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Raise your hand if you love weed.

Photo Uploaded on March 26, 2010 by Jack Splifr (who complains that Flickr deleted all his primo pics)

When I awoke this morning at about 6am my phone was already blinking with messages. The first message was from my brother “Happy 420 bro, no baby yet.”, I laughed, he and his special lady friend are expecting and today is the due date.

I could be wrong, but I think my brother may have sampled the green at some point in his life.

According to Citypages my bro wouldn’t be alone as Minneapolis ranked 13th most pot-loving community and with all the pro 4/20 news I’ve seen today I’m almost starting to believe that maybe smoking Mary Jane won’t turn a person into a devil worshipping founder of a healthcare deathpanel.


It’s 4/20, raise your hand if you love weed and I’ll try to overlook your grandma killing deathpanel for just one day.


A Friday Caption Contest

How about a little poking fun at our government to lighten up your Friday?

GOP stooge and general smart aleck @Kwatt tipped me off to a picture in this post, Pawlenty, teachers at odds over funds.

Original Image courtesy of AreaVoices CapitolChat

So many possibilities.


Miss Me Yet? A redux.

VIA BigBoxCar

You know we kid because we love you @Newscut

Shopping Cart

I love this pic “Shopping Cart” uploaded on January 12, 2010
by Dan Anderson

I hope you managed to get some groceries in that cart, Dan.

T Minus 1 Day Until 30 Days of Biking

Uploaded on March 24, 2010
by Individual_romance

Have you made the pledge?


Welcome to the new week

Photo Development-3 uploaded on March 20, 2010 by PhotoPatzer

Now get to work.


весенняя вылазка

I have no idea what “весенняя вылазка” means (I hope it isn’t bad), but this image taken at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and uploaded on March 15, 2010 by draftpodium has me thinking about spring.

Ice Out!

MnStateParks tweeted this photo and said
“River’s up at Jay Cooke State Park. Expect it to continue rising through the week. Check back for updates.”

While going through their tweet stream I saw this post. – The ice is gone and the falls officially opened today at Gooseberry Falls State Park. What looks like snow is fo

The tweet was cut off, but what they are talking about is the foam you sometimes see on water.

It’s called foam tannins

The foam that appears along lakeshores is most often the result of the natural die-off of aquatic plants. Plants are
made up of organic material, including oils (i.e., corn oil and vegetable oil). When the plants die and decompose, the oils
contained in the plant cells are released and float to the surface. Once the oils reach the lake surface, wind and wave
action pushes them to the shore. The concentration of the oil changes the physical nature of the water, making foam
formation easier. The turbulence and wave action at the beach introduces air into the organically enriched water, which forms the bubbles.

We still have ice on most of our lakes, but if the temps stay constant it shouldn’t last long.

What other signs of spring have you noticed?


What’s for lunch?


MIA Staff Lunchtime sledding outing right outside our front doors.

Uploaded on March 1, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Dudes and Dudettes, not much time left to get your sledding on. 1 2 3 GO!


I don’t care if you smoke

“Smoking Care Bears” Uploaded on February 28, 2010 by MSPdude

There were people bar hopping in costumes all over downtown, but I don’t know the details of this particular pub crawl. At first I thought they were bunnies, but then I realized they are Care Bears! :)

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