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Minnesota River to reach flood stage

While we may not have it as bad as Iowa, according to the Chaska Herald:

The heavy rains are pushing up the level of the Minnesota River, which will reach flood stage at Chaska by Friday, according to Tim Wiebe, public works superintendent.

Flood stage at Chaska is about 18 feet, and it is predicted that Chaska will crest at 24 feet, or six feet above flood stage.

Public Works crews are closing two of the city’s three flood gates, and turning on pumps, shooting rainwater over the gates.

Hopefully by the end of the following week, we’ll be out of flood stage,” Wiebe said. “Right now, the water should be … nearing Athletic Park – nearing the outfield grass,” Wiebe said, adding, Time will tell.”

The river has already reached flood level at Chaska once this year.

Current weather forecast shows rain this weekend and next weekend -ack!  I just bought a house in the Chaska flood plain, and while it’s a stellar community, I’m definitely planning to purchase flood insurance.

(photo from livingincarveracounty via CC attribution)

Weathering The Storm

Ten Minute Hail Storm

Image from the May 31st Hailstorm (Set)  by  manyhighways

Were you hit with storms yesterday? Sometime around 5ish the tornado sirens started singing in my neck of the woods. So naturally I did the less than smart thing and went outside with the video camera to capture the hubub. I’ll post a video later today. 

Aside from some very large drops of rain and a little bit of wind we weren’t affected much in Saint Paul. Though, the clouds certainly looked menacing. Did you get any storm damage?

Minnehaha Falls last Friday

Minnehaha Falls
The weather may not be cooperating today, but this weekend it definitely felt like spring.

Here’s a standard shot of Minnehaha Falls, taken by me whilst playing hookey from work on Friday.

I’d lived here nearly 5 years and had never been. Definitely worth checking out one of these sunny days if you’ve been putting it off.

69! It’s an omen!

WCCO’s Chris Shaffer:


He did say “sacks”… right?

(via Tim and Fleshbot)

The Guilty Pleasures of Spring

Apricot Tree in BloomI decree it to be Spring!

Yo Spring, Happy Saturday.  ( <— seesmic video. )

Sure, I don’t have any actual power to decree a season, but that’s never stopped me in the past.

So, despite the recent weather’s attempt to bring us down, spring has triumphed. It’s time for the migrations to begin.

That’s right, I’m talking about the return of garage salers.  

We drove to the coffee shop this morning and there are garage sale signs popping up faster than tulips. I’ll bet you’ve seen them too. I’ll bet you may have even stopped.

Come on people, don’t be shy, it’s a guilty pleasure we all share. Let’s talk garage sale.

In case you haven’t been outside lately

It’s still raining.

And I just heard snow flurries tomorrow morning.

Happy May, people.

The Song of Hiawatha After Rush hour

springrain Has the rain gotten you down?

There seems to be something about this weather that is making the air equal parts glum and humidity. 

Still, on my drive home tonight I found myself thinking of sunsets.

Yesterday Cameraphone10000 captured this sunset from our yard. 

Sunset on the Parkway

Where is your favorite place in the Twin Cities to watch a sunset?

I’ve always loved the sunsets at Lake Hiawatha Park.

Paul Douglas roars like a lion

April may have been rainy and cloudy for fired WCCO weather anchor Paul Douglas, but he’s got some news up his sleeve for this summer. A new syndicated weather service called WeatherNation.

Ed Kohler points to Graeme Thickinstweet:

Paul Douglas will start co in June to syndicate weather info to midsize TV stations, called WeatherNation – saving ’em a ton of money

Ed also points to Douglas’ LinkedIn profile, which lists four startups, including WN:

This summer we launch WeatherNation, syndicating, “central-casting” weather reports for web sites, cable channels and broadcasters from a new studio in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Meanwhile MinnPost reports this morning, “KARE features an interview tonight with recently fired WCCO weatherman Paul Douglas.”

Allow me to speculate: I think the news is going to hit officially tonight.

I’m totally in favor of more competition in weather reporting, especially from private companies. And kudos to Douglas, who refused to go out like a lamb.

Lightning strikes 3 at MSP Airport

I drove through some nasty hail on 494W on my way home from The Mars Volta concert in St. Paul last night. Lightning was striking all around the airport and MOA, the hail was pelting my car’s recently refurbished paint job (thanks a lot, God) and the thunder was shaking my car.

Turns out just around that same time three construction workers were struck by lightning at MSP Airport. More info here here and here.

From KARE 11:

According to police reports, the man was setting out orange cones around 10:20 Monday night, for a construction project at the airport. Two other workers were with him. Lightning from a passing storm hit the man in the head, then passed on to his co-workers, who both got jolted in the hands and arms.
“Like an electric fence,” one of them told police.

According to the Strib:

The three construction workers, whose names were not immediately available, were hurt at 10:20 p.m. when lightning struck the vehicle they were in on a taxiway near the E concourse north of the Lindbergh terminal…

Well, whether they were standing outside or in a truck, it’s good everyone’s okay. That lightning was nasty.

Oh, and in case you think you’re safe in your car, the Strib says:

Contrary to belief, rubber tires and rubber shoe soles do not provide protection from lightning, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.


Photo adapted (poorly) from Flickr via Creative Commons Attribution remix license.

My Back Hurts Already.

It’s gardening time in the land of Minneapolis Metbloggers so let’s take some poetic license and spread the seeds of information.


I spent my early afternoon shopping for garden supplies. I needed to buy a few trees, replacements for those destroyed in last fall’s big wind storm, and to browse for some new gardening ideas. 

I found an interesting annual called the daisy vine that grows 5-8′ and flowers all summer and I bought a few whitespire birch trees. Bachmans is having a tree sale that includes 15% off and free delivery for all trees, except pines.

Any other gardening deals happening we should all know about? Anyone else getting worked up to garden? 


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