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Mommy Minnesota on GPS

WCCO has a story about how MN has outlawed mounting a GPS device on your windshield — even though it comes with suction cups just for the windshield and 49 other states allow it.

“We don’t want to have an obstructed view. Now in Minnesota, many times, our windows are frosted over and it’s difficult to see out of them, said Reinhardt.

His advice on how to safely mount your GPS: “If you have a spot that’s available that you can Velcro or attach it to your dash, that’s what I would do.”

I agree that mounting anything on your window in your line of vision is poor personal judgment, but what about suction-cup mounted cell phone holders, compasses or notepads? We better make laws for that too, Mommy Minnesota. (ps – there’s that slippery slope again).

Then it gets worse:

Reinhardt admits he has never ticketed a driver for breaking the GPS law…But his biggest concern isn’t that drivers can’t see out. It’s what thieves see when they look in.

“Once or twice a day I get a report that somebody broke into a car and the first thing they took was a GPS unit,” said Reinhardt. “With a GPS mounted on your windshield, it’s almost like throwing a $50 or $100 bill up on your dash.”

So the state is passing nanny state legislation to keep us from having expensive toys in the window that may entice a criminal to steal them?

Our politicians and police force must think Minnesotans lack any and all personal responsibility. Give me a break.

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