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Minnesota Football? Minnesota Football!

If you like Football you’ve heard of the Two Jet Aggie Spread Right

I like football.

And beer.

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

I asked for some beer pics yesterday and @Best_day_ever decided to play along.

It’s good to see some people still like to have fun on the Internet, drink beer, and steal a football win within the last seconds of the game. TD!



SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

Four Days for Number Four

Hot off the press the Big Chill has given the Green Grandpa four days to decide “whether he will be the team’s quarterback for the 2009 season”.


I’m pretty sure Favre does not like being told what to do, being given deadlines, and frankly I don’t know if he’s ready for the fight with Big John David Booty over that precious number 4 jersey.

So in summary I say, “Hey Brett try the CFL.”

What do you think?

The Big Chill puts the freeze on the timeline rumors


The lament of a new fan

I finally figured out what was going on, how the team has four tries to move the ball ten yards, that they’ll usually try to run it first, then pass it, then punt it. I have to be honest, the sport of football has always confused me, like when the clock keeps going and when it stops, why they run for three seconds and then walk around for five minutes. But yesterday, I finally figured it out, watching the Vikings get beat down by the Eagles. I tell you, the Vikings seem to be a team that can regularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Occasionally, despite their best efforts, they do win. But not yesterday, and the fans leaving the Metrodome, upon being asked what they thought of the game, regularly responded with “Fire Childress”, according to what I heard on MPR this morning.

This is the first season where I’ve watched games regularly, going over to my friends place to watch the game on the big screen HDTV, where you can see individual beads of sweat. He also has surround sound, where the noise from the crowd is in the rear channel, so you actually hear the Metrodome fans behind you. If many viewers have set ups like these, it’s no wonder that they had trouble selling tickets to avoid the blackout. But they did sell those tickets, with a day to spare. I don’t know if they discounted the tickets in the final days or not, but according to the Star Tribune, it was all the fans this time; no corporation or local station bought the block of tickets.

A follow-up item on MPR was about budget plans for Minnesota, and Pawlenty talking about his priorities being Military and Vetarans Affairs, Public Safety, and then K-12 Education. A new Vikings stadium with state money definitely is not part of the agenda. Ain’t it a shame…I’m sure the Vikings could use something to cheer them up.

My Two Favorite Football Teams

When I was growing up there was a football saying “My two favorite teams are the Vikings and whoever plays the Packers.” It was a mantra of sorts that reinforced the VIking love and the Packer dislike and it may have even been part brainwashing to assure family members grew up to be Vikings fans.

I started thinking about this saying yesterday as I watched the Vikings play against the Lions. Truth be told, the Packers and the Bears have always had a greater rivalry than the Vikes and the Pack. Also, with the Vikes unable to muster a win against the Pack in what seems like years it’s really hard to feel that old rivalry fire.

 Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a new rivalry.

I was coached to believe football is a game of adjustments and a game of mismatches exploited for advantage; these are two core philosophies I’ve rarely seen followed by this Brad Childress led Vikings team. When an opposing team’s Defense comes out and runs an 8 man box and a barrage of blitz packages, you could adjust and make them pay, or you know; you could just try the same old play of running the ball up the middle and praying for a seam.  

At some point while watching yesterday’s game I had a sports epiphany. 

Maybe it was as I watched Leigh Bodden blow up the Vikings offense time and time again or as I found myself admiring the scrappy Detroit third string quarterback turned starter, Dan Orlovsky, lead his team with a cool confidence usually absent in rookies. Maybe it was as I looked at my three month old daughter sitting on my lap watching the game (and her dad) with wide eyes and wonder and I thought; “Is this the type of football I want her to love?”

Is it? I don’t think so and that’s why now my two favorite football teams are The Vikings and whoever is playing against Brad Childress; a coach with a  lower approval rating than Congress.

I mean think about it, this way, I get to see my two favorite football teams play ball each week and no matter what my favorite team will win.

Fair weather fan?  No way, I’m just making making some necessary adjustments.

I wish Wilf would do the same.

Master of field goals is pulling your strings.

Once upon a time there was a great band named Metallica that sang these lyrics “End of passion play, crumbling away, I’m your source of self-destruction” and once upon a time there was a Minnesota Vikings team that those lyrics couldn’t possibly describe.

That seems like such a long time ago.

Lately fans have grown all-to-accustomed to the last minute losses, poor play calling, and even poorer officiating that sometimes decides a game. Today, after 5 valiant field goals and stifling defensive game, another loss. In the bard’s tale of this Viking’s game, only one of the above recent failures applies, it was another unlikely last minute loss.

There are questions that fans and coaches alike must be asking, how can Adrian Peterson have such a great game and the team still gets an “L”, how can the defensive unit play so soundly for so long and the team still takes home an “L”, why didn’t the team score a touchdown with so many opportunities and so much run strength, and ultimately how can this season be saved?

Here are a few more questions while we’re at it.

Is Adrian Peterson learning what it’s like to be Barry Sanders?

Is it time to Free Frerotte? 

Is it possible that Brad Childress is becoming more unliked than Lars Ulrich?

Freaks,Football, and Hand Grenades.

Did you watch the Vikings? Here’s my quick assessment of the game.

1) So long #1 run defense. 2) Packer’s QB Aaron Rodgers is the real deal. 3) Brad Childress really doesn’t get coaching football in Minnesota.

Though the score of Minnesota 19 and Green Bay 24 seemed like an even match; the game really didn’t seem as close as the final score reflected. The Packers running game gashed the Vikings D Line and their pass attack blew up Vikings D Backfield like a hand grenade tossed by a stalwart football cliche.

Meanwhile, Minnesota ran with it’s tried and true game day strategy of predictibility and lackadaisical effort. There were a few exceptions to the rule of ineptitude. As usual Adrian Peterson looked awesome and newcomer Jared Allen managed to cause distruption for the Pack’s offense(no sacks, no tackles – some penalties) , but it wasn’t enough to thwart the Pack’s plan.

Childress really needs to wisen up. Here’s the scoop coach. We play 15 games a year and two that really matter more than the others, the rivalry with the Packers. So far you have managed to coach us to 5 losses in a row in this contest. If you can’t win a game against the Green you could atleast find us a new rival.

The game’s saving grace was the camera shots of the crowd. I’m not sure what’s with football fans wearing really terrible wigs, but this is a trend I’d like to see spread. Atleast if I could wear a mullet wig to work tomorrow people might talk about something other than this evening’s loss.

If you,dear reader, were to hop on this new wig wearing fashion wagon, what would be your style? I see you in an old timey judge wig. 

Did you watch the game? What did you think?

Watch Vikings vs Packers at the Herkimer

The Herkimer will have all-you-can-eat pig roast and beer for $15 from 5-7pm for the Vikings vs Packers game on Monday, September 8. Game starts at 6pm, despite what the poster below says.

Watch Packers vs Vikings at The Herkimer

Watch Packers vs Vikings at The Herkimer

(The Herkimer also regularly hosts PackerBar.)

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