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IgniteMPLS Wrap Up

Two weeks ago, 26 brave presenters took the stage at Solera for the first ever IgniteMPLS.

For those of you who missed all the chatter about it, Ignite is a speed presentation series. You get 5 minutes. 20 slides. 15 seconds per slide, no matter what. There is a slide at the end cueing the audience to clap, so there is no going over.

You can find pictures from the night HERE.

Some of my favs:
The Twitter Wall

A huge huge thanks to Patrick and Mykl, and everyone else who helped bring this to MN. Stay tuned to for info on when the next one is!

Some local flavor, web style

I spend a lot of time on the web. Here are some site with local ties that I have fallen in love with:

Mullet Like Me: This is the blog of a local gent who is on a mission-discover what life is like if you have a mullet. Every post is gold.

Bachmann Watch: This site is dedicated to taking down Michelle Bachmann. I cannot tell you how funny this site is, no matter which side of the aisle you are on. Does it feel like a tabloid to anyone else?

Found on Craigslist: Phantom of the Opera Chandelier

It may just look like an average $75 Menard’s lighting fixture, but the description makes it so much more than that…

This is an iron and glass Gothic affair with brown variegated accents.

It is weighty. If we had a castle, we would place this fixture on the rampart next to the entry portcullis. Any beseigers not repelled by boiling oil could have this fixture dropped on their heads, to gruesome and deadly effect.

Buy it here.

Vikings Draft!

All you armchair quarterbacks, it is your time to shine. The NFL Draft is coming up. The Vikes pick 22nd. Lets hear your thoughts on what they should do:

My opinions:

  1. Pick a quarterback, and actually put your trust in him. I doubt even Tom Brady could handle the constant fear of not starting that Childress has in our current quarterbacks.
  2. Dont do anything stupid in the draft. Make sure that every pick counts-we are running out of “rebuilding” seasons, and we are going to start losing the truly good Vikings while we try and develop the rest of the team.

Mo’ taxes, mo’ problems

The legislature is debating several new tax increases:

  • Cigarettes up $.54/pack (on top of the most recent increase from S-CHIP)
  • Liquor tax to be increased by an undisclosed amount for the first time in 20 years
  • A new upper tax bracket (starting at $300,00/household), taxed at 9% (one of the highest in the nation)

There is a comment from House Taxes Chairwoman Ann Lenczewski, DFL-Bloomington, saying that since tax cuts hurt people, and increases hurt people, so they are taking a “reasoned, balance approach.”

Except I have not seen one word about these cuts. Only increases.

I don’t know about you, but I think that raising tax rates in a recession might not be the best idea.

(via Star Trib)

Sample night live – something for everyone

My co-worker, Lynne, went to Sample Night Live last week and told me all about it. She said it was a blast (and claims to have laughed from start to finish). Sample Night is, well, a sample night of performing arts from different acts in the Twin Cities. And when they say sample, they aren’t kidding. There is something for everyone there.

From poetry to theater to heavy metal local music to puppets, pretty much anyone can find something they might enjoy at one of these events. They take place on the first Wednesday of each month. I just might have to check out May’s event.

Has anyone else checked this out? It sounds like good fun.

Java Java Java

I was contacted by the same PR person who contacted Liz about the new coffee shop opening at the U.

First, I want to applaud her. She reached out to a bunch of bloggers, and even gave me a heads up that Liz wanted the story.

I just wanted to give my opinion on this from a college-kid perspective:

This is a great idea.

As Liz said, this is not another Purple Onion. However, many college kids are trying to figure out how they can help. This is the perfect thing, since it combines helping with their fuel: coffee. They can now help by doing something that they would do anyways.

This is genius.

PGA coming to Galleria


“The PGA Championship History Exhibit proudly reflects the story behind the great Champions who has been the fabric of the advancement of golf in this country,” said PGA of America President Jim Remy. “The PGA of America is pleased that Galleria, which has been a hub of exciting opportunities for Minnesotans for so long, will serve as home to this remarkable collection of history. Minnesotans embrace sports and love golf, and we anticipate we will have outstanding support once again in leading up to the 91st PGA Championship this summer.”

I dont know how may golf readers I (or the Metblog) has, but I can say that I am super excited about this. I will be going to the event, and I hope to see you there.

Earth Hour

We are a half hour away from Earth Hour. Whether this means you are turning off all the lights, or turning them all on in protest, use this hour to think about your own feelings on the global climate. I will not push on side over the other, but the one thing that I hate is someone who is uninformed, or has not made up their mind.

So, at 8:30, flip a switch, and do some thinking.

Seriously March?

March forecast

March forecast

Really? Minnesotans need a wardrobe just for March. This is nuts. (Plus, a 42 degree snow shower does not sound fun…)

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