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Talking Minnesotan – 02-26-10

Image “Third Thursday: Foot in the Door 4 Premiere” Uploaded on February 19, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
(Photos: Lacey Criswell and Kimberlee Whaley)
Find artwork on the FITD4 website

Check out the Best Shoes in the Door Gallery here

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Well I missed another Third Thursday event, but I really want to go. The wife has decided she won’t be able to make the next couple, so I need a date or three. Want to go to the next one?

This week the talk has been all Prince all the time. His Purpleness has released a new song “Cause and Affect” and Andrea Swensson is not impressed.

People, we have a fake applause situation. When one of our friends was listening to “Cause and Effect” for the first time, he remarked that it sounded like the background noise on the video game Rock Band. We giggled, and then became very, very sad. Honestly. Is there anything more depressing than the image of the Purple One at Paisley Park, wielding a plastic guitar with multi-colored buttons and playing with a backing band of cartoons?


Check out Toki Wright talk about BlackMale, an 8 song digital EP of all brand new music. “Seeing that it is Black History month it seemed like a fitting to release this interpretation of African-American manhood”

Although Mn has plenty of Minnesotans in the Olympics people still can’t seem to get enough Brett Favre talk.

Most sports fans are getting into baseball mode and What ‘choo talking about, Willis? has some things to say with Twinsanity

While MPR’s Laura McCallum takes on the more serious discussion of homelessness in Mn with A business plan to end long-term homelessness Ever notice how politicians say they are going to end homelessness, but then set the date way off in the future all the while defunding programs for the homeless?

Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

There’s been a lot of law talk this week and right in the midst of it all Sheila Regan fights the law and well, somehow actually wins. TCDP’s Sheila Regan gets court records opened

Secret court proceedings will see the light of day, according to an Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on TC Daily Planet reporter Sheila Regan’s motion to open the records of contempt proceedings against Carrie Feldman. The appeals court allowed further government delay in opening the records, drawing a sharp dissent from Judge Bye, one of the three-judge panel hearing the case:

Congratulations Sis, but be careful, that’s not how the song goes.

Hey look that pretty boy Andrew Zimmern is going to be on the Tyra show. Fierce.

Speaking of MSPMAG Man-about-Town Steve Marsh (who still owes me 20 bucks and drinks, fucking hippy.) has two videos worth checking this week.

In this one he gets hammered and talks about the monster situation he created with Michelle Bachmann and in this one he interviews author Wells Tower at Il Gatto

HEY YOU!!! Don’t forget to vote in the Pepsi Refresh contest, there are some good local entries.

You know what? It’s Friday, let’s close it out with Eyedea & Abilities – Smile



Franken vs. Comcast

Interesting article by entrepreneur and Maverick owner, Mark Cuban, writing about our senator:

Senator Al Franken is Requesting User Caps on Internet Bandwidth ?


Become a zombie, go to jail, get a lawyer, sue.

Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl Uploaded on October 11, 2009 by chris-williams

Strib reports Appeals court gives new life to local ‘zombie’ suit

The U.S. Court of Appeals on Wednesday released a ruling in favor of a group of zombies who say they were wrongfully arrested while protesting consumerism during the 2006 Aquatennial. The ruling reanimates the group’s federal lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and its police, seeking damages of at least $50,000 for each person arrested.

A three-judge panel of the court ruled 2-1 that police lacked probable cause to arrest the group — seven people wearing white powder, fake blood and black around their eyes and shuffling around like zombies — for disorderly conduct. Police do not have immunity from claims against them for making the arrest, the court ruled.

The appeals court did side with the city on two other points — affirming the lower court’s dismissal of the zombies’ claims of false imprisonment and First Amendment retaliation.

I have a hard time seeing how the zombies were wrongfully arrested and yet False Imprisonment and First Amendment retaliation do not apply. I guess that’s why I’ll never be a judge. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that a zombie suit wasn’t a type of clothing to be worn at a zombie office or at a zombie wedding.

In case you were wondering both lawyers see this as a win of sorts. The Zombies’ lawyer says the court decided correctly, while the City’s lawyer says they won 2 of 3 charges.

“A Minneapolis police spokesman declined to comment”



Should police obey the law?

In this post at the Pioneer press Ruben Rosario: Cops’ seat-belt sting did the job. But was it right? Ruben talks about a police string to catch motorists not using a seatbealt.

The FBI had Donnie Brasco, the undercover agent who infiltrated the mob. Maplewood police have “Homeless Harry” — my moniker for the undercover cop who last weekend bagged a completely different kind of outlaw. Let me explain.

Blake Elfstrom, 22, of Maplewood, was driving his girlfriend home late Sunday morning. He was the fourth car at a stop sign before turning onto westbound Minnesota 36 from northbound McKnight Road in North St. Paul.

That was when he spotted a shabbily dressed, middle-aged man wearing glasses that seemed too big for his face. The man, who turned out to be Maplewood cop Paul Bartz, was holding up a sign — “Will work for food” — as he approached and looked inside the line of waiting vehicles.

Elfstrom was pondering whether to roll down his window when he saw the cars moving ahead of him. He entered the on-ramp, only to be waved to the side of the road moments later by one of several uniformed cops standing near a line of patrol cars.

He asked the cop why he was being pulled over. The officer told him his girlfriend was in violation of a 9-month-old law that gives Minnesota law enforcement the authority to pull over drivers and occupants for not wearing seat belts.

“How in the world did you know?” Elfstrom asked the ticketing officer.

“That homeless guy back there? He’s an officer,” the cop replied.

“I saw about 10 other cars pulled over as he wrote out the (summons),” said Elfstrom

Ruben then goes on to delve into the right/wrongs of police posing as the homeless for a sting and quotes officers that are both for and against the practice.

Though, the bit that caught my eye is this

I was left wondering whether the cops violated one state law in order to enforce another. According to Subdivision 2 of Minnesota Statute 169.22, “no person shall stand on a roadway for the purpose of soliciting employment, business, or contributions from the occupant of any vehicle.”

It’s clear from the article that the police did in fact solicit and accept money while working on the sting. (Almost $100! which they donated)

I think we’ve all seen police breaking laws that apply to other drivers: speeding, flipping on lights to go through a red and then immediately turning them off, distracted driving, etc.

I know it’s a loaded question, but does anyone think it’s ok for the police to break while enforcing the law?
Should all these seatbeat tickets be tossed out of court on a technicality?



On the lighter side

The Onion sure loves to make fun of Minnesota. I guess as a state we have it coming, we do tend to elect some monsters characters.

check out the video,

New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other

A delicate operation

Image Uploaded on February 13, 2010 by katbaro

“”44/365 Went to the Twin Cities Maker Minne-Faire today where I beat Matt at Giant Operation 5 to 4.”

“Drive to White Bear Lake and also go f*ck yourself”

“Drive to White Bear Lake and also go fuck yourself” those were the alleged words of Steven J. Payne – Vice President of Evergreen Entertainment when a customer wrote to complain about her movie experience.

Now there’s a Facebook group BOYCOTT St. Croix Falls Cinema 8 (Evergreen Entertainment LLC) with a couple thousand fans and growing and a bunch of pissed of people.

Name:BOYCOTT St. Croix Falls Cinema 8 (Evergreen Entertainment LLC)Category:Entertainment & Arts – MoviesDescription:Check out the response (under this group’s discussion tab) that a customer got from the V.P. of the entertainment business that operates St. Croix Falls Cinema 8. Mr. Payne makes it very clear that customers are no more than an inconvenience in his job. E-mail Mr. Payne to let him know that his customers are watching and aren’t patronizing his establishment anymore!!

Evergreen Entertainment LLC is the company that operates St. Croix Falls Cinema 8. Mr. Payne is the Vice President of Evergreen Entertainment, which operates all of the following movie theaters also.

Read the letter.

I still have not gotten a response to an email I sent to Mr.Payne asking if he’d like to comment, perhaps I live a little too close to White Bear Lake for his comfort.


Give a little, get a little

Feeling the need to get rid of those dark winter clothes and make room in your closet for new spring fashion?  Bibelot will help you out, and give you a deal in the process!  During their winter clothing drive, bring in your gently used clothing to any of their four locations and you’ll get a coupon for 20 percent off a regular priced item.  Clothing will be donated to ARC’s Value Village thrift stores, sales from which support programs and services for people with disabilities.

Bibelot locations: Como, Grand Avenue, Linden Hills, and Northeast.  Clothing drive runs from Monday, February 22 to Sunday, February 28.

Lake Phalen – Winter Carnival – Kite Fest – 2010

A few weekends ago I went to Lake Phalen to watch the Winer Carnival Ice Boat racing event.

While there I interviewed Kitemaster Mike Gee of Wings on Strings

The interview covers the first three minutes of the video and at about 3:30 you can see the giant kite Spirit Man set sail.


The Photo Set

Wings on Strings

Wings on Strings is North Dakota’s Club for Kite Flying

We consider anyone who flies a kite in North Dakota a member of the club. You may already be a member, but did not know it. We have no dues and no meetings.

If you like kites, fly kites, make kites, or want to know more about kites, we’ll help you out. It may be a small state, but North Dakota has its share of nationally recognized kite enthusiasts as well as kite festivals that attract people from across the nation (and Canada).

The 16th Annual Jamestown Kite Festival
June 12 and 13, 2010

North Dakota: No Mountains, No Trees, Just One Big Kite Flying Field

Kitten runs for Hennipen County Sheriff

Facebook:Kitten for Hennepin County Sheriff. Remove Sheriff Rich Stanek

United States
Currently Running ForOffice:
Hennepin County
Kitten Disobedience
Current OfficeOffice: Litter Box
State: Minnesota
District: Hennepin County
Party: Kitten Disobedience


This does raise some important questions: Where does the kitten stand on puppy rights? What is the kitten’s record on mouse enforcement? How does the kitten feel about the legalization of string?

Via BigBoxCar

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