Vita.Mn 2010 Hotness Search

It’s time to vote in’s 2010 hotness search.

Full Disclosure: I should probably win.

No, really, this post isn’t about me pandering for your vote.

This post is about stopping the powers of evil from destroying the world. Look, I’m not going to come right out and say Jason DeRusha is actually the demon Hastur and if he wins the world will fall into an eternal darkness where all questions will be Good Questions.

Nopers I’m not going to say it, but just think about that for a minute.

“Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?”
“What is the best color in the rainbow?”
“Are you going to eat those fries?”
“What is heavier a pound of lead or a pound of feathers”
“Are those real?”
“Is it cold enough for ya?”
“Is it hot enough for ya?”

You get the picture.

Not to mention the certain appearance of the Abomination of Desolation.

Do you want to risk being the cause of end times? Do you?
Do I need your mom?

Now get over to Vita.Mn and vote, vote, vote.

Vote For Someone Now

You just might save the world.


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