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How Green Was My Garden: Matina Mystery Gets Nuttier

After last week posting my Matina Mystery about the strange green globes growing on my Matina tomato vine to the COMGAR mailing list and here on this blog and on twitter I’ve received several suggestions as to what they may be, from tomatillos gone wrong, or perhaps plant galls.  But I thought the best way to get to the heart of this mystery would be to cut into the fruit abnormalities and see what really was inside.

Tomato walnut2Tomato Walnut

Well it answered one question, only to create another great big one.

Tomato walnut3

They’re NUTS!  More specifically, something resembling walnuts.  So now the mystery is, how does a walnut grow on a tomato plant?  I understand cross pollination but never in a million years could have thought a sweet little bumble bee flitting about my tomato plant could deposit a bit of walnut pollen on my tomato plant and it would grow an actual nut right there on the tomato vine!!

And then, the other question is, what should I call this new interesting variety of nut, the Walmato? Waltina?

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