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City Life – Bike rides and bow hunts

Big trucks have taken over a local park.

Big trucks have taken over a local park.

Return of Frank Sinatra

The Cooper hawk that spends the winter in our yard has returned from wherever it goes for the summer.

We call it Frank Sinatra.


I snapped some pics and took a little video with Cameraphone10000.

Frank was cooly indifferent.

And just continued to sit on the tree above our patio table, chirp, and watch us from about 15 feet away. This lasted a for a good hour.

I swear that bird remember us. Here’s a little video I shot of Frank the Hawk last winter “Bienvenidos Minnesota Bienvenidos Frank Sinatra”

Welcome home Frank.

Yoda Accepts Visa


This weekend I had family in town for my niece’s 13th birthday and on Saturday we descended upon the Science Museum like an Army of Wookies to celebrate with Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.  

First we watched Special Effects which is billed as ‘a behind-the-scenes look at Star Wars movie magic’, but we pretty much unanimously agreed ‘grrrrrraAArrhhghhh grrrr’ which is Wookie speak for ‘Gosh, this sucks’.

That’s right, Wookies say ‘gosh’.

After the show we had some time to kill in the museum so we assembled on the deck overlooking the river and made a plan ‘let’s split up and meet at the exhibit at 2:45’.
The deck at the Saint Paul Science Museum.
At 2:30 I was standing near the front of the exhibit line eavesdropping on a seemingly normal family aside from one small aspect: the lightsabers on their belts.

Then the doors opened and we flooded in; there were a ton of cool costumes, models, videos, and interactive stations.

We probably spent an hour wandering the exhibit, but I could see someone hard core enough to spend two hours and someone not really into it being done in 15 minutes.   

Pros: It was very cool to see the original costumes and models up close.
Cons: The exhibit’s videos were kind of lame. I was a little disappointed in the lack of people in costume.
Considerations: Every Star Wars fan I’ve talked to has loved it, but someone not into Star Wars probably won’t.

Don’t forget to check out the store,

Yoda accepts VISA Yoda accepts Visa.

‘Strong with the Force our shirts are

Hey There Big Legs. Come Here Often?

Surrounded by Bikers at the Farmers Market

Today, as I was walking home from jury duty, I noticed a plethora of professional biker’s vehicles weaving all dazed and confused through the Saint Paul rush hour traffic.

As I approached my parking spot in the St. Paul Farmers Market I noticed that block after block was barricaded and the biker density seemed to be increasing. By the time I arrived at the lot I was totally surrounded. Turns out my parking spot was ground zero for Stage 1- St. Paul Lowertown Criterium of the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick around for the evening’s festivities, but lucky for you they continue at various locations around the river valley until the 15th. Check the schedule . Also, you can follow the Nature Valley Grand Prix on Twitter.

Music. Bikes. Twitter.

How cool is that?


Already Thinking About The Weekend

Lake Phalen on Mothers DayI know it’s only Monday, but I’m already thinking about next weekend. If today’s weather is any indication of the upcoming week it should be a great weekend to be outside.

Which is why this Saturday I’ll be attending the Ramsey County  Master Gardener’s plant sale in the morning and then heading over to Lake Phalen WaterFest for the early afternoon. 

A few of the WaterFest activities: On-the-water education in Wilderness Inquiry Voyageur canoes (Canoe rides!), Kid’s fishing lessons and stream monitoring, Rain garden tours,Raptors and other live animals, the Toonies Puppet Show, Native plant give-away, Powder Puff and 3M clowns and stilt walkers, and solar boat races.

Where else in town can I see raptors while getting advice on rain garden creation?

For this type of variety I’m willing to brave the clowns and stiltwalkers.

Anyone else want to go?

(Photo courtesy of cameraphone10000 / Mothers Day Sunset)

My Back Hurts Already.

It’s gardening time in the land of Minneapolis Metbloggers so let’s take some poetic license and spread the seeds of information.


I spent my early afternoon shopping for garden supplies. I needed to buy a few trees, replacements for those destroyed in last fall’s big wind storm, and to browse for some new gardening ideas. 

I found an interesting annual called the daisy vine that grows 5-8′ and flowers all summer and I bought a few whitespire birch trees. Bachmans is having a tree sale that includes 15% off and free delivery for all trees, except pines.

Any other gardening deals happening we should all know about? Anyone else getting worked up to garden? 


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