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Minnesota Football? Minnesota Football!

If you like Football you’ve heard of the Two Jet Aggie Spread Right

I like football.

And beer.

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

I asked for some beer pics yesterday and @Best_day_ever decided to play along.

It’s good to see some people still like to have fun on the Internet, drink beer, and steal a football win within the last seconds of the game. TD!



SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

A rock and roll tale of little people.

Recently I was at a party having a discussion with an events promoter about his troubles booking a band.

He was lamenting the fact that he booked a band, on their word, and didn’t have a contract before getting them a gig to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game and then play 10 beer festivals around the upper midwest.

As the time was approaching to work out the final details of the contract he was informed by the singer that the band had booked a show in L.A. during the timeframe of his shows.

The promoter told me he asked the singer “So you double booked?” to which the singer replied “No. Your idea is stupid”.

I pondered for a second and said “Let me get this straight. You were told you have stupid ideas by a tiny pretend Gene Simmons?”


“That’s low.”

The band in question?


They’re good, but are they mini Michael Jackson good?

If you want to check them out live here’s the band’s info.

The lesson learned here? I have no idea, but it looks like they worked things out for June 27th in Sioux Falls. Nice work.

I’ll have to catch this Beer Dabbler Tour the next time they roll through town.

Rock on, my friends, rock on.

Maybe someday I’ll tell you about the time I saved Ace Frehley’s life.


I Wish You A Merry Beermas

IĀ get a lot of strange email, but something about the subject line “Beer Geek Christmas” caught my eye.

It turns out Ed and Joe are having a little beer party and believe me you, these guys know their brewski.

So I checked out their website, Heritage Liquor Online, and found this

” Let me ask you this: Do you really want to buy your beer from a clerk at Sam’s Club or from some part-timer at a discount liquor store across town who has never heard of “Tyranena’s Hop Whore”. You just might get slapped silly!

Ed and Joe LOVE this place!

Shouldn’t personality and great prices count for something? Shhhh….. listen. The voices in your head are telling you to get down to Heritage Liquor anyway.”

I’m not kidding around about Heritage Liquor’s awesomeness. If you know someone that appreciates good beer like it were fine wine and you want to give them the magical gift of barley and hops then this is a great chance to talk to beer experts and get great deals.

They also have some great scotch tastings I’ve been wanting to hit up so if you’re a single malt taster you should hit me up with a DM on Twitter.

Ho Ho Ho, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrryyy Beermas!

Flak Radio Live at the Ritz Theater

Flak Radio LiveMonday evening, June 16!

This announcement from Flak Radio co-host James Norton:

We’re doing a live taping of Flak Radio this Monday, June 16, at the Ritz Theater in Northeast — 345 13th Ave NE Minneapolis. The action gets rolling around 6:15 with a live reading by Lit6‘s Geoff Herbach.

Our big guest is Doug Hoverson, beer expert/author (“Land of Amber Waters”), and we’ll have music by DJ Soviet Panda. There’ll be an awesome Flak Radio quiz (audience members as contestants!) and all manner of hijinks.

Admission is free.


  • The Four Firkins. Minnesota’s first specialty beer store opens Saturday in SLP. Grand Opening on June 14. (via east-lake and MN Beer)
  • “The Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) (formerly the Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium) is a nonprofit organization that provides energy efficiency information, services and programs to residents, businesses, and communities across Minnesota.” They provide a lot of info, connect you to a lot of resources, and also provide some for-pay services.
  • NextStep: “This site has been designed to provide Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN) members and others with information, access to resources, opportunities for networking, and inspiration on the topic of sustainable communities. NextStep site users have the ability to post information and resources on the site as well as to access the resources and information posted on the site.” Great event listing. Sortable by regions around the state.
  • The Sibley Bike Depot is “a non-profit membership-based biking and walking organization. We promote healthy transportation and help new riders through advocacy, classes and the Sibley Bike Depot (a community education, repair and retail facility).” Located at 712 University Ave in St Paul. They have a pretty cool Earn-A-Bike program.
  • Matt and Colin are filling in for Taylor at Mediation this week. Matt starts off with a self-pimp of a legislative session wrap up. “If you are a lunch room lady…
  • Citizen-penned marriage equality bill introduced in Minnesota legislature. “The bill is modeled after a similar bill that has passed the California Legislature twice, only to be vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger said that the issue was for the courts to decide — and they did.”
  • Bob Collins is a Lynx fan! Sunday afternoon’s home opener was a stellar display. Only one game, yes, but the win over Detroit (three Eastern Conference championships in a row) bodes well for the team’s 10th season. I had courtside seats!
  • The Uptake on the RNC media walk through.
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