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Bike To Work Week May 17 – 21

Did you know that this coming week May 17 – 21 is Bike to Work Week and May 21 is Bike to Work Day?

I had forgotten, but luckily Bicycling sent me a reminder email filled with some great resources.

Cyclists vs. Drivers – How to Share the Road Better
Bicycling’s 2010 List of Amercia’s “Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities”

·         To view our full rankings and see where your city placed, click here. (If interested, a full PDF of the article is also available)

  • Or, check out 8 ideas that cyclists can push for to make their city more bike-friendly here.
  • And, see which foreign cities are the most bike-friendly.
From the Editors – Facts and Tips on Bike Commuting
  • Bicycling editors are available to share tips and facts on bike commuting and bike trends. For example:
  • The average American drives 29 miles per day. If you substitute one day’s worth of driving with riding per week, in a year you’ll burn enough calories to lose 19 pounds. You’ll also reduce auto emissions by 1,248 pounds of CO2, and save more than $800 on gas and maintenance.

Additionally I had the opportunity to speak with editor Christine Mattheis about various biking topics, including the Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities which as you know Minneapolis ranked #1.

Have you always been a biker? At what age did you begin?
I learned to bike when I was a kid, like most kids, but really got into it in college when I bought a road bike.

Are you still an avid biker?
Yeah, I bike commute year around. Probably not as much as I should. I try for three days a week.

I see you were involved with the “top 50 Bike Friendly Cities”? in which Minneapolis placed #1, What was were the main factors in ranking?
There were many studies we used in our research and we talked to leading bicycle advocates. I suggest you check out and the book Bicycling and Walking in the U.S., 2010 Benchmarking Report is a great resource.

How many of the cities have you biked? Several including Minneapolis, between myself and the other editors that worked on the best biking feature we biked all of the 50 cities.

What is your favorite ride?
Currently I am riding my Specialized Ruby Expert most, but I also own an older Gary Fisher mountain bike and a Giant full suspension. I’m looking at buying a Orbea

Of the bikes you’ve tested in the last year what is been your favorite?

I really liked the Breezer. It’s a great commuter bike for a beginner and has everything someone needs to get started.

You may or may not be aware of this, but Minneapolis and Portland (top 50 #2) kind of have an ongoing competition about quality of life. What was the big separator that put Minneapolis as #1?

*laughs* I wasn’t aware of that… I must have missed something. One thing that really separated Minneapolis was it’s growth and it’s extensive network of trails. You can really get from one end of the city to the other without having to deal with much traffic. Also, Portland doesn’t really have the 4 months of extreme winter.

[In Your FACE Portland!]

Biking seems to be making a comeback, how do you see the future of biking unfolding over the next ten years?
I don’t think it’s a fad. It’s a growing trend. People are more concerned with health and when the price of gasoline spiked a few years ago it made a lot of people take notice. Also, city planners and politicians are taking note. It’s a chicken and egg thing, are they taking note because there are more bikers or are there more bikers because they are taking note and building more trails, either way, biking is definantly a growth market.

What is your take on women in biking?
It’s definantly a growing interest. Over the last 10 years women have been given more attention by the major bike manufacturers in everything from the bikes to the equipment. 10 years ago that just didn’t exist, also more women have been interested in triathalon which has exposed them to biking.

Did you hear about or participate in 30 days of biking?
I heard about it, but did not participate. I think it’s a great thing, anything that can get people on their bikes is a positive for their health and the environment.

If you could give any advice to a new biker what would it be?
Get a bike that fits your body, comfort is important and so is avoiding injury. You can go inexpensive as long as it fits you’ll enjoy riding it. Avoid the cheap used bikes as you’ll end up investing money in them on repairs or replacement and way. Go to your local bike shop and have them help.


Thanks to Christine for the great conversation on biking a for the reminder and resources. Remember people, get out there and bike!



How would you like an extra-long Dinger Dog?

I’m sure you’ve heard Twins Announce New Hot Dogs For Target Field, but the names crack me up.

“The four dogs are the Original Twins Dog, the Twins Big Dog, the Dugout Dog and the Dinger Dog.”

The original Twins dog is a seven-to-one, ballpark frank-style hot dog, it’s a skinless hot dog that will be available in various locations throughout the ballpark,” said Peter Spike with Delaware North Sports Service.

The Twins Big Dog is a quarter pound, all-beef dog that officially replaces the former Dome Dog.

“We have the quarter-pound all-beef hot dog, that’s the Twins Big Dog,” said Spike.

An old-fashioned pork and beef hot dog in its natural casing has been named the Dugout Dog and will be sold in the stands at Target Field by retro-attired vendors during all home games.

“And then vended in the seats is a little bit different twist, we’re going retro, our vendors will all be wearing retro garb, kind of back to old Met Stadium days, and its going to be a natural casing hot dog that will be served and assembled, component wise, right there in the seats for you,” said Spike.

The Dinger Dog is an extra-long, pork and beef hot dog which will be available at the Hennepin Grille in Target Field.

“We have the Dinger Dog, which is our foot-long version of the smaller hot dog,”

JD then follows it up with a GQ about eating meat. Good Question: Why The Baseball-Hot Dog Link?

The song may talk about peanuts and Cracker Jack, but everyone knows the food most associated with baseball is the hot dog. Exhibit A: the kerfuffle over the end of the Dome Dog with the Minnesota Twins. So, why is baseball so closely linked with hot dogs?

“There’s something about the smell. You can just smell you’re at a ballpark if you close your eyes because this is how it’s supposed to be,” said Clyde Doepner, the archivist for the Minnesota Twins.

MMmmmm mmmmm, nothing like the smell of hot weiners . . heh.
I really should grow up, one of these days . . . one of these days.


Talking Minnesotan – 02-26-10

Image “Third Thursday: Foot in the Door 4 Premiere” Uploaded on February 19, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
(Photos: Lacey Criswell and Kimberlee Whaley)
Find artwork on the FITD4 website

Check out the Best Shoes in the Door Gallery here

Learn about upcoming Third Thursday events.

Join the Third Thursday Group Pool and upload your own images from the event.

Well I missed another Third Thursday event, but I really want to go. The wife has decided she won’t be able to make the next couple, so I need a date or three. Want to go to the next one?

This week the talk has been all Prince all the time. His Purpleness has released a new song “Cause and Affect” and Andrea Swensson is not impressed.

People, we have a fake applause situation. When one of our friends was listening to “Cause and Effect” for the first time, he remarked that it sounded like the background noise on the video game Rock Band. We giggled, and then became very, very sad. Honestly. Is there anything more depressing than the image of the Purple One at Paisley Park, wielding a plastic guitar with multi-colored buttons and playing with a backing band of cartoons?


Check out Toki Wright talk about BlackMale, an 8 song digital EP of all brand new music. “Seeing that it is Black History month it seemed like a fitting to release this interpretation of African-American manhood”

Although Mn has plenty of Minnesotans in the Olympics people still can’t seem to get enough Brett Favre talk.

Most sports fans are getting into baseball mode and What ‘choo talking about, Willis? has some things to say with Twinsanity

While MPR’s Laura McCallum takes on the more serious discussion of homelessness in Mn with A business plan to end long-term homelessness Ever notice how politicians say they are going to end homelessness, but then set the date way off in the future all the while defunding programs for the homeless?

Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

There’s been a lot of law talk this week and right in the midst of it all Sheila Regan fights the law and well, somehow actually wins. TCDP’s Sheila Regan gets court records opened

Secret court proceedings will see the light of day, according to an Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on TC Daily Planet reporter Sheila Regan’s motion to open the records of contempt proceedings against Carrie Feldman. The appeals court allowed further government delay in opening the records, drawing a sharp dissent from Judge Bye, one of the three-judge panel hearing the case:

Congratulations Sis, but be careful, that’s not how the song goes.

Hey look that pretty boy Andrew Zimmern is going to be on the Tyra show. Fierce.

Speaking of MSPMAG Man-about-Town Steve Marsh (who still owes me 20 bucks and drinks, fucking hippy.) has two videos worth checking this week.

In this one he gets hammered and talks about the monster situation he created with Michelle Bachmann and in this one he interviews author Wells Tower at Il Gatto

HEY YOU!!! Don’t forget to vote in the Pepsi Refresh contest, there are some good local entries.

You know what? It’s Friday, let’s close it out with Eyedea & Abilities – Smile



Locals Win Super Bowl Spot

Congrats to local filmmakers and crew for winning a Super Bowl spot tonight for “Snack Attack Samurai!” See David’s previous post here.

Cole Koehler and Ben Krueger’s Doritos commercial was picked from over 4,000 entries and won one of three Super Bowl ad spots purchased by Doritos. They only found out when it aired in the last quarter of the game.
Which commercial was your favorite? I also liked the Betty White/Snickers one. Check out the other ads on Hulu:

Talking Minnesotan – 02-05-10

Image Uploaded on January 27, 2010
by Individual_romance
There’s been plenty of talk in Minnesota this week. Most of it about bacon and eggs, some of it about beer, and occasionally someone has brought up the topic of the weather. Typically, we kill that person with kindness while secretly thinking thoughts of the Caribbean. Since it’s Superbowl weekend I’ll open it all up with some football talk.

Bob Collins has The case for a Vikings stadium discussion

The Minnesota Legislature begins its 2010 session today (MPR’s Midday is originating its entire show from the Capitol today) and the chief topic is how to to close the state’s budget deficit.

But the slightly smaller gorilla in the room is a stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Still, it has no significant chance of coming up for discussion this year.

Gov. Pawlenty tried to put the discussion in play yesterday during his appearance on MPR’s Midday when he offered several possible ways to raise some revenue for the Vikings, whose lease at the Metrodome expires at the end of next season.

Sooner or later, the issue has to come up for discussion. The question is: Should it be sooner? Or later?

I like the first comment by BSimon

You’re absolutely half-right, Bob. I say half right because the necessary discussion isn’t just about a hypothetical Vikings stadium, but the entire list of requests for state funding. What really needs to happen is a prioritization process, that includes analysis of the payback we’ll get from any given expenditure. For instance, how much do we spend on schools & what’s the return? Are we properly educating our future workforce such that they’ll be productive members of society, contributing back to MN? What about law enforcement – is the investment in law enforcement, the courts & prison system the best way to provide security & safety to the populace? Or can we achieve the same or better results by spending differently? So, back to the Vikings stadium. Supporters claim there’s an ROI, through taxing players’ salaries, or an intangible benefit of building a sort of community. Ok, how do we quantify that & prioritize it against other obligations? Should we build a stadium or hire more public defenders & fix some bridges? How about building a ditch around Moorehead? If we consider a new dedicated source of funding, like racinos, why would that revenue be earmared for a stadium, rather than addressing the enormous budget shortfall?

So, yes, lets discuss it. What are our priorities & how much are we willing to pay for them? In bang for the buck, a stadium falls a bit on the priority list, in comparison to ensuring our state’s future standard of living remains high.

Check out my buddy Marsh getting hammered

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s Steve Marsh and reporter Brian Lambert imbibe the latest cocktail creations by La Belle Vie’s star bartender Johnny Michaels while chatting about the politics of Michele Bachmann, Brian’s new radio show Brian and Sheletta on FM 107.1, and the death of happy hour at the state capital.
, Brian’s new radio show Brian and Sheletta on FM 107.1, and the death of happy hour at the state capital.

Remember when I talked about the Art Shanty Black Bania? Citypages points us to this video of Spoken word artist Paul Dickenson.

bigboxcar confirms: Yeah, Cheeseheads are still bitter.


Minnesotan Jeff Severns Guntzel says what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate on War and makes a great video.

I ravaged the Utne Reader library looking for covers from the alternative press that helped to tell the complex and terrible story of our war in Iraq. Utne Reader librarian Danielle Maestretti and art director Stephanie Glaros helped me. Here’s what we came up with:

Video: The Iraq War as Told Through Magazine Covers

Great work.
Fellow Cloquet escapee and writer CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER writes a fascinating story about Wille Murphy

Did you see that guy’s hair?

Speaking of hair Jason Derusha says
“The Good Question intern @allisonjanney has been researching hair. Not mine, obviously.”

Check it

Enough about hair, let’s close it out with the nicely waxed Brother Ali

Game Day – Visualize Victory

It’s game day and for the Vikings and Saints tonight will be the last stop before the Superbowl for one team.

There’s some real highlander shit going on here with a battle of great quarterbacks, Drew Brees vs Brett Favre.

The Quickening.

While Drew Brees (whom from this point forward I shall call The Kurgan) prefers the crushing style of a large two handed sword the elder Brett Favre (whom from this point forward I shall call MacLeod) embraces the precision of a 6th century B.C. Katana.

While this may ultimately become a battle of wills between these two epic quarterbacks they are both going to be leaning heavily on their teams for support.

For the Vikings to win this game a few things will have to happen.
1) The defense will have to continue with it’s recent dominating style. They need to get to The Kurgan early and throw him off his game .
2) No special teams breakdowns. Special teams play has been solid and needs to remain so.
3) Trust in MacLeod, this is the reason he was signed and he’s here to deliver The Prize.
4) Ball control – No fumbles or interceptions.

My prediction Vikings win by 10.

There can be only one.

Three Volts has an interview with Jerad Allen. Check it out, get centered, visualize victory.

Get out and play

pondhockey2Don’t mind the rain, and come down to Lake Nokomis for the Pond Hockey Tournament Saturday and Sunday. Not only is there great hockey to be had, there is a family skate for those not wishing to harness their inner Ogie Ogilthorpe.

Talking Minnesotan – 01/22/10

walking on top of the skyway!

Uploaded on January 21, 2010
by the queen of subtle and she adds “you know what would make life 400% more awesome? having a cherry-picker”

I agree. I want to party with those guys.

Tomorrow begins Hockey Day Minnesota 2010! And everyone is talking about hockey, that is they would be if it wasn’t for the Vikings game on Sunday.

Speaking of which Prince made an unusual fight song for the game and Citypages has the lyrics and video, sometimes you really have to wonder about the little fella.

Speaking of having-to-wonder the In the Loop-ers have Ten Artists, One Clear Message: A song for Haiti ummmm

Ever wanted to watch a Black Bear have cubs? Here’s your chance

MspMag talks about experimental theater Call Cutta in a Box @ the IDS Center

Only 300 people will get to experience German experimental theater troupe Rimini Protokoll’s Call Cutta in a Box: an International Phone Play, the first installment of the Walker Art Center’s 2010 Out There series—so spoiler alert if you’ve already got a ticket: the following may contain details you would rather learn by surprise, because you paid for them, rather than read about them here for free.

Call Cutta in a Box is less an avante-garde theater piece than it is a clever, amusing concept for creating a unique type of experience—one that only a person living at this moment in history could possibly have. That’s because there’s a lot of technology involved, but more on that later. There are 300 performances of Call Cutta in a Box, all for an audience of one: the ticket holder. Essentially, it’s just a phone conversation with a call-center operator in India, but as the conversation unfolds, and certain secrets and surprises are revealed, it becomes more of a lightly choreographed dance of the mind between two people who weren’t aware of the each other’s existence, but now share a connection, however tenuous, that wasn’t there before the conversation started.

As it turns out my sis was one of those 300 people and she writes about her experience on her new blog Arts Communique

Speaking of Art it’s time again for Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake.

I want to check out Black Bania

Black Bania is a smoking hot room on a frozen lake. A tipi will house a sauna room available for use by the public on a bring-your own-towel basis and provide additional space for restorative sauna related activity

A smoking hot room on a frozen lake? Sounds like trouble, yes please.

So let’s close it out with some trouble a local video posted by retrago

Change is Coming – Heiruspecs w. Dessa

Keep your hands off my weiner.

The Strib reports on the food choices for the new Target Field and they are sounding delicious.

We’re talking pork chops on a stick, walleye on a stick and cheese curds a la State Fair. But we’re also talking wild rice soup, Juicy Lucy burgers and a Murray’s steak sandwich that marries ballpark grub with Minneapolis steakhouse fare.


Though there’s one point of contention that is getting fans all worked up.

Still undecided, however, is whether Minnesotan’s darling — the Dome Dog — will make a comeback at the new park. “It’s the Number One question that I get asked,” Spike said.


Dare the new food services mess with the the quarter pound beef hotdog known as the Dome Dog?

Should Hormel lose the battle for top dog I’ve heard some other brands tossed out there, Schweigert: Old Fashioned Coarse Ground W/Natural Casing Wieners would be delicious, but can they top the beloved Dome Dog?

What do you think?


Minnesota Wild Beat the Vancouver Canucks


Warning Extreme Face Punching


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