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I am not a restaurant reviewer…

…I just really loved this place.

The last two Sundays my better half and I have had the urge for brunch. Mainly, we’re lazy and know it’s probably going to be the only thing to get us out of the house on a Sunday morning/afternoon. Last Sunday, we decided to head to Longfellow Grill to use up a gift certificate I’d gotten on one of the various half price deals websites that are floating around out there.

I hadn’t been to Longfellow for a couple of years and I don’t remember a lot about that morning. I don’t even remember what I ate; I just remember I had a spider web tattoo drawn on my elbow in Sharpie from a trip to the bar the night before that scared our server. I didn’t remember that tattoo session either. Thankfully, it was temporary.

Last week, we both took the advice of our server and wound up ordering Chilaquiles (for me) and Fresh Strawberry French Toast (for her, which she’s still talking about). I’m a giant talker when we’re out somewhere eating, but I didn’t have much to say during brunch. It was seriously fantastic. Savory and spicy for me; sweet and syrupy for her — so, we were both happy. So happy that we decided to go back again this Sunday.

We only had to wait about 10 minutes, as opposed to the 20 we waited last week. Regardless of the wait time, I would have hung around. There’s a Dunn Brothers and a Corazon there to keep you busy if your wait is too long. This morning, they passed around samples of French toast to those of waiting in the foyer and outside. Once we got to our table, we knew right away what we wanted — the same thing we were going to try last week before our servers’ recommendation. I went with Breakfast Tostadas and the better half sampled the Killer Banana Waffles. The waffles came with a banana sliced down the middle and roasted. Roasted banana is genius.

Next time, I’m ordering three roasted bananas and a side of bacon. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

And, of course, they’re on Facebook, too.

Vikings in the Morning

For reasons beyond my control, I was awake at 7am today (Sunday), and noticed that there are already people tailgating in the parking lot around the Metrodome. Tents set up, people donned in purple and gold, throwing footballs around…

Is this normal or just for the hardcore fans?

The Lake Harriet Eagle Watches

Magical creature. Mr. Eagle looks for dinner at lake Harriet.
Image uploaded by Chichlee

There’s been a bald eagle chillin’ like a villian at Lake Harriet and people can’t help but stop and stare.

I hear it’s been there everyday for the last week, go check it.


Northeast boutique crawl

I hate Black Friday. I was born on Black Friday, 1987 –probably a precursor to my penchant for purchasing. However, Black Friday sends moms into a frenzy for doorbuster deals and leaves me cold. I’d rather do my holiday shopping somewhere a bit less crowded, a little bit less JCPenney.

What I’m thinking is the Northeast Holiday Boutique Crawl on Saturday. Ten boutiques, from Parc to I Like You, are participating in this day-long event. Register to win a $500 shopping spree, get 20% off purchases, you know the deal. We know we’re supposed to shop as part of our civic duty — so says the president and Anna Wintour. Why not do it locally?

(P.S. Here’s a hint. Follow Parc Boutique on Twitter for more boutique crawl incentives.)

Has Citypages crossed the line?

Yesterday a video circulated that allegedly showed several possible teenagers attacking pedestrians at random and today the story is
Police on the trail of attackers shown in YouTube video.

I ran across this video around 9am yesterday morning and chose not to post it for two reasons.

1) I felt it would bring out the racial trolls and create a hostile environment.
2) There is a chance it could be staged.

That said, Citypages posted the video under the inflammatory title City Pages hosts video yanked by punks who assaulted bystanders

Which I guess in and of itself is fine, but the comments that followed spill into several racially charged uses of the “N” word and several threats of violence and gun talk.

I can understand not filtering comments to allow free speech, but all speech has a limit.

I have to admit, I was bothered by the comments to the point that I had a hard time falling asleep last night and almost got out of bed to write this post, but I thought that maybe Citypages would clean them up by morning.

So tell me, has Citypages crossed the line?


Ready for some baseball?

IMG_1496Today was the unveiling of the new Twins jerseys at the IDS center. They pretty much look like the normal jerseys, just with some tweaking of the lettering. Not quite as unique as the new Wild ones, but once they hit the pro shops, I’ll be grabbing one!

To bring them out, they had Denard Span and Scott Baker. I’ve never actually had the chance to talk with Denard before, but he has to be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He took the time for some chit-chat, pictures and autographs.

I felt a little bad for Scott Baker at one point. Through the crowd noise I denard spanheard (and I’m sure Scott did too) someone say “Hey, there’s moonshot Scott”. I’m sure he wishes he had a cooler nickname than one that refers to the amount of home runs he gives up (nickname #2–Baker the home run maker). I didn’t get a chance to talk with Scott Baker though, he was busy with dozens of people trying to get an autograph–and hat’s off to him, he took the time to sign everything people gave him. Glad to have both these guys represent the team and DEFINITLY looking forward to some baseball next Spring!


Sorry I didn’t get a shot of Scott Baker with the jersey (it got crowded around the stage at that time).

Unhappy Minneapple

Each November I look forward to my grandmother’s cooking, trying to not die on Black Friday (I work in retail) and seeing Happy Apple play not one, but two fabulous post-Thanksgiving shows.  It was becoming my own little holiday tradition.

I learned recently that the jazz trio will not be playing this Thanksgiving weekend.  To make matters worse, no one knows when or where they will play next.  By the way, If you have never listened to Happy Apple you should take the time to treat your soul and discover them.  

A few weeks ago I wanted to check on the details of their next show.  With no concert dates on their website or  myspace, I became deeply concerned and was in a foul mood for days.   I eventually decided to stop thinking about it and that perhaps they just hadn’t taken the time to update their websites in a while, it happens.

Then the following Friday, I saw saxophonist Michael Lewis out and about in Minneapolis.  I just had to ask him whether I was being paranoid or if in fact there were no upcoming shows.  He confirmed the latter and I returned to my sad state of mind.  

This isn’t to say the world is doomed never to hear Happy Apple live again, but simply that the group is comprised of three very busy and talented musicians with many places to go and things to do.  This Thanksgiving will not be quite as magical as it could be.

I read the news today, oh boy

Delivering the news

Delivering the news

Image uploaded by JustaCoolCat

While out for a morning bike ride I stopped and talked to this fellow biker who was delivering the paper.

He was a bit shy about having his pic taken “I can get off the bike. You don’t want a picture with an ugly old man in it” he offered which I rebuffed with “I don’t think you’re ugly, at all.”

We had a little chat about about biking: bike commuting, adult trikes, winter biking, tires and tire width and tire pressure and optimal tires for different conditions; turns out he bike commuted to work for twenty years.

Now in retirement he’s delivering the paper.


Let the holiday shopping begin

Stores come and go in Gaviidae Common downtown, leaving open spaces in what could be prime shopping territory. For one reason or another, though, it doesn’t seem to be quite the Mecca it could be. However, the enterprising folks at MNFashion have set up their local holiday pop-up shop for a second year in the Nicollet building. They’re carrying lines like Calpurnia Peach (I just bought a dress from the ladies, who were in the midst of completing a huge order from Patina’s new local store, Shoppe Local), as well as jewelry and accessories. (555 Nicollet Mall)

Not to be outdone, St. Louis Park has The Guild, and the promise of designer goodies from my favorite Lyndale resale store June and gothy, chic housewares and pretty things from Luehmann means I’ll make the jaunt to stop by. (4414 Excelsior Blvd, SLP)

Talking Minnesotan – Friday the 13th



Image Reflection Uploaded on November 9, 2009
by conner.mccall

SOTC has NEMAA Fall Fine Arts Show and an interesting conversation about the light rail, Gentrification Via Light Rail.

Minnpost has a must read with the judges talking – Small-fee case explodes: Minnesota justices direct judicial anger at Pawlenty and Legislature

the most remarkable piece of the package is raucous, angry concurrence by Justice Paul Anderson. Anderson sides with Magnuson, which makes his the deciding vote in favor of the deal. The license fee is necessary for the maintenance of “a civilized society,” Anderson says. But the price he exacts for his vote is a fierce lecture about how government ought to function. He ratifies the deal, then denounces it as necessitated by the “unfortunate impasse” between Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the DFL Legislature. But “unfortunate impasse” is pale language compared to what happens when Anderson gets warmed up.

Seriously, read the entire article and the links.

Derusha has a great read on What is and what isn’t terrorism. Did you know there are 109 kinds?

Though, I don’t think cancelling interviews is one of the 109, nor is Friday the 13th, but Sanden of InTheLoop fame doesn’t need Friday the 13th or terrorism to feel the effects of a tough week.

Can we reschedule?

Well, it looks like today isn’t that unlucky for the IntheLoop’ers after all as they have a Joa Cao song going viral in Louisiana

What are you talking about?


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