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Just Another Music Friday – 07/10/2009

The Roots @ Riverfest

The Roots @ Riverfest

(Roots pics I took last Summer.Though, I hear when they were in town recently they dazed and amazed as usual. )

Time to get back to the Roots.

I’ll be heading back to Northern Minnesota to where it all began, for me, and doing a bunch of outdoors stuff that would make the most hipster metrosexuals cut their hair with a switchblade into a faux-granola style.

Mostly we’ll be listening to the sound of the wind blowing majestically through the pines as the loons sing their lonely North Woods cowboy song, yada yada. So if you hear about some people in the BWCA having iPod boombox wars with the loons, you’ll know who.

What are you listening to?


Cirque du Soleil Kooza in Saint Paul

16381774 A night under the big top.

Last night I went to see the latest Cirque du Soleil production, Kooza.

Here’s what the media says about cirque du soleil kooza.

Here’s what the Kooza press release says.

KOOZA is a return to the origins of Cirque du Soleil that combines two circus traditions; acrobatic performance and the art of clowning. The show highlights the physical demands of human performance in all its splendor and fragility, presented in a colorful mélange that emphasizes bold slapstick humor.

“KOOZA is about human connection and the world of duality, good and bad,” says the show’s writer and director David Shiner. “The tone is fun and funny, light and open. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s very much about ideas, too. As it evolves we are exploring concepts such as fear, identity, recognition and power.”

It’s all true.

Now here’s what I say.


The show starts with an MC heckling the people arriving ontime/almost late.

Then the chaos breaks out, which luckily happened right in front of our front and center seats ( second section up.)

Then things became more crazy with excitement and the ensueing madness. Perhaps you know the type of madness for which I speak, a chase scene, some magic, kites, large burly dudes with finely emboidered cod pieces, a mischevious puppetmaster clown called The Trickster that twirled-jumped-dance and taunted (excellent dancer). Then there were two female writhing contortionists that did some super appropriate things together with twisting and bending and such. At one point one, one lifted her special parts off the ground with her head,flipped over while lowering her face to the ground, and then proceeded to somehow get her legs to run circles around her stationary head. I’m pretty sure by the third or fourth pass she had married the entire tent, or at least dated us with noble intentions.

Ofcourse there were things balanced on other things balanced on people balanced on people balanced on various objects.

Also there were the acts. You know like a dude on the unicycle doing crazy things while his female campanion was like a scarf that somehow twirrled and whirrled around his neck like a human hula hoop.

Also the Burger King was there. I’m pretty sure he was in charge, dude is very kingly and he has a sweet taser and some great sidekicks. Also he slaps people with meat. What more can you ask of a king?

Did I mention the band?
They were like if Manu Chao had a baby with Portishead and System of a Down had a baby with Groove Armada and those two musical children grew up and . . . I forget the rest, but you get the point; Trip Hop Samba Grunge.

My advice to everyone is to arrive a little early because the curtains are closed ontime and if you’re late you’ll have to wait.

My advice for the production is to speed up ticket line times (we waited in a short line for 20+ minutes) and to offer a single family picture from one of your roving photogs for $10.
Currently they offer two packages,where it’s all the same pic,for $35 or $20 for a single pic. That just seems like too much money.

My advice to parents is be prepared to cover a child’s ears during the super loud moments, make sure potty breaks are taken care of (for-extra-real), and be prepared to leave at intermission if necessary as the 8pm show runs a teensy late for a school night.

My advice to the cast and crew is let’s party, hit me up on Twitter. Seriously.

My advice to all is to go see Cirque du Soleil Kooza, especially while there are promo prices. You can Enter for a chance to win tickets or take advantage of special promo pricing.

Cirque du Soleil Kooza makes for a great evening and runs until August 2, 2009. The wife and I loved the show and my child experienced every emotion from amazement to total amazement.

Check it out.


Cameras in the Courtroom?

The Strib has an editorial taking a supporting position for cameras in Minnesota courtrooms.

This newspaper has long been an advocate of opening most courtrooms, at every level, to video broadcasting. We welcome recent word from two quarters about new support for efforts to crack the old bar to public scrutiny of the courts via video cameras.

I suppose in this day and age of COPS, Homeland Security USA, Jail, and Court TV that I shouldn’t be suprised by a bigger push for cameras in the courtroom. Here is some interesting history on the topic.

What do you think?

Feel free to discuss the pros/cons in the comment section and I promise I won’t make a tv show out of your responses.


Just Another Music Friday – 07/03/2009

The Church @ Varsity Theater

The Church @ Varsity Theater

A few weekends back I wailed into the void searching for a some music to see locally and Splink of Radio Clandestino answered.

So we headed over to Varsity Theater in Dinkytown to catch Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) & Bolts of Melody opening for The Church.

What can I say? This show blew my doors off.

Guitar, guitar, and more guitar?
Yes, please.

The Church @ Varsity Theater

The Church @ Varsity Theater

The skinny:
Venue: The Varsity Theater = Awesome. Really becoming one of my favorite venues.
Adam Franklin & the Bolts of Melody:Trippy. These guys were mushroom teaified.
The Church: Whoa. Guitar driven mayhem that will built into a cresendo of rock and roll back into a wall of acid-rock-esque sound. Add amazing drumming, polished musicianship ,and Aussie energy; well, then you’ve got yourself a Rock and Roll show. Check out their latest Untitled #23 here’s a B&N site with some previews. Check out Space Saviour or Lunar

Photo Sets:
Adam Franklin & The Bolts of Melody
The Church

I suggest you see either band or both bands if they’re anywhere near your city as they both put on quite a show. Tea, optional.

Special thanks to The Varsity Theater and those crazy cats at Sue Mclean & Associates

It’s Independence Day Weekend, so keep it safe, pause for the cause, remember the reason for the season, and rock on.

What are you listening to?


Gone Fishing

As of today Minnesota residents can fish free in most state parks!

The exemption allows state park visitors to take fish without a license when shore fishing or wading on state-owned land within a state park. All limits and special regulations in effect for the body of water still apply.

Fishing without a license from a boat or float is allowed only on bodies of water that are completely inside a state park. The exemption does not apply on bodies of water where a trout stamp is required.

I just bought my license and a couple of hundo worth of gear, so I’m set, but I hope this gives some people that otherwise wouldn’t enjoy our state parks incentive to go fishing.

If it’s good enough for Bing and Louis, it’s good enough for me.


Walker Art Museum Rock the Garden ROCKS!


Walker Art Museum Rock the Garden ROCKS!
submitted by Chichlee
With the following commentary,

big thank you to Catherine for the best birthday present… getting out in the minneapolis summer at the most amazing location & my first beer of the year all surrounded by loved ones and another few thousand harmony aligned souls.
The music was all things good.
Download some of the tunes are free downloads on The Current:
The Decemberists. Solid Gold. Calexico (LOVED them), Yeasayer.

Citypages also has a Decemberists photoset

Were you there?

Tell me about what you thought or link your blog post in the comments.

Explore Minnesota Takes Detour Through Pittsburgh PA

The latest Minnesota Twitter hubub is about the website Explore Minnesota which allegedly has chosen a webfirm from Pittsburgh.

TaulPaul has been tweeting and retweeting.

RT @agencybablyon To @johnfedman & @exploreminn. Did you Explore Minnesota web talent in your agency search? Why Pittsburgh PA?

From the Explore Minnesota website,

Nobody knows more about where to go and what to do in Minnesota than those who have experienced it. Who better to tell you where the best biking trails are, the most picturesque camping spot, and the coolest places to build memories with your kids.
New lists are added all the time.


More information adding to the complaint’s relevance.

The Minnesota Department of Finance has authorized the release of an additional $1 million from the state’s general fund to Explore Minnesota Tourism’s FY 2007 budget….
The work of Explore Minnesota Tourism is key to the state’s economy. Explore Minnesota Tourism promotes travel throughout Minnesota, helping to bring almost 29 million visitors and more than $10 billion to the state annually. Tourism is one of the largest industries in the state, supporting 235,000 jobs.

An investment of $1 in state tourism marketing has been shown to produce $4.60 in new state and local taxes, $20.40 in wages and $53 in gross sales. Currently, tourism produces more than $1 billion annually in state and local taxes.”

Also, in a 2009 funding meeting they talk about gaining more money from our Lottery and/or taxes and one of the reasons is to “Overhaul website content”.

It makes me wonder.

Does an organization about Minnesota that uses our tax money and the promise of creating more jobs in Minnesota as one of it’s main talking points have an obligation to try and hire from within the state?

What do you think?


Lowry Bridge is blowing up, blowing up, blowing up

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday the Lowry Bridge was imploded.

Check out this awesome video via Finance and Commerce


WCCO reports

The Lowry Avenue Bridge stood for more than 100 years in northeast Minneapolis. On Sunday, it took just a couple of seconds to send it tumbling down.

The bridge hadn’t been used since April 2008, when it was deemed structurally unsafe

More vid and photos from Best Day Ever


The much maligned RIAA comes to town.

How’s this for redonk?

Woman ordered to pay $1.92M in music downloading case

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, 32, a Brainerd mother of four, was found liable for downloading and distributing more than 1,700 songs on Kazaa, an Internet file-sharing network.

…a federal jury in Duluth found her liable up to $220,000 for copyright infringement of the 24 songs the RIAA focused on

It appears they are not awarding damages on all 1700 songs, and the 24 songs actually works out to more like 80Kper song.

80k per song. Let that sink in.
Under federal law, the jury could have awarded up to $150,000 per song.


This wasn’t a criminal case, it was civil, and to the best of my knowledge she didn’t distribute the music; only downloaded which should be worth about .99 cents per song.

I get that they found her guilty, but how can they justify 1.9M in damages?

What songs did she download? The Siren Song that attempted to lure Jason and the Argonauts to shore? I kind of doubt the Golden Fleece itself was worth $1.92M.

I say take this one to the Supreme Court, it’s a clear case of Cruel and Unusual Punishment. They say this case is going to set precedent and have national implications.

I ask, has the RIAA and a Federal Jury just handed our country and legal system a Golden Fleecing?

Please, fell free to express your outrage.


A rock and roll tale of little people.

Recently I was at a party having a discussion with an events promoter about his troubles booking a band.

He was lamenting the fact that he booked a band, on their word, and didn’t have a contract before getting them a gig to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game and then play 10 beer festivals around the upper midwest.

As the time was approaching to work out the final details of the contract he was informed by the singer that the band had booked a show in L.A. during the timeframe of his shows.

The promoter told me he asked the singer “So you double booked?” to which the singer replied “No. Your idea is stupid”.

I pondered for a second and said “Let me get this straight. You were told you have stupid ideas by a tiny pretend Gene Simmons?”


“That’s low.”

The band in question?


They’re good, but are they mini Michael Jackson good?

If you want to check them out live here’s the band’s info.

The lesson learned here? I have no idea, but it looks like they worked things out for June 27th in Sioux Falls. Nice work.

I’ll have to catch this Beer Dabbler Tour the next time they roll through town.

Rock on, my friends, rock on.

Maybe someday I’ll tell you about the time I saved Ace Frehley’s life.


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