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Can’t get a car loan? There’s always the bus…or is there?

I’m a big advocate of public transit, so I was quite dismayed when I heard on MPR this morning that Metro Transit is looking at an 80 to 90 million dollar deficit over the next several years. Metro Transit’s funding is ironically tied to new vehicle sales, so the more cars people buy, the more money…the…bus…system…gets? Right. Makes…sense? Anyway, since people can’t get financing to buy cars, since gas prices were high, since everyone is feeling a pinch, people aren’t buying cars, and they’re riding the bus instead. So ridership is up! Great! But now funding is down! The options currently seem to be either get new funding from the legislature (unlikely), cut service and raise fares yet again (even odds). Any bets on how long this will delay the University light rail corridor?

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Bus a toda makina
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I’m a sucker for a good lit-up downtown scene and those long exposure shots.

Riding the Bus: The good, the bad, and the nuts.

Bob Collins is asking what your bus riding experience is like, since good experiences on the bus aren’t newsworthy per Fox9’s standards.

I’d like to share Wendy’s story of her morning bus commute.

So, the bus stops somewhere between my stop and the edge of downtown, and this guy stands up. I figure he’s getting off the bus at MCTC, but no, he’s standing up for a different reason – so he can adjust his boy parts.

Dude stands up, sales book in one hand, and takes the free hand to grab his entire package. It apparently needed adjusting. I can’t really assume that it was bothering his knee or something to that effect, but the way he grabbed it allowed me to see the outline of absolutely everything that I never wanted to see on the bus at 8:40 in the morning. It’s possible the man only had one nut.

I’m not sure if that falls in the 90% of good trips or 10% of bad trips.

(This is still my favorite bus story ever.)

Roundup What makes a dive bar?

For everything you wanted to know about getting a DWI in Minnesota, check out the Minnesota DWI Blog.

TC Biz Journal: Edina Realty debuts Web tool to find foreclosed homes

New-to-me community websites: Frogtown Rondo Partnership and Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation (transitioning from their blog).

LA to Minneapolis just went through Fringe Festival Volunteer Training. (via mnspeak)

I totally mis-read this MPR headline as “The Legacy of Roosevelt Franklin.” I think that would have been a much more interesting story.

Our friendly neighborhood bus drivers have opinions on Fox9’s story on rude Metro Transit drivers. Transit Librarian says it was mostly fair. Driver 2165 says it was a bunch of crap.

Pax Christi Minnesota: On Alliant TechSystems/ATK protesting [mb] and hiring your own cops.

Found Photo: Glo!

From the Minneapolis Metblog flickr pool.

Originally uploaded by Chris Kinniburgh.

I like the bus streaking by in the background.

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