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Snowy SpongeBob

SpongeBobDon is just a dad who likes to play in the snow, so every year he makes a giant snow sculpture in his South Minneapolis front yard for his children, daughter Victoria (11) and son Donny (10).  This year Spongebob SquarePants on a big chair adorns his lawn and he was performing maintenance on him as I passed by on the way home from the US Pond Hockey Championships so I stopped to ask him about it.  If you would like to see SpongeBob he is just off the intersection of 52nd Street & 28th Avenue in Minneapolis.


Sitting in a D.C. Jail Cell

Dr. King reminded us during the Vietnam War buildup: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Spiritual and psychic death is what we encountered in our tour of the DC jails. We continue to sow death and reap the whirlwind.

The powerful words of the late Dr.King is how Minneapolis peace activist and T.C. Daily Planet journalist Steve Clemens ends his report, Adventure at the White House. He then goes on to describe his recent experience with a Justice System that may be described as far more more systematic than just.

After 28 straight hours in four different jails, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. We had been arrested the day before as part of a civil disobedience action against the wars in front of Obama’s White House the day before his first State of the Union speech. I think all 13 of us who had been arrested had been traumatized by witnessing the continual crushing of the human spirit by the cruelly named “justice system.”

So when I was led into the courtroom with leg irons, and a waist chain attached to the metal handcuffs, I looked like a hardened criminal facing murder or kidnapping charges. Was the overkill on the part of the Washington, DC Metro Police strategically designed to demoralize and denigrate the “criminals” caught in its web, or was it merely a bureaucracy gone amuck with no idea how to discriminate and apply sufficient restraints where needed.

(h/t DBrauer)


Faster than a speeding…


Join the 3rd annual Art Sled Rally tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm at Powderhorn Park, or better yet, build your own artistic sled and come at 1pm to register.

From the Art Sled Rally’s founders, South Sixteenth High Jinks:

“We believe part of a healthy existence is being outside a little bit at all times of year, and part of a healthy community is getting together as often as possible, especially during the coldest and most isolating parts of the year.

We chose to create a mass sledding spectacle, in part, for the history of mass winter events at Powderhorn Park that began around a hundred years ago.You will find pictures of incredible pageantry, throngs of people and fantastically sculptured luge tracks in Powderhorn from the early 1900s on up through the sixties. We would like to see this organized enthusiasm for winter activities continue.”

Nothing more enthusiastic than cardboard bathtubs racing down snow-covered hills! Join the fun! Should be a little warmer tomorrow.

It Burns, It Burns!

Uploaded on January 27, 2010 by katbaro and she writes “What is that yellow ball of flame in the sky? Will it hurt us? Should we run? Yes, its been a long grey January.”

It sure has! The nice thing I noticed when the sun finally did come out was that it stayed light until after 5pm. Major win!


Take your meme and shove it

I am so tired of the “10 things you need to stop tweeting about” meme, but you know what?, keep tweeting it.
Here’s the most recent itteration to fill my tweet stream, I think it’s supposed to be cute.

Hail it’s obvious virtues and revel in it’s moronic simplicity oh mighty decider of tweets. You’re probably the type that can get away with that type of thing, purely perfect you.

Not I, I am flawed. So I miss the brilliance of most of your tweets which I often consider mundane and unoriginal, but hey that’s just unperfect me talking. Best I can tell many of the people I follow break one or more of the 10 twitter rules you espouse on a regular basis. Yet I follow. Matter of fact I suspect that if I only allowed myself to follow those that tweet the profound or exactly what I am interested in at any given moment, then I wouldn’t be following anyone. I mean why bother?

Once again, that’s just little ol’ flawed me. I don’t have your perfect sense of judgement or your ability to pick the people to follow that will amuse and delight with each profound set of 140 characters or less. Heck, sometimes I even tweet about my kids. Sometimes it’s even a twitpic of one or both being cute. Quick get a time machine, take me back to Salem, and burn me as a witch!

Though, that does make me wonder why you follow me.

Most recently I’ve been seeing this big 10 no-no’s list retweeted by people that use Twitter to make money (presumably) either through a business or their social media expertise. Though, I can’t recall the last time I approached a bricks and mortar business and saw a sign that said “Don’t talk about these things in my store”, I’d probably walk away.

I guess that’s why I’ll probably never give you my money and believe it or not I actually spend money at the local businesses I follow.

Anyway, the next time you think someone shouldn’t be tweeting something there’s an easy solution just unfollow them. Problem solved. If you’re going to be a TweetNazi you’re way better off showing some spine than taking the passive aggressive who-can-do-what meme route.

Now before you jizz yourself with the potential irony of this post, yes I get it. Reread my first sentence I didn’t tell you to actually stop tweeting anything. I’m simply pointing out the glass house you live in and offering a little helpful advice, don’t tell me what to do. Remember, Twitter is social media which means it about life. A nice little 140 character zeitgeist delivery vehicle. I am of the opinion that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it’s about who you follow. Just like life, it’s not who you are it’s who you know.

Take my flawed post for what it is, just some words of advice. Hey have I told you I’m having a PB&J for lunch? Check my twitter stream I’m sure it’s there somewhere.



Slam MN

Since last night was the fourth Tuesday of the month, the poets were out in style. I went to the Poetry Slam at Keiran’s Irish Pub, and recommend going if you haven’t ever seen them. These master wordsmiths perform their original works about roadkill, love and everything inbetween. Check out their website for other events as well.

Ramsey County is watching you.

Kare 11 reports

Saint Paul, MN – Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher has created a network of wireless remote control surveillance cameras, the first of it’s kind in the nation. And the public will eventually have opportunities to monitor the new electronic snooping devices.

“We’re creating a system that allows the average citizen to be our eyes and ears,” Sheriff Fletcher I ask myself,Has law enforcement demonstrated that they will use technology in a legal manner

told reporters Tuesday, as he stood before a wall full of flat screen TV monitors.

The devices transmit video back to headquarters via cell phones. That video can then be streamed over the Internet to computers, iPhones and Google Droids.

In one breath Fletcher says

This is to view public spaces,” “Places that a normal person could actually view it they were actually there. It’s not like we’re going to be peering through your windows.”

and in the next he says

He said no citizen will be intentionally tracked with the “web cop” system unless there’s already compelling evidence of criminal behavior or intent

What exactly is compelling evidence of criminal behavior or intent?

I’m guessing it’s somewhere along the lines of “If you’re a citizen, you’re a criminal” I ask myself if law enforcement has shown that it can use technology or new policy for their intended purpose the answer is no.
In my opinion this is a giant policy fail for the county and another step towards Total-Police-Domination™

Maybe you disagree.


The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Uploaded on January 17, 2010
by draftpodium

This picture kind of reminds me of the Death Star. Maybe art is evil.
Check out the upcoming events, Guthrie

Game Day – Visualize Victory

It’s game day and for the Vikings and Saints tonight will be the last stop before the Superbowl for one team.

There’s some real highlander shit going on here with a battle of great quarterbacks, Drew Brees vs Brett Favre.

The Quickening.

While Drew Brees (whom from this point forward I shall call The Kurgan) prefers the crushing style of a large two handed sword the elder Brett Favre (whom from this point forward I shall call MacLeod) embraces the precision of a 6th century B.C. Katana.

While this may ultimately become a battle of wills between these two epic quarterbacks they are both going to be leaning heavily on their teams for support.

For the Vikings to win this game a few things will have to happen.
1) The defense will have to continue with it’s recent dominating style. They need to get to The Kurgan early and throw him off his game .
2) No special teams breakdowns. Special teams play has been solid and needs to remain so.
3) Trust in MacLeod, this is the reason he was signed and he’s here to deliver The Prize.
4) Ball control – No fumbles or interceptions.

My prediction Vikings win by 10.

There can be only one.

Three Volts has an interview with Jerad Allen. Check it out, get centered, visualize victory.

Fist Fights at TC Hip-Hop Awards

Chris Riemenschneider is reporting

I can’t remember the last time I saw a fight break out at First Avenue or even at a hip-hop concert. In fact, the last bad fight I saw was out in the Home Run Porch at a Twins game. So it’s somewhat shocking to report that last night’s TC Hip-Hop Awards at First Ave reportedly erupted into a brawl on and around the stage. It started when some bozo bum-rushed the stage after Illuminous 3’s set got delayed due to technical glitches, and host Boima Freeman started throwing punches at the guy. Franz Diego of Ill 3 recounted it this way in a Facebook posting:

Next thing I know, they get closer and the host is swinging on the man and then all hell breaks loose people rush security and the stage, grab bottles and other objects and just start punching and kicking. Well, security gets in eventually, separates folks, the curtains come down, mics unplugged and everyone is just kind of confused what just happened.

Here’s what happened. One person’s actions, or depending on how you look at it, 2 peoples action destroyed the entire event and evening for everybody, as well as the reputation of these sort of events at a place like First Ave. My disappointment is directed at the host who is always the number one person in control at an event, the control the crowd, how folks are feeling and keep things right and moving. To me, what he did was panic, in a situation where he did not know what to do, he did one of the poorest things possible and used violence.

One Strib commenter points out

Not a true showing of TC hip hop
this event has never been much of anything most of the big name acts that are deserving of an award for the past year don’t even show or aren’t provided with an award. Where was Atmosphere , POS arguably had the most well received album in Minnesota period yet he received no recognition, Brother Ali obviously made it a point to be thousands of miles away from this “premier” hip hop event. Needless to say this award show is worthless and a means for no name acts to receive recognition for the lack of publicity they’ve received the rest of the year.

posted by CityRiderRT19

I have to admit I’m suprised, in my experience, the T.C. Hip Hop community has always been a peaceful group.

Were you there?

Is this a case of one bad rapper spoils the whole bunch?

Commenter Elvis poins us to this video.

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