Baby in a Wheelie

Baby PodWheelies are what the Brits call wheeled suitcases and an Iranian designer seems to think that a baby would fit just perfectly inside one of them.

In a recent competition from Samsonite asking designers to develop products for consumers to travel with their babies. Pouyan Mokhtarani submitted his Baby Pod wheelie.

At the website Yanko Design they call it a “Smart Baby Case.”  saying “It’s kind of like a Matrix robot nanny pod sort of thing.”

The Baby Wheelie has its own air supply, with an LED light (the Samsonite logo) that indicates the quality of the air inside the pod.  It also has an auto rocking unit, and an auto diaper, with a moisture sensor and some kind of flushing mechanism (say it with me, Ewww).  There are gel-filled pads to protect the baby’s head, you know, for when you’re trying to put it up in the overhead compartment.  You can plug your baby pod into the wall, to recharge it too. Just picture that for a minute, plugging in your baby. 

A comment from the designer “It is just a device which can provide a safe and healthy condition during 2 or 3 hours Baby pod 2while you can`t change your baby or staying in some poor facilities or places during a trip or airport.”

I wonder if Samsonite is going to have the band  march over this one for a commercial too! Yes, Its Samsonite!


I think I’ll to stick with the winner of this year’s competition, the Italians from Castiglione Morelli Design Studio who came up with the Strolly, a suitcase that converts into a stroller.


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