Is our judicial system on the verge of collapse?

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson recently announced he will be retiring after serving only two years on the bench and this week he has issued a dire warning that the state’s judicial system is on the verge of collapse.

The Strib reports

We are running a really big engine with almost no oil in the crankcase, and things are going to start to break down if we get a significant cut in this legislative session,” said Magnuson, who made it known last week that he will leave the bench in June.

Facing nearly $15 million in proposed budget cuts, Magnuson envisions more backlogs and delays, more drug court closings, public-counter closings and “delaying justice to Minnesota citizens.” …

Now he says, the judiciary is “struggling” and if another round of cuts proposed by Pawlenty is imposed, the system may have to look at simply delivering fewer services.

“We may have to look at changing what we are doing, not just how we’re doing it,” Magnuson said. “And I’d hate to see that.”

The comments to the story break down into three general categories, it’s time to look at spending, it’s time to increase funding, and politics where most of the political venom is aimed at our Governor, Tim Pawlenty.

One commentor went so far as to write a dissent.

DissentI get Chief Magnuson’s dilemma, but I have to dissent with this statement. “”We may have to look at changing what we are doing, not just how we’re doing it,” Magnuson said. “And I’d hate to see that.”” Actually, it is time to look at changing what the judicial system is doing. As another commenter stated about going to court for “dog at large” there are simply too many ways to go to court in this state. What is the sense in thousands of dollars in court costs for a hundred dollar fine? Is that really justice served? Also, the war on drugs has been a horrible burden on our courts and has only succeeded in driving up the costs to the courts and the cost of the entire judicial and legal system while creating power mad prosecutors that care more about their “win” record and career aspirations than justice. Yes Mr.Magnuson, with all due respect, I disagree with your statement. It is time to change what we are doing.
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