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Southwest comes to MSP

According to this video of the first flight, free smiles come with every ticket.

I’ve never flown Southwest. What do you guys think?

Local company looks to legitimize Guitar Hero

headliner_rightEarlier this year Disney announced its Star Guitarist, claiming it teaches players how to play guitar instead of just enabling you to push red, green, blue, orange in time with notes.

At the time, I argued the flawed premise that people actually expect Guitar Hero (GH) and Rock Band to teach them how to play instruments. After all, neither GH, Rockband nor Star Guitar teach players how to read sheet music nor learn chords. 

A local company is looking to bridge the gap with its Headliner digital guitar.

According to the Star Tribune, “Zivix LLC is betting some players will want to upgrade to the real thing. The Minneapolis-based start-up is developing an electric guitar with fingertip sensors that allow users to wirelessly play and control the game. The company hopes players will want to feel and look the part.”

While you’re still not playing actual music, I do like the concept of A) a guitar with strings and 2) allowing multiple users to mix prerecorded song loops from different instruments and genres.

The guitar is awfully pricey ($250), but according to the stats cited in the article, “67 percent of people who play rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band said they were likely to pick up a real instrument and another 81 percent said the video games motivated them to ask for a real instrument for the holiday season.” So that $250 could serve as a money-saving reality check to make sure your kid really wants to play guitar.

We can’t all be Eddie Van Halen, you know.

Finger My Dead Heart

vd09, john erste


Image Uploaded on February 18, 2009
by invisiblepilot Taken at the VD09 party.

I wanted to go, but the wife decided last minute that a quiet evening in would be our VD09 plans.

Did you go?



Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis

This weekend was waaaarmm! But luckily not so warm to melt ALL the snow and ruin the 2nd Annual Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. 

Here’s a pretty great video I found of the sleds and sledding 

Anybody go? Favorite sleds?

More Lucy Love

It’s no secret that I love a good Juicy Lucy burger. I’m on a mission to find the best ones in the Twin Cities, and my most recent visit was to the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul. So far, the BDP has made it into my Top 3 (of 6 tested) places to get a Juicy Lucy here in the Twin Cities.

Turns out – the BDP just got even better. According to CityPages’ Teddy Hobbins, the Blue Door ran an online contest to have patrons vote on the next Juicy Blucy offering on their menu.

The winner? The Frenchy Blucy. It’s a French-dip inspired burger, stuffed with Swiss cheese, topped with onions and more cheese, and served with a side of au jus. The review just drools all over itself and I just might have to break my rule about visiting the same place twice in a row to go back for this one…


Blue Door Pub
1811 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts taking applications

The Stone Arch Festival of the Arts is taking applications for bands/singer-songwriters/dancers/theater.

The Stone Arch Festival attracts around 100,000 people each year and takes place June 20 – 21 along the Minneapolis Riverfront (by St. Anthony Main). It runs 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. both days, and is a superb opportunity to showcase your band or other performance group and get your name out there.


Last year’s performers included Chris Koza, Chastity Brown, Spaghetti Western String Co., Gospel Gossip, The Absent Arch, The Wars of 1812, and Bella Koshka, among many others.

The deadline is Monday, March 30, but if I were you, I would apply early.

Andrew Zimmern Ate My Jucy Lucy?

Last week, picked up both mine and Emily’s most recent blog posts about our latest Jucy Lucy dining (both of which were at The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul).

I’ve been on the hunt for the best one in the Twin Cities since late last summer, and Emily lost her Jucy Lucy virginity back in December and got hooked. JLR announced that we were on dueling tours, only fueling the fire for more Jucy exploration.

Well, now Emily notes over at SOC that Andrew Zimmern is planning to film an episode of his Travel Channel show, Man v. Food, here (!) in Minneapolis and that Jucy Lucys may or may not be involved. I checked the source (Zimmern himself at, and here’s what I found:

Man v. Food, the Adam Richman vehicle on Travel Channel, is shooting in Minneapolis from February 5 to 8. Word from the office is that they will be checking out everything from Juicy Lucy joints to the brewski at local beer bars. I am going to take Adam to Brasa and see if he can eat everything on the steam table in one sitting. Speaking of Travel Channel, we are continuing to make loads of episodes of Bizarre Foods, and my new series, Bizarre Worlds, starts shooting in April with a plan to begin airing in September.

Last week, he was eating balls, and this week he wants in on the Jucy Lucy tour action?  It’s like a delicious orgy of some truly wonderful things.

Traveler Chic: MSP Hubwear

Spend a lot of time at MSP (like me)? Have a frequent route or preferred destination?

Check out these customized shirts from Hubwear. Your outbound flight is on the front and your return flight is on the back.

I imagine self-labeling yourself with flights can come in handy if 1) you’re in a deadly plane crash and rescuers want to know where you were headed, or 2) if you experience a long layover or weather delay, thus notifying your airport lounge waitress which flight you’re missing whilst slumped over your suitcase, passed out from your third Kentucky Kamikaze.

I’m not sure it’s worth $35, but if you don’t have the patience for CafePress customization or are looking for a Valentine’s Gift for that special traveler in your life, go for it.

(via Erica, whose route is MSP-DTW)

Hpyothetical Fight of the Day: Rybak vs. Coleman

MNspeak says that MPR says that Chris Coleman and RT Rybak may both be considering a run for Governor in 2010. They’re both popular DFL mayors in the state’s two most visible cities (except for Plymouth, of course). So who would win? Here’s a little pro/con for each dude:

RT Rybak

PRO: He’s the charming, handsome mayor of Minnesota’s largest city. The camera loves him and he loves the camera. He’s also the 35W Mayor.

CON: He can’t be tamed! He’s got traffic violations and a devil may care attitude. He comes off as kind of cocky. Kind of really cocky. And not in a Han Solo sort of way.

Chris Coleman

PRO: He’s the RNC Mayor.

CON: He’s the RNC Mayor.


[Practically] Free Dinner at Old Spag

Pinching pennies but still love dining out? (I am!)

The always light-on-your-pocketbook, The Old Spaghetti Factory just got even lighter.  They’re offering $3 dinners tonight and 40% off dinners every Monday/Tuesday for the rest of January. Get the deets here via City Pages’ Hot Dish.

I freakin’ LOVE this!!!

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