want to know: What’re you doing with your stimulus?

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