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  • The next Twin Cities Media Alliance brown bag lunch is Wednesday, 10/22, at the East Lake Library in Minneapolis, at noon, with Paul Schmelzer. TCMA’s blurb on Paul is pretty nice, so I’ll just give it to you: “Please join me for a brown bag lunch Wednesday, October 22 with Paul Schmelzer, managing editor of the Minnesota Independent, and a winner of the prestigious Premack and SPJ Page One awards for journalistic excellence. Paul coordinated the Independent’s outstanding coverage of the RNC protests – a subject you can ask him about at lunch. Paul also writes the blog Eyeteeth: A journal of incisive ideas, which appears regularly in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, and has written for Adbusters, Cabinet, Ode, Raw Vision, Utne and other publications.”
  • Hennepin County has more rain barrels for sale. 18 left as of October 13. $62 each. This is your last chance. There are no more incoming shipments and no more will be sold after 2008.
  • Urban Wanderlust has a list of all the goodies they’ve canned and/or frozen this year out of their garden, CSA share, or locally grown fruit. So cool. How many people even know what grows in Minnesota? I don’t.
  • In case you wanted to know you can buy pepper spray at General J’s Army Surplus.
  • Thinkery stops by the St Louis Park treehouse. I used to live kitty corner from that thing, but I never actually walked across the street to take a closer look at it.
  • The Daily Planet’s Arts Orbit blog has an update on the behind-the-scenes situation at the Southern Theater. Drama!
  • Also at the Daily Planet is an article from the MN Daily saying that, as bike commuting has doubled over the last year, so have fatalities to bicyclists. Injuries have increased as well. There have been nine recorded bike fatalities in Minnesota so far this year, vs four in 2007. (Note that that’s across the whole state.) I’d like to see a death-per-thousand-cyclist statistic similar to how they report driving fatalities. The (three, so far) commenters disagree vehemently, saying it’s been shown that injuries to bicyclists decrease as the number of cyclists decreases because everyone’s more accustomed to sharing the road. Insert “drivers and cyclists alike should follow the rules of the road” argument in which everyone blames everyone else [here].

Posters for the Twin Cities Biking Fan

Cage Design has created a series of eight posters depicting scenes from the best biking spots in the Twin Cities. They also have two “commemorative-style” posters with four designs each.

Twin Cities Cycling Midtown Greenway posterTwin Cities Cycling High Bridge poster

They are OhMyGod seriously so cool.

I totally want these to go with the Hiawatha Line Art Deco poster that I’ve been wanting but haven’t actually bought yet. Probably just the two commemorative posters for me, since they’re $35 each and then you’ve got to hang them all and I don’t even know where I’d fit eight of them.

But I could save up. And maybe move some furniture around.


(via east-lake)

UPDATE: Tim from Cage Design shared how the posters came to be.

The poster scenes are some of my favorite locations to ride … I took the photos and my daughter Kjersten did the graphic design and picked the colors. She’s a graphic designer who has lived in Boulder, NYC, and is now in Munich, Germany. She made a special trip back to the TC a couple weeks ago when we had them printed.

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