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Thai one on at Sen yai Sen lek

I am not the most adventurous eater. I am not usually one to take chances and eat something weird. While Thai food might not be that much of a stretch anyway, I do get a little uneasy when an asian restaurant doesn’t have things like Chicken Chow Mein and the other usual fare.

A new place opened up by our house in Northeast called Sen yai Sen lek,  which luckily underneath it’s name has Thai rice and noodles. If I didn’t see those familar words, I probabably wouldn’t have tried it out.

Me and my wife and my older daughter decided to try it out and we had a great meal and a pleasant experience. We had some vegetarian spring rolls that were very fresh and good, (my 12 year daughter has been a vegetarian for a few years) and then what the waitress called their favorite dishes Pad Thai Goong, for which they had a chicken and vegetarian option. I went for the chicken, which had a tangy wonderful flavor to it.

They also serve beer and wine at this place, but I opted for a Cane cola. The food was great hot and tasty. I am not a food critic so I can’t be too descriptive about it. I had a good experience and that is all I need to decide If I should go back or not and with this place I definitely will. I also recommend it to all of you. 4 stars out 4, two thumbs up and three full satisfied bellys out of three.

Secret Eggplant Man

After reading an article on the secret menus of Bay area restaurants weeks ago, I’ve been snooping around trying to find out about the secret menus of Minneapolis restaurants. People aren’t exactly forthcoming about secret menus, as obviously they’re meant for privileged persons, more than likely regulars whom the house wants to give an appreciative elite membership.

Recently, I discovered that D’amico Cucina has a secret menu but I won’t reveal the star item, as that would ruin it for my informant and the underground culinary clique.

I’m just wondering how exactly one discovers a secret menu, and what’s the protocol for ordering off of it. Anyone know of local places with secret menus?

New Restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis

Minneapolis will soon see the opening of, Agri, another “sustainable” restaurant at 4300 Bryant Ave. My boyfriend alerted me to the restaurant’s opening after trolling through craigslist and finding this job ad. Apparently, Fabrizio Ciccone is the man behind the grub, and also runs Restaurant Aura in Uptown. Aura’s menu seems pretty straight shot, but everything sounds dependable if you’re looking for good food, even if it’s not adventurous.

I haven’t been able to turn up much info via the internet, but I’m guessing the restaurant will be opening sometime after May 10th, as that’s when they’ll be interviewing for servers.

Anyone able to dish on Ciccone?

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