Planes, trains, and automobiles: the terrorist in your panties.

Yesterday MPR asked “How far should authorities go to protect air travelers from terrorists?” and there are now new technologies that allows screeners to basically see you naked as Slate writesShow Some Balls
Want to get on an airplane? Let’s see your scrotum.

I think it’s a timely question, especially here in the Twin Cities where we have a major air hub and are building more and more public transportation.

What next? There are still orafices terrorists can stuff things into and there’s the old drug mule trick of swallowing stuff. How will they attempt to detect that? Will all travellers need a TSA approved Dr. screening before boarding? Will these new rules soon be applied to all mass transportation, LRT, Metro Bus, Greyhound, Amtrack, Subway, etc?

In not, why ? Aren’t they just as at risk?

So I ask you, my dear readers, just how far should the government go with this?



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