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Public Transit in the Twin Cities – good or bad and why.


Minneapolis Collection, M3857.

In a previous post our captain of Minneapolis Metblogs was asking for more writers and in suggestions for a writing topic he suggested about ranting about how idiotic our public transportation is.

I have been taking the bus all winter after we decided it wasn’t worth the time or the money to keep two cars going all the time. If I ride the bus everyday for the month it costs about $80 per month. $4 per day mainly because I get on the bus in the morning before peak times and save .50 cents.

I haven’t had any problems and even if my car is running perfectly with insurance and gas the cost is about the same. Of course the car I have is paid off so there isn’t any monthly payment. One large repair though makes the bus seem a lot cheaper.

I think we can owe a big chunk of our transit problems to History – in the picture above you can see the infamous Fred Osanna accepting a check in front of a burning street car. Osanna went to jail for committing fraud because of taking money from companies installing bus lines.

There was a great documentary on this on TPT, I think it is in their lost Twin Cities series. I will try to track that down, or if anyone knows what it is – post it.

Otherwise – any ideas for helping our current system without breaking the bank and making sure it gets used?

P.O.S. Covers Pearl Jam?

This is awesome! Ten Out of Ten: Rapper Covers Pearl Jam

From NyMag

Our long-standing, knee-jerk aversion to undie rap is in peril after hearing this live bedroom performance by a young man who calls himself P.O.S. (quit hatin’ … on yourself, dude). Outfitted in a crisp flannel shirt, Stefon Leron Alexander — his given name; really, what must his mom think of him calling himself piece of shhh? — rips out a startlingly great cover of Pearl Jam’s “Why Go,”

Watch the Video!


Ignite yourself

No, not like that….

There is a new event series coming to Minneapolis. Matt hinted at it in his interdoctury post, but here are the fully deets:

Ignite Minneapolis is our very own chapter of the Ignite presentation series, which aims to help people develop presentation skills, have a good time, and dispense free beer.

The basic format is a 5 minute presentation. You are allowed 20 slides. Each one changes after 15 seconds, automatically. The result is usually wildly funny, no matter how the presentation goes.

The first event will be at Solera on April 22nd. Full details, and a few videos, can be found on the Ignite MPLS website.

Space is filling up, so RSVP or even sign up to present (which reminds me, should probabally get started on that…)

Whats the real story on this recession?

This is not a political post. I promise.

Rather, this is a post about what this recession really means to people.

Case in point: Currently in my Google Reader (now Helvetireader!) are posts titled “How Has Our Worsening Economy Effected Gen Y” and “7 Reasons Why the Economy is Good for You

Note to Liz: This is the research I did. I promise, not serious research.

Note to Liz: This is the research I did. I promise, not serious research.

My point is that, while we are hit with doom and gloom every day, and it constantly seems as if one wrong piece of news could send the economy into a freefall, this recession is still what you make of it. Its not bad for everyone, its not good for everyone.

I am not talking about those “How you can get rich in a recession” ads on the radio. I am talking about finding the positive notes in the recession.

I got laid off as a direct result of the recession. Yet, I am still able to get ahead. How has the recession affected you? Lets chat about it in the comments.

How many bicyclists I could have injured this winter

Way too many.

My commute to work used to be a fast fly down Portland Ave…which is one of the “best” frontage roads for 35W I have ever seen-as well as it’s sister road, Park Ave. Why so many folks sit on 35W in traffic is beyond me. Get on Park or Portland and get the hell off that stupid 35W already.

While I understand why bicyclists love to bike; save money, good exercise, better for the environment or “they just love it”….stay in the bike lanes no matter what or decide that YOU getting hit by a car is a good idea.   And what are you doing biking around in 6″ of snow? I can’t tell you how many times driving home on Park Ave, I almost nailed umpteen bikers who decided that the bike lane was full of cars/snow, etc…and had to bike in the vehicle lanes. It was so bad, that I actually yelled at one, and I never do that…even when I am fully pissed off. To be honest, I don’t even know the rules of the road for the bikers, I’m sure they have rights too…but my truck is a big 4×4, and I can only squeeze in so close to the car next to me. I’m not risking hitting another car and causing a big fat accident because you dedided to “bike to work in shitty weather”.

Moving on…I came out of the Bulldog on Lyndale one nice afternoon to find that my left mirror was knocked back and the orange turn blinker plastic piece was knocked off. HAHA….I knew what happened! A biker nailed it! But you see, there is no bike lane on Lyndale….and let me remind you, it’s a TIGHT drive for the cars at any rate. 2 lanes each way and parked vehicles…leaves very little room for bikers. Lyndale is so fast and busy, I could never imagine riding my bike down Lyndale EVER. That biker was lucky that my mirrors have the bounce factor, so they didn’t get too hurt. Now my plastic orangey piece did get knocked off while I was zipping down the freeway and I have to replace it someday, just a side note.

The final straw for me was just a few days ago. I was at a red light…at the Franklin/Blais intersection going west. I see a biker sitting on a green light on Blais, she was stopped. I was thinking ‘hmm, what is wrong with her, get going!”. Nope. She continues to sit and while I am waiting at my red light, seeing the other green go yellow…..she now just decides to put her ass on the seat and adjust her feet. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME….yep, as soon as I have the green (and of course I taken off…), she starts to move the peddles (very slowly too btw) and I’m like SHE IS STUPID.  I wanted to see what her plan was knowing I had the green light, and she was going to knowingly cross on a red….going slow–I figured it was a delayed suicide mission (should I go, should I not go, omg…what do I do!). I ended up yelling at her too while I drove by wondering if the guy next to me was going to hit or or the folks coming from the other way!

I’m sorry, but she is the one biker that will changes the rules of the game someday for the bikers. Someday, you will be required to wear safety helmets and ride on only designated bike lanes…because of her. Just sayin’.

Comtemporary Monsters at the Northern Clay Center


I thought this looked like an interesting exhibit – it opens this Friday at the Northern Clay Center.

Their description –

Guest-curated by ceramic artist Edith Garcia (London), this dark and dreamlike exhibition will feature the work of six artists who work within the realms of the surreal, yet with unique sensibilities.  Participants include the curator along with Wesley Anderegg (Lompoc, California), Tom Bartel (Bowling Green, Kentucky), Cynthia Consentino (Northampton, Massachusetts), John de Fazio (San Francisco, California), Arthur González (Alameda, California), and Michael Lucero (Upper Nyack, New York).  All of these artists translate everyday monsters into sublime sculptural works, offering original voices in an expressive and overwhelmingly physical manner.

Opening Reception – MARCH 13, 09 | 6:00 – 8:00pm and runs through May 3rd.

Where I find my info out about local art shows –

Unsummit: If you’re not here, you’re missing it

Unsummit Opening Ceremonies
I’m at the Minneapolis Central Library sitting in the second panel of the Unsummit, an unconference put on by the social media community in the Twin Cities.

Topics so far have covered the business culture in Minneapolis Saint Paul, social media for nonprofits, launching a start-up, your personal brand and viral videos.

Check out real-time updates here.

Noticed those painted utility boxes?


this photo is uncredited but I found it here.

Last fall I noticed the utility boxes down Hennepin Ave, being prepped and painted. Apparently it was a project that involved The City of Minneapolis, The Hennepin Theater District and Xcel Energy.

One of its main goals was to prevent and stop graffiti on those boxes. I really like the art aspect of it, it makes it a cool bike ride heading down Hennepin.

I have been looking for more info on who the artists might be and a photo of each but I haven’t found that. I sent out a few emails and we’ll see where that gets me. I might have more info for you, or I might hit a dead end. Anyone else know?

Snowmageddon 2009 Part 4

snowmageddonThe media hyped it.

People across the metro are stockpiling gas and bread.

Others have canceled meetings and called in to work from home.

We’re basically going to die.

I’m streaming it live on here.

rally at the capitol

supporters for single-payer health care for minnesota are rallying today at the capitol!  from 10-11:15 there’s an information session so you can…get informed!  then, from 11:30-12:30, there’s a rally at the state capitol rotunda.  (i know that’s only two hours from when i’m posting this notice….)

find more information here

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