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Senator Al Franken

Building off Art’s post, we got what we asked for.

Let the jokes begin. And the court battles, of course.

I Voted — now what do I get?

Participating in your civic duty and earning a priceless “I Voted” sticker not giving you enough satisfaction? Lots of national and local businesses are looking to cash in on electoral fever….


Local Incentives

I snagged most of the list above via Alexis, who did her homework and also suggests you check out the thread for info on election day parties and other specials.

From a quick Google search, it seems MSP is falling behind in the “I Voted” freebie department.

In Dallas, a local tattoo parlor is offering “Free Tattoo Removal with Proof of Vote.” Lots of local restaurants in major cities are offering free burgers or a glass of champagne, car washes are giving away red, white and blue (soap) specials, and in New York, handbag and clothing boutique Hayden-Harnett is giving voters 20 percent off and free wine at the door.

Maybe the best yet — an adult bookstore in Seattle is rewarding voters with a sex toy called The Maverick.

Forget your “I Voted” sticker and still want to cash in on the freebies? Go for it anyway.

According to federal and state laws, offering incentives or remuneration to reward people for voting or not voting is illegal. Since these laws were created to prevent any form of bribery through free food, alcohol or money, retailers will have to go by the honor system or face a visit from Mark Ritchie.

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So, who got arrested last night?

MnIndy’s Paul Demko writes up his experience getting detained while covering the protests

Star Tribune says 818 people were arrested over the 4 days of the RNC, including 396 last night

The UpTake’s volunteer coordinator Suzanne was shooting video of a police-protester confrontation when she got caught up in the melée and was arrested.

Video of WCCO photojournalist Tom Aviles being arrested

What’s your story?

Unapologetic Compensating

On Sunday we were headed across town and happened across the Wheels of Italy car show on Excelsior near Lake Calhoun.

If you saw Ferraris and Lamborghinis tearing through Uptown and around Lake Calhoun on Sunday, it was for the annual show. Surely every red-blooded man yearns for a car that will go 200 mph before even shifting to 6th.

Minnesotans may seem conservative when it comes to their cars, but it turns out they just hide the good ones in their 10 car garages for the right summer day.

Bob Barr needs help to get on Minnesota ballot

Bob Barr for President

Flickr Image: Bob Barr for President

According to figures released August 19, Bob Barr, the official Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, only has 150 signatures on the petition to get him on the Minnesota Ballot. He’s already confirmed on the ballot in 38 states and finished or in court in 9 states. Minnesota is SO far behind.

It’s puzzling that most voters — fully 55% — say Barr should be included in the fall series of presidential debates, yet the Minnesota Libertarian party can’t seem to organize well enough to get Barr on the state ballot.

But it’s not too late — the deadline is September 9, with an internal goal of August 25 so the Secretary of State’s office can verify them.

Want to sign your name on the petition? Check the official MN Meetup group to see where they’ll be (MN State Fair today).

Mike Ferguson, the national field director of Bob Barr 2008, confirmed yesterday that Barr is coming to town sometime before and/or during the Republican National Convention. Meanwhile, there are lots of videos on YouTube if you’re wondering just who this guy is and how he differs from two choices presented to us.

AirExpo 2008 brings famous “warbirds” to Eden Prairie

The annual Wings of the North Air Expo comes to Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie this weekend.

According to the Eden Prairie News:

AirExpo offers a chance to get up close and see a wide variety of aircraft. There are also vendors and displays, children’s activities, B-17 rides, antique aircraft and helicopter rides and a chance to meet aviation pioneers and heroes.

“I look at it as a community fair, that just happens to have an aviation theme,” added Jasperson.

As usual, a venerable who’s who of aviation will attend, this year including NASA space shuttle astronaut and mission commander Curt Brown and Korea F-86 ace Boots Blesse.

Also attending will be Doolittle Raiders ****** Cole and Tom Griffin, Jim Hill and Tom Emrich of the Black Sheep Squadron, Luftwaffe ace Gottfried Dulias, Tuskegee Airmen Joseph Gomer and Kenneth O. Wofford, Elizabeth Strohfus of the WASPs, Chuck DeBellevue, top U.S. ace from Vietnam and many others.

Aircraft expected include the B-17 Flying Fortress “Yankee Lady,” an F2G-1D Super Corsair, an AD5 Skyraider, Clay Adam’s 1929 Travel Air 4000, an L-39 Albatross, an L-29 Delphin, a T-6 and a Navy SNJ.

Attendance has ranged from a high of 15,000 four years ago, to about 3,000 last year, when steady rain throughout grounded all of the aircraft.

They’re right about last year, when it was so crappy and cold we didn’t even bother going even though I was psyched.

AirExpo2008 will be held at Flying Cloud Airport from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 16 and 17. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children 8 to-12 and free for children younger than 8. More info here.

Foshay Tower opens as a W Hotel

I’m a fan of W Hotels, having stayed in all three New York locations multiple times, and I admit that I love to passive-aggressively diss the extravagance and style of the posh hotel chain. With that said, terrific news for Minneapolis this week…

Tomorrow, the historic Foshay Tower opens as a W hotel.

According to Wikipedia, the building has been credited as “the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi”…It remained the tallest building in Minneapolis until the IDS Center reached the same height during construction circa 1972. It remains one of the tallest concrete skyscrapers to this day, second only in height to the Empire State Building in New York City.

And as of Wednesday, it’s a ritzy hotel. From the W Web site:

Roaring Twenties, Meet Modern Cool

Amid a contemporary scene crafted with groundbreaking art, independent music, thriving theater, fashionable shopping and acclaimed dining, the historical W Minneapolis – The Foshay inspires innovative style in a soaring icon of art deco splendor.

High Expectations
Within our historic skyscraper, indulge in world-class dining at Manny’s and Key’s Café, sip freely in the sky high Prohibition bar, cozy up in the Living Room or SWEAT® it out. Want more? Our Whatever/Whenever® service takes care of everything else.

History Reinvents Itself
Stay on top of the surging urban scene in 229 rooms with spectacular views of the skyline and lush landscapes, also featuring the signature W bed, fully wired technology, delightful Munchie Box, Bliss® Spa sinkside six and fabulous entertainment.

You’ll probably hear about the architecture, childhood memories of the Foshay tower as a defining cityscape focal point and perhaps even the the special John Phillips Sousa march commissioned for the opening of the building.

What you probably won’t hear about is that a year after the opening Sousa banned the march from being played for lack of payment, the building was sold to creditors and Foshay was in jail.

No word if the new W has a special “Foshay Jail Cell Suite.” If so, you can bet I’ll be the first to book a reservation. And yes, I’ll steal the soap.

Blackwatch’s Pop Our Gig Cherry Contest

Blackwatch, a local cover band billing themselves as “a Minneapolis band performing rock covers with in-your-face intensity,” is hosting a clever “Pop Our Gig Cherry Contest” to try to book themselves an inaugural local gig.


Here’s what you “win”

  • 50 people through the door guaranteed
  • A kickass set (apparently featuring classics from Tool, Ratt, Alterbridge, Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Weezer, Guns N’ Roses)
  • But most of all..the desire and rock

I can’t tell that the video soundtrack is actually them performing. Their MySpace doesn’t have any music, and neither does their Web site. However, it does promise something big is coming July 23.

Maybe we’re early? I hate it when I get to shows early. In fact, that’s usually when I hear cover bands.

Charge your laptops; it’s MinneBar!

minnebar_logo.JPGMinneBar -– one of the largest BarCamps in the world – is being held this Saturday at the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Union.

For those unfamiliar, BarCamp is an ad-hoc “unconference” — a user-generated conference that’s rich with participatory workshops, discussions, demos and more. Lots of discussion about start-ups, programming, open source and social media in talks mostly run by average people who are passionate about learning, sharing and collaborating.

This year’s schedule of events runs 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

Here are just a few panel highlights: Blogging for Benjamins; This Thing called Twitter; Social Search in the Corporate Enviroment; The Mathematical Foundations of Music; Why Should I Care About Grails? Full list here.

More than 400 people have registered already. Everyone is welcome, and the event is free. More info here.

(Geek note: If you’re planning to be there and are on Twitter, be sure to use #minnebar as your hashtag and follow @minnebar for updates.)

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