Local boy gone bad, Tom Petters,  now claims to be running from the mob. According to WCCO:

…In another indication of his state of mind, Petters also expressed fear that two investors who stood to lose up to $19 million, and who he claimed had mob connections, would try to kill him.

When I was in high school, I worked for Petters Warehouse Direct. For some reason it always felt like some giant, semi-organized garage sale. At one point in time I met Petters at a company function. He informed me that “You kids should be skipping out on the big name gum, and using Breath Blasters”. I found out that Breath Blasters were re-packaged Certs that we sold in the stores. 3 days later another employee and I made a sketch comedy bit about how Petters would use these Breath Blasters to take over the world. I guess we were visionaries-far ahead of our time. Breath Blasters, ponzi scheme, hey, it’s all the same.

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