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Will You Vote for the Constitutional Amendment?

The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment would increase the state sales tax by three-eighths of 1 percent, which would raise ~$300 million each year in new revenue…approximately $54/family for more than 25 years.

According to the Census Bureau, Minnesota already has the 7th highest per capita tax burden in the nation. Earlier this spring, our elected officials voted to raise our taxes nearly $7 billion dollars in gas tax, license fees and sales taxes. There is no end to the spending spree in St. Paul, and the taxes just go higher.

And while it’s no secret I’m not a big fan of increasing spending while raising taxes, I’m more concerned about allocating funds through the constitution to pay for things.

Pretend it’s not culturally popular topic of the environment it’s funding. Take the emotion of the 30 second “Save our Drinking Water” commercials and think about the longterm impact of this action.

If we change our constitution to fund natural resources what could be next? Mass transit? Or what if you heard this on the local news:

“Voters across Minnesota today overwhelming passed a Constitutional Amendment to allocate three-eighths of 1 percent, ~$300 million a year in new revenue, to keeping public swimming pools clean and preserved for the generations”

There’s that slippery slope again.

It was always my assumption it’s the legislative branch’s responsibility to allocate funds, balance the budget and raise taxes. If the politicians in St. Paul aren’t doing their job, do we really want to turn our state’s founding document into a balance book to be amended every November?

What do you think?

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