Evening on the Mississippi

Image uploaded on November 28, 2009
by draftpodium

We’ve had some great sunsets this week. Since it’s the Internet and I can choose my superpowers I am going to choose the powers of a weather forecaster and say there won’t be snow during the next three days during dusk and every sunset until Thursday will be awesome. I’m not kidding, check them out.

If I am wrong and it does snow, feel free to write an angry letter to Minnpost care of Paul Douglas whom I’m sure will be happy to answer all your complaints about me and my inaccurate weather forecasting ways.

Once again, Snow = Blame Paul Douglas.

No snow = It’s going to be a serene couple of evenings on the mighty Mississippi, enjoy it while it lasts.

And if you do end up on the banks of this beautiful river during a serene sunset, take a moment to think of your Internet superpowers.


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