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You want to get sexy?

Next Wednesday, February 10th is the Hotness party and check this out.

All of our guests will enjoy free appetizers all night, a live performance from the cast of RENT (opening this week here in Minneapolis) featuring Maria Isa and Harley Wood, live performances from BATUCADA DO NORTE complete with Brazilian Carnaval dancers and DJ sets from Gigamesh and The Nightstalker. We’ll also have free samples and offers from our Hotness partners such as Planet Beach, Crispin Cider, Mall of America, the Ordway and so much more.

And what could make Carnaval dancers, music, and mingling with the 155 sexy nominees even better?
If you introduce yourself to me I’ll do a sexy robot humping dance. (much to the embarrassment of my wife whom I am not going to tell, shhhhh.)

So there you have it, sexy people, writhing dancers, booze, music, and it’s on Hump Day so you’re bound to get lucky.

Here are the deets. presents The Hotness 2010
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 /// 7pm – 11pm
Graves 601 Hotel – Ballroom
601 First Ave North, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Also, if you’d like to join us for an open bar between the hours of 7pm and 9pm in the VIP lounge, you can buy a ticket for only $20… that gets you free Summit, Crispin and free martinis between 7pm and 9pm where you can mingle with finalists and staff. Pick those tickets up at!

Invite your friends, dress to impress and bring an open mind. :)

the jennefit: for jenn barnett

Image by jennbarnett

Speaking of photography Paperlily is hosting a benefit to help local photog Jenn Barnett replace some gear.

Elli writes,

jenn has done *so* much for local musicians and helping to promote them, both through creating amazing images of their bands and telling people about their music . . . surely some of them would rally to help her replace her camera. and they would! they are! the bands i approached immediately embraced the idea of donating their time to help.

so i contacted the turf club and got a date for a benefit, and i started contacting bands. as of yesterday, we have the final lineup – although i’m certain that any of the bands on the bill would be willing to work in a cameo if anyone else wanted to get in on this. i started calling it the Jennefit (because i’m hilarious) even though that’s basically painful in it’s dorkiness. it’s super fun to say! say it out loud. do it! jennefit.

here’s what we are going to do, and i TOTALLY need your help, if you are reading this. we are going to the turf club on march 26th and we are going to watch these kick ass bands play until they make us all go home:

the honeydogs
molly maher
erik koskinen
ryan paul & the ardent
the mad ripple
(jim walsh)

Sounds like a pretty great line up, for more great pics check out JENN BARNETT PHOTOS


Fist Fights at TC Hip-Hop Awards

Chris Riemenschneider is reporting

I can’t remember the last time I saw a fight break out at First Avenue or even at a hip-hop concert. In fact, the last bad fight I saw was out in the Home Run Porch at a Twins game. So it’s somewhat shocking to report that last night’s TC Hip-Hop Awards at First Ave reportedly erupted into a brawl on and around the stage. It started when some bozo bum-rushed the stage after Illuminous 3’s set got delayed due to technical glitches, and host Boima Freeman started throwing punches at the guy. Franz Diego of Ill 3 recounted it this way in a Facebook posting:

Next thing I know, they get closer and the host is swinging on the man and then all hell breaks loose people rush security and the stage, grab bottles and other objects and just start punching and kicking. Well, security gets in eventually, separates folks, the curtains come down, mics unplugged and everyone is just kind of confused what just happened.

Here’s what happened. One person’s actions, or depending on how you look at it, 2 peoples action destroyed the entire event and evening for everybody, as well as the reputation of these sort of events at a place like First Ave. My disappointment is directed at the host who is always the number one person in control at an event, the control the crowd, how folks are feeling and keep things right and moving. To me, what he did was panic, in a situation where he did not know what to do, he did one of the poorest things possible and used violence.

One Strib commenter points out

Not a true showing of TC hip hop
this event has never been much of anything most of the big name acts that are deserving of an award for the past year don’t even show or aren’t provided with an award. Where was Atmosphere , POS arguably had the most well received album in Minnesota period yet he received no recognition, Brother Ali obviously made it a point to be thousands of miles away from this “premier” hip hop event. Needless to say this award show is worthless and a means for no name acts to receive recognition for the lack of publicity they’ve received the rest of the year.

posted by CityRiderRT19

I have to admit I’m suprised, in my experience, the T.C. Hip Hop community has always been a peaceful group.

Were you there?

Is this a case of one bad rapper spoils the whole bunch?

Commenter Elvis poins us to this video.

Talking Minnesotan – 01/22/10

walking on top of the skyway!

Uploaded on January 21, 2010
by the queen of subtle and she adds “you know what would make life 400% more awesome? having a cherry-picker”

I agree. I want to party with those guys.

Tomorrow begins Hockey Day Minnesota 2010! And everyone is talking about hockey, that is they would be if it wasn’t for the Vikings game on Sunday.

Speaking of which Prince made an unusual fight song for the game and Citypages has the lyrics and video, sometimes you really have to wonder about the little fella.

Speaking of having-to-wonder the In the Loop-ers have Ten Artists, One Clear Message: A song for Haiti ummmm

Ever wanted to watch a Black Bear have cubs? Here’s your chance

MspMag talks about experimental theater Call Cutta in a Box @ the IDS Center

Only 300 people will get to experience German experimental theater troupe Rimini Protokoll’s Call Cutta in a Box: an International Phone Play, the first installment of the Walker Art Center’s 2010 Out There series—so spoiler alert if you’ve already got a ticket: the following may contain details you would rather learn by surprise, because you paid for them, rather than read about them here for free.

Call Cutta in a Box is less an avante-garde theater piece than it is a clever, amusing concept for creating a unique type of experience—one that only a person living at this moment in history could possibly have. That’s because there’s a lot of technology involved, but more on that later. There are 300 performances of Call Cutta in a Box, all for an audience of one: the ticket holder. Essentially, it’s just a phone conversation with a call-center operator in India, but as the conversation unfolds, and certain secrets and surprises are revealed, it becomes more of a lightly choreographed dance of the mind between two people who weren’t aware of the each other’s existence, but now share a connection, however tenuous, that wasn’t there before the conversation started.

As it turns out my sis was one of those 300 people and she writes about her experience on her new blog Arts Communique

Speaking of Art it’s time again for Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake.

I want to check out Black Bania

Black Bania is a smoking hot room on a frozen lake. A tipi will house a sauna room available for use by the public on a bring-your own-towel basis and provide additional space for restorative sauna related activity

A smoking hot room on a frozen lake? Sounds like trouble, yes please.

So let’s close it out with some trouble a local video posted by retrago

Change is Coming – Heiruspecs w. Dessa

Together(A Song for Haiti)

Minnpost reports

Moved by the news reports of suffering in Haiti after last week’s earthquake, students at the High School for the Recording Arts in St. Paul responded in the way they knew best: They wrote, recorded and posted a music video that incorporates an original song with images from Haiti.

The school’s development director, Tony Simmons states

“Everyone has been impacted by what happened in Haiti and the visuals coming out, and our students responded intimately, with a lot of conversation about how poor and desperate the Haitian peeople were even prior to the earthquake. They were able to relate to it, because many of our students live in poverty. So they decided on their own to respond in a way they they can relate to as students here,”

Watch the video.


P.O.S. to play Coachella

The new coachella line up is in and all I can say is damn.



Local Rapper P.O.S. will be playing the opening stage on Friday April 16th.

Check out this lineup.



Winter Surfing on Lake Superior

I’ve blogged about winter surfing on Lake Superior a time or two in the last couple of years, but I’m never attempted the cold feat.

Jenn of Jenn Barnett Photos went and this is what she has to say.

It was a balmy 5 degrees F and the wind was blowing, so naturally we hopped in the car and drove up to Stoney Point to catch some waves. We checked out the surf just outside of downtown Duluth and it looked a little small but we kept our hopes up for Stoney. We pulled up to Stoney Point and well, it was still small. There were a couple of guys out already and after watching for a while it was clear that today would be a waiting game. Whatever! After a three hour drive we weren’t going to just turn around, so the guys went out anyway. It was worth a shot! The conditions did improve and the boys were able to score quite a few decent rides. I was able to capture some good shots, only fell twice, and didn’t break anything. An awesome day!

You have to check out the slideshow.



We are broke. (A song for the dumped)

Minnesota has ran out of money. I guess there’s no big suprise there as many states have ran out of money due to increased spending and lower amounts taken in by taxes due to the recession. (both sales taxes and payroll taxes are down)

The Strib reports State may force schools to lend it $1B

In a sign of the gravity of the state’s fiscal crisis, Minnesota budget officials may force public school districts to loan the state money so that it can continue paying its bills.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s administration could withhold nearly $1 billion in state aid payments to public schools through May, to ensure the state’s checkbook doesn’t run dry, under a plan unveiled Wednesday at a legislative committee meeting.

The state already has the legal authority to do so, although it has never exercised it.

The state has never exercised it’s right to do this, but now it’s under strong consideration. That is broke. I don’t know how many times it’s been considered, but I can’t recall any. My gut instinct tells me to go get some numbers and point out the insane spending policies that have dovetailed with the poor economy and brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, but prior posts have lead me to believe that numbers just get in the way. It seems the only number people are interested in is “more”. More money for police will stop crime! Hell, we almost have this drug war won. So let’s throw some more money for prisons. More money for trains! More money for planes! More money for automobiles! More money for stadiums! More money for everything!

Well, except for anything that helps people. We don’t want to be a welfare state, after all.

Meanwhile Minnesota Public Radio’s question of the day is “How could Minnesota schools get and keep the best teachers?” To which I respond

This is a false choice as Minnesota does have the best teachers. Our teachers can go anywhere and teach and are sought after across the country.

There are multiple issues here, one is that funding keeps getting cut and the first thing to be cut along with funding are the teachers,typically the youngest and most enthused about teaching.

So often, after years of trying to get a stable job teachers simply give up and switch professions which is, in part, responsible for the average career of a teacher being 3-5 years in Minnesota.

We don’t have a teacher talent issue in this state, we do have an administration problem. Administrators that work in a revolving door world where each new big boss decides to impliment some new teaching philosophy and by the time things start to roll a new Big Boss comes to town. Wash rinse and repeat.

We also have a problem with parents that have checked out on their children, but there’s no way the state can legislate a cure for that.

We also have a problem with NCLB.

Sure, there are a lot of problems with the Minnesota Eductional System, but teacher talent is not one of them.

*Note, I am not a teacher.

Suprise, suprise the predominant answer boils down to “pay teachers more money”

I guess if we paid teachers more money the state would have more money it could withhold in order to keep things running.

Is that a system we can all get behind?

Cynical much?

Here’s a little song for our hard working gov’t officials.

You have to see this: Justin Timberlake and Brother Ali

Last night local wrapper Brother Ali was getting down beat box style with the man who brought sexy back Justin Timberlake.

Check it.

Justin Timberlake live w/ Brother Ali @ the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Via BigBoxCar

Talking Minnesota – 01/08/2009

Ever have one of those weeks… you know, one of those weeks.

This week was one of those weeks for me. My family remains haunted by a plague of a sinus cold , I found out I was most likely investigated by the FBI due to some indescretions by our renters involving the alleged stealing of identites (thankfully not involving us or our property), and yesterday some creepy guy at the gym did the “I’m watching you” fingers to the eyes with a point at me ala Stiller and De Nero as he paused before leaving.

Yup, one of those weeks.

What could top that off?

How about the Star Tribune surveying gov candidates on substance use and mental health? Now there’s a can of worms and someone released the local heavy weights to swing it out over at Minnpost with Is the Star Tribune crazy to ask governor candidates about their mental health? and Bob Collins has a poll on the topic that almost reads like it was written by me.

After all that, plus the prior night’s, twitter talk about it I could use a drink.

Luckily Secrets of the City is there with “what’s your drink”.

In lighter news yet IamDez brings us CAPTCHA: The Movie

Speaking of Twitter Julio Ojeda-Zapata has Looking for journos on Twitter? Here is how to find them

With the weather the way it’s been maybe you need more help looking for your bike, check BuriedBikes. Is that yours?

You know what? It can’t all be bad. Let’s extend a hearty congratulations to Chuckumentary on his new job. I hear he’s been animated. Not bad for a first week.

I close it out with Military Special – “Apology”
Recorded by Todd Pitman on January 2, 2010 at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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