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Price Is Right Idol comes to Shakopee

Come on down….to Mystic Lake where you can compete for the chance to be on the Price is Right.

The last time I was in LA we were walking by the studio when the PIR crowd was let out, and it was insane to see all the crazies with their homemade shirts and giant nametags. I’m glad to see the historic gameshow is branching out for its talent.

From the Chaska Herald:

Well, come Saturday, Aug. 1, people will have that chance as “The Price is Right” will conduct a national contestant search for the first time in the show’s 38-year history at Mystic Lake Casino, 2400 Mystic Lake Blvd, Prior Lake.

Producers for CBS’ popular daytime television game show will interview contestant hopefuls in major U.S. markets.

From those interviews, three participants will be selected from each location to fly to Los Angeles and attend a taping of the legendary game show between September 2009 and February 2010. A bidder’s spot on contestants’ row will be guaranteed to one of the three participants, who will learn if they are selected to “come on down” when they hear their name called during the show’s taping.

It doesn’t say how the competition will work, but I assume points — for what I’m calling “Price Is Right Idol” — will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Gaudy clothing with clever verbiage
  • Bad makeup and/or perm
  • Military haircut
  • Shout-outs

But seriously, I wonder how many markets they’re doing this in? It kind of sucks they pick three people to fly to LA and then only have one go on stage. Sorry mom.

Taste of Minnesota forces food down your throat

picture-2After some back and forth with David and the @tasteofmn folks on Twitter tonight, I finally jumped on my computer to check out the site and band line-up. Why?

Well, they built their Web site in flash, and it won’t load on my Blackberry Bold, which is my primary surfing device. Strike 1.

And although the band line-up does feature Judas Priest and Whitesnake, they aren’t enough for me to make the trek out of the burbs. Strike 2.

And I discover you have to PAY TO GET IN this year. Strike 3.

That’s it. I’m not going this year.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Taste of Minnesota (see posts from 2006, 2007).

I used to live in downtown St. Paul where I could see the evening fireworks from my balcony. We would walk over every evening, listen to the awesome classic rock bands (Kansas, Deep Purple, Charlie Daniels, Alice Cooper) and get raped on 8-ticket juicy lucys. Some nights my wife and I would split something, spending less than $10 total. But some nights I myself wouldn’t spend any money — instead just enjoying the festival, people and festivities while our friends blew their wallets on fried things and powdered thats and super expensive beer and lemonade. We went every night one year and have gone multiple nights every year.

But this year, going multiple nights will be pricey up front, and despite the recession, my wife and I would have to pay $20 (plus parking and gas, mind you) just to get in the gates. Festival organizers say they need to charge an entrance fee to keep out the riff-raff, justifying it by saying visitors will get $10 in food tickets and they only charge after 3 p.m. If you ask me, 3 p.m. is a looooong time before the 8:30 headliner time.

Personally, I don’t like them forcing you to buy food tickets and think it will severely limit their turnout far beyond the riff-raff their hoping to keep out. That’s too bad for local bands like Quietdrive, The 757s and Throw the Fight (whose lead singer is battling cancer, and I believe this is their first show back).

What do you think? Will a family of four over the age of 12 really shell out $40 just to get in the gates? Will the entrance fee keep you away?

Welcome Iowans Tweetup, Thursday, May 14

Some traveling Iowans are in town on Thursday and want to experience a Minneapolis tweetup.

Why should I come?
Come and see a real life Iowan up close.

Bulldog NE (401 E Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What time?
6 – 10pm (or later)



Got Taxes? 2009 Tax Cut Rally and Tax Day Tea Party

If you’re feeling overtaxed and underrepresented these days, you may want to gather at the Capitol steps on May 2nd around 2 p.m. for the 2009 Annual Tax Cut Rally, sponsored by The Taxpayers League, Minnesota Majority and KTLK.

Here’s an invitation from Jason Lewis.

More details here and highlights from last year here.

Can’t wait until May? The local Tax Day Tea Party event in Minnesota is at the Capitol at 5 p.m. on April 15.

Minneapolis is less manly than 17 other cities

Flickr CC: Don Solo (

Flickr CC: Don Solo (

We hunt, fish, race snowmobiles and sell out monster truck events. But fellow Minneapolitans, we’re not measuring up on the manly list!

Mars Snackfood recently released their list of “America’s Manliest Cities” – a study commissioned by COMBOS and Bert Sperling, the dude behind the popular “Best Places to Live” studies.

Damn it, you guys — Minneapolis ranked 18 out of 50

Well some sissies may argue #18 is better than #49 or #50, but any real man will tell you there’s only one place to be on that list, and that’s #1.

Listen up, men.

Starting today, let’s all make a vow to stop showering, only eat at BBQ restaurants and spend all day Saturday at the hardware store.

Our wives will love it, and we’ll show the whole world just who has the hairiest chest next year at this time.

Just wait and see, Nashville. That’s right. We’re talking to you.

(Disclaimer: Mars is a client of my company, but I don’t work on this brand and didn’t work on this campaign)

Minnesotans at SXSW

Are you headed to SXSW Interactive (March 13-12), Film (March 13-21) or Music (March 18-22)?

Leave a note in the comments and let’s schedule some meet-ups.

Southwest comes to MSP

According to this video of the first flight, free smiles come with every ticket.

I’ve never flown Southwest. What do you guys think?

Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis

This weekend was waaaarmm! But luckily not so warm to melt ALL the snow and ruin the 2nd Annual Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. 

Here’s a pretty great video I found of the sleds and sledding 

Anybody go? Favorite sleds?

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts taking applications

The Stone Arch Festival of the Arts is taking applications for bands/singer-songwriters/dancers/theater.

The Stone Arch Festival attracts around 100,000 people each year and takes place June 20 – 21 along the Minneapolis Riverfront (by St. Anthony Main). It runs 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. both days, and is a superb opportunity to showcase your band or other performance group and get your name out there.


Last year’s performers included Chris Koza, Chastity Brown, Spaghetti Western String Co., Gospel Gossip, The Absent Arch, The Wars of 1812, and Bella Koshka, among many others.

The deadline is Monday, March 30, but if I were you, I would apply early.

Traveler Chic: MSP Hubwear

Spend a lot of time at MSP (like me)? Have a frequent route or preferred destination?

Check out these customized shirts from Hubwear. Your outbound flight is on the front and your return flight is on the back.

I imagine self-labeling yourself with flights can come in handy if 1) you’re in a deadly plane crash and rescuers want to know where you were headed, or 2) if you experience a long layover or weather delay, thus notifying your airport lounge waitress which flight you’re missing whilst slumped over your suitcase, passed out from your third Kentucky Kamikaze.

I’m not sure it’s worth $35, but if you don’t have the patience for CafePress customization or are looking for a Valentine’s Gift for that special traveler in your life, go for it.

(via Erica, whose route is MSP-DTW)

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