Today, I shot a deer.

Uploaded on November 28, 2009
by JustACoolCat

Over the last month my local park/reserve has been open for deer hunting on various weekends, which means it’s closed to all other uses.

Three weeks back I did stop to talk to some hunters and they weren’t having any luck.

Knowing that the park was again open I took my bike over and did some laps on it’s hilly trails.

And while I was there I did what those city-boy hunters couldn’t, I shot a deer.

With my camera.

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  1. stevenofsouth on December 10th, 2009 @ 4:22 pm

    WHen I clicked on this I thought you meant with a gun! HAHAHA

    BUt I see now that you meant SHOT WITH A CAMERA.

    JUST like Chris on NOTHERN EXposure? Remember that show?!!!!

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