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Today, I shot a deer.

Uploaded on November 28, 2009
by JustACoolCat

Over the last month my local park/reserve has been open for deer hunting on various weekends, which means it’s closed to all other uses.

Three weeks back I did stop to talk to some hunters and they weren’t having any luck.

Knowing that the park was again open I took my bike over and did some laps on it’s hilly trails.

And while I was there I did what those city-boy hunters couldn’t, I shot a deer.

With my camera.

I read the news today, oh boy

Delivering the news

Delivering the news

Image uploaded by JustaCoolCat

While out for a morning bike ride I stopped and talked to this fellow biker who was delivering the paper.

He was a bit shy about having his pic taken “I can get off the bike. You don’t want a picture with an ugly old man in it” he offered which I rebuffed with “I don’t think you’re ugly, at all.”

We had a little chat about about biking: bike commuting, adult trikes, winter biking, tires and tire width and tire pressure and optimal tires for different conditions; turns out he bike commuted to work for twenty years.

Now in retirement he’s delivering the paper.


Is it just me….


…or is 1st avenue still a little strange on a bike? The street changes have been around for a while now, but I can’t seem to enjoy riding between parked cars and the curb. Most people are conscious getting out of the drivers side (well, some people are). But most¬†individuals aren’t exactly aware of bikers from the passenger side. The first time I was riding down this stretch, 2 doors almost clipped me. And if you’ve ever been down here, you know there isn’t much swerving room.
*Sidenote* While I was taking this picture, another group of bikers were behind me complaining about the new set up. One of them explained to me that she was actually pushed by a car who tried to drive in the bike lane.
Maybe it will take people a little longer to get used to–but for now I’ll detour it.


Dude, you know it and I know it, you were robbed. Despite my rather French sounding last name I say screw those French and their latent Armstrong vengeance complex.

It’s good to hear you’re back. It’s better to hear you’re in Mn.

From the Pioneerpress:

After pedaling a bicycle up the Pyrenees Mountains and ascending to the top of the international cycling world, Floyd Landis is starting over.

His return to bike racing represents a major climb for Landis, who has traded in cycling’s biggest platform for a little five-day stage race next week in Minnesota.

‘I’m happy to be racing again; that’s the main thing,’ he said.

‘I never set out to be famous,’ he said the other day, adding later that he just wants one thing: ‘I’d prefer to be able to just race my bicycle.’


Ride on brother: Nature Valley Grand Prix

Who’s in?

DM me on the Twitter machine.


Minneapolis Bikeway Closures

From the City of Minneapolis Bicycling Update email list, updates on two bikeway closures. One regards downtown traffic during the Marquette/2nd Ave construction. One regards the Washington Ave bridge.

Two bikeway closures are affecting bicycle travel. The first is the reconstruction of Marquette and 2nd Avenues in downtown. A Bicycling Community Advisory (pdf) has been issued by project staff. Sections of the bike lanes are closed on both streets. Work will continue through the end of 2009. Alternative routes are on Hennepin Avenue (bike lanes) and 3rd Avenue (no bike lanes).

At times general traffic lanes will remain open, and bicyclists may use those lanes. Please use extra caution when bicycling through this area. Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  • Ride with the flow of traffic, unless a contra flow bike lane is open.
  • Stay visible by not riding in the gutter. Ride where the right wheel of a car would be.
  • Follow traffic signals, and signal turns and lane changes.
  • Use headlights and taillights after dark.
  • If you would rather be on the sidewalk, walk your bicycle. Sidewalk riding is prohibited in the downtown business district.
  • Use heightened awareness at intersections, and be particularly cautious around turning motorists. Read more about defensive bicycling.

When Marquette and 2nd Avenues reopen, the bike lanes will no longer exist. At that time Nicollet Mall will be reopened to cycling traffic 24 hours a day. The City Council has directed City of Minneapolis staff to study the possibility of bicycles using the bus lanes on Marquette and 2nd. A recommendation has not yet been made by staff to the Council. For more information on this project, visit the MARQ2 project website.

The second closure is the Washington Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River. Hennepin County has eliminated the bike lanes due to concerns over the strength of the upper deck of the bridge. Because of high pedestrian traffic, bicyclists must walk their bikes through the enclosure. University police are enforcing this rule. Read more about the closure on the University of Minnesota website. A signed detour route using Bridge #9 is currently being developed. The bike lanes on the bridge are expected to reopen in the spring.

City of Minneapolis Needs Bicycle Count Volunteers on Sept 9

The city of Minneapolis is conducting its second annual bike and pedestrian count. [last year’s report (pdf)]

They need volunteers to click the counter button (or record a bunch of hashmarks on paper or however they do that) in 2-hour shifts, starting at midnight on Tuesday, 9/9. That’s Monday night/Tuesday morning. Counting will take place for all 24 hours of Tuesday and again from 4-6pm on Wednesday, 9/10, in multiple places around the city.

So open shifts will be:

Those interested in volunteering may contact Shaun Murphy at or 612.275.5128. Please leave your e-mail address, phone number, a preferred day and time slot, and if desired, a neighborhood where you would like to volunteer. Since these counts are city-wide, we will do our best to place volunteers in convenient locations.

They’re looking for about 100 volunteers. Extra people are needed during the 4-6pm rush hours.

This is important because, while the state of biking in the Twin Cities is already pretty good, data like this helps make it better.

These important counts will begin to establish trend lines showing the impact of biking and walking on Minneapolis streets and trails. The counts will also measure the impact of several bike lane and path improvements…. 24-hour counts will help to establish new knowledge about non-motorized travel during the evening and nighttime hours.

The city is partnering with Transit for Livable Communities on this. TLC will also be conducting a count on these same days and is also in need of volunteers, according to the email I got from the city of Minneapolis, but I can’t find anything about it on their website.

P.S. Volunteers are also needed for the “Freewheelin’ & Bikes Belong” bike share program during the RNC. (pdf)

[Bicycling in Minneapolis]

Fringe Report: August 7, 2008

fringe2008.pngI will keep reminding you to go see the Jamal Lullabies until you can’t see it anymore. Friday at 10pm or Sunday at 1pm, at the Southern Theater.

Downtown Journal has some behind-the-Fringe-scenes stuff with folks from The Mistress Cycles, My Hovercraft is Full of Eels, Deviants, Mike Fotis, and the Fringe Sherpa program which I saw a description of in passing somewhere but didn’t hear or see much more about. Hey, Fringe, y’all might want to pimp this harder next year.

The Fringe’s myspace page is actually nice.

Fringe Famous has made its nominations and polls are open for the First Annual Fringies. Voting is open until Saturday night.

On to the reviews.

Mortem Capiendum by Four Humors Theater
I had high expectations for this one, having seen previous shows by this group. I don’t know if it was because I was tired or what, but I just didn’t enjoy it that much. It was cleverly written and well acted, I just didn’t like the story. There are better choices you could make for the last weekend.

Phi Alpha Gamma by Dan Bernitt
Just now as I typed out “Phi Alpha Gamma” did I realize what those letters spell out. I had seen exactly one review of this show and it was glowing, but I tried to consider the source because of course a gay guy is going to be more inclined to rate a gay-themed show very highly but then I decided that’s a bigger plus because it means the topic was handled well. It’s the story of a fraternity dealing with the reputation it earned when one of its members gay-bashed a guy and further consideration of this reputation when a brother comes out in a chapter meeting. Having seen a lot of one-woman shows, a one-man show was a nice change of pace. Dan Bernitt was great, very effectively portraying four different characters and the world of fraternities. Recommended!

The Cody Rivers Show Presents: Stick to Glue by The Cody Rivers Show
I stumbled upon the Cody Rivers Show at last year’s Fringe and was totally blown away, so I had high expectations and every one of them was met. They’re like a live action They Might Be Giants song. I felt smarter for having seen it. So clever and funny and WTF?! and never a dull moment. Seriously, not one part of this show was bad. Recommended!

Further miscellaneous observations…


Lazy Lightning and commentors discuss replacing vs renovating the currently-condemned Meadow Lake Bridge which carried bikers across the Minnesota River between Bloomington and Burnsville.

Cam Gordon (Mpls 2nd Ward city council member) has the deets on this year’s National Night Out.

TC Biz Journal‘s 2008 Women In Business Honorees.

TC Biz Journal reports what downtown MNspeakers have known for weeks and that is that a SoupMan (of Seinfeld fame) is now open in the Minneapolis Skyway.

The great people of the Tale of Two Cities LiveJournal community discuss Minnesota’s representation in that CNNmoney list of Best Small Cities to Live. “[Y]ou’ll see most of what got Plymouth into the #1 spot isn’t even located in Plymouth.” MNspeakers discuss as well.

Mary Lahammer on Jesse’s non-announcement on Larry King Live. He did, in fact, talk to someone in the local media. Sort of.

MinnPost runs a University of Minnesota eNews report on a study confirming what people who use Facebook and Myspace already know, which is that kids learn technology skills and share/collaborate on creative efforts through social media. New news: the digital divide is perhaps not as big as we think it is. “The students participating in the University of Minnesota study were from families whose incomes were at or below the county median income (at or below $25,000) and were taking part in an after-school program, Admission Possible, aimed at improving college access for low-income youth.”

MnIndy: “Local immigration attorneys and advocates say Postville raid reflected ‘a complete lack of due process'”

NRP is sending a delegation to the 2008 Bank of the West Neighborhood Summit in Omaha. (Bank of the West is an actual bank.) “The Summit will be an opportunity to learn from residents of Des Moines, Omaha, Wichita and Kansas City what they are doing around key issues, share ideas, network, tour Omaha, and have fun!” 31 Minneapolitans attended last year. Apply to attend by August 1.

saintpaulitan visits the friendly neighborhood geodesic dome house.‘s guide to all the drag shows in Minneapolis and St Paul. That’s not very many, but then, how many drag shows do you need? Feel free to edit the list.

TC Biz Journal says, in the wake of the dented nose cone issue, MSP is some new runway status lights at some yet to be determined time between now and 2011. The $400 million tab is to be picked up by the FAA.

Bicycle Film Festival Comes to Minneapolis July 9-12

bicyclefilmfestival08.jpgThis seems much more organized than in years past, which is probably explained by the fact that, though this is the 8th year of BFF, it’s only the third year it’s played in Minneapolis.

So what the heck is a Bicycle Film Festival, anyway?

The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates the bicycle. We are into all styles of bikes and biking. If you can name it-Tall Bike Jousting, Track Bikes, BMX, Alleycats, Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Cycling to Recumbents- we’ve probably either ridden or screened it. What better way to celebrate these lifestyles than through art, film, music and performance? We bring together all aspects of bicycling together to advocate its ability to transport us in many ways. Ultimately the Fest is about having a good time.

Films will screen at eight different venues across Minneapolis, from Pi to First Avenue to the MacPhail Center. There is free valet bicycle parking at each one. You can buy a festival pass or tickets to individual shows. Complete details at

(Biking from venue to venue is also good practice for Fringe.)

Roundup cities: DIY St Paul walking tours

Minnescoota, for the Minnesota scooter enthusiast.

Minneapolis Issues Forum: Dyna Slyter, who part-times in Starbuck, MN, asks folks to give her one reason to come back to Minneapolis. The response is a resounding, “Pffffffft, whatever.”

MPLS Mirror: Recapping a presentation on the five problems the MPD faces in preventing crime and keeping neighborhoods safe and how they’re trying to address them.

Minnov8: On bringing broadband to every Minnesotan, completely with analogy to railroads.

Gather: Michael Caputo likes the 5-day skyway leases being granted for the RNC, because it’s better than the current state of Saint Paul skyway suckitude quiet.

TC Daily Planet: Another South High/MTN project, this time on bicycle culture.

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