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Quick, Before the Hair Grows

I managed to go 30+ years without getting knocked up. I suppose that’s not much of a surprise based on the homosexuality that coursing through my veins. In any case, when I met the hot piece of action (she’s also incredibly smart, funny and doesn’t beat me!) I call my girlfriend about a year and a half ago, I suddenly found myself with a tween pre-teen.

I’m always on the lookout for something for he and I to do. We get along like gangbusters, which is awesome, but I’m always trying to find something new pique his interest. He’s a video game, reading and computer kind of guy, where I’m a pass the vodka shots and let’s head to a baseball game kind of girl. I’m looking for compromise here.

But you know what I haven’t been able to find? Compromise between the two. Minneapolis Community Ed classes offer martial arts for his age group and that’s about it. If he were five the options would be endless; if he were 16, it’d be the same way. Since he’s stuck in between the whole child to man phase, I’m at a loss and would love some suggestions from anyone else that has a kid that’s just about to start growing hair in awkward places.

What are you looking at?


Image vroom uploaded by Ruptured Dog

The weather outside is frightful….

So if you’ve already forgotten to get that Halloween costume and you don’t feel like doing the last minute idea, grab a bike or some running shoes (and that last minute costume) and get outside. track or treat


Bike Jerks is putting on the Track or Treat (fixed gear only). Alley Cats are always fun, but doing it on Halloween night should be redonkulous.







And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out Team Orthos’ Monster Dash 1/2 marathon, 10 mile and 5k at Lake Harriet this Saturday. Afterwards, there will be a party (21+) at the convention center.

team ortho

Should Minnesota Lower the Drinking Age?

Here’s a post with two polls that may or may not be related. I know my own opinions, but I’m really curious about what you think.



Corn Ethanol Fails Again

The strib reports MPCA hits Minn. ethanol producer with $425k penalty

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) said today that the violations by Bushmills Ethanol Inc. of Atwater stretched from 2006 to 2009. They included producing ethanol beyond the facility’s permitted capacity, failure to inspect and maintain production and pollution-control equipment, and exceeding allowable wastewater discharge limits.

Because of Bushmill’s violations, the MPCA said in a statement, the cooperative of more than 400 farmers “created a situation where the facility could potentially emit more regulated air pollutants than allowed by its permit.”

I just want to know when we start to get holding the flaks, that push the BS as “green”, responsible for the damage?

This line really strikes me as interesting “could potentially emit more regulated air pollutants than allowed by its permit”

Hmmm, if only Minnesota had a group that was constantly harping about any air pollutants being bad air pollutants.

… that is if only they weren’t in bed with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. . .

Where Am I?

Here’s a pretty simple game of “Where in Minnesota Did I Take this Unaltered Picture?” Kudos to the first commenter who gets it right!


P.S. It has my favorite free views of the city.

Even More New Authors!

lake harriet bandshell

Lake Harriet Bandshell uploaded by cichlee {novella}

Just the other day I was contemplating, much like the above image, about bringing on even more authors.

Unlike the beautiful image above I wasn’t enjoying the serene beauty of our lakes, I was being tossed out of a car at 50mph for not paying a debt in a timely fashion. ( Grandmas, what are you going to do right? )

That’s when it hit me, the road. Just kidding, it was the car behind us. No really, I think it was Bob Dylan on a motorscooter.

I digress.

What I really mean to say is more awesome writers!

Jon will be covering local outdoors, biking, and whatever else catches his interest.

Meghan likes to write about music and set things on fire. She can actually burn down a rock pile with just an ice cube and flynt.

And last to the party will be, Kara who will be starting mid-November and is going to take up the helm of fashion and intrigue . You may know Kara from MnDaily where she’s been rocking the fashion scene.

Please treat the new authors right, they are friendly, but armed and extremely dangerous.


The Adventures of a Nerdy Macaw

I don’t even know what the hell a nerdy macaw is, but apparently Blue Sky Studios, Fox Animation and director Carlos Saldanha all think that Neil Patrick  Harris would be a great representation of one when he (or his voice rather) stars in “Rio”, which follows the adventures of a nerdy macaw who lights out from his small-town Minnesota cage for the exotic Summer Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro. (via ABCNews)

I was curious after reading this much earlier today on the most credible news website known to man, Perez Hilton. (Nope, not linking that one.) What exactly is a nerdy macaw and why’s it gotta be from Minnesota? Google images says this is a nerdy macaw:

That’s just a creepy guy with no shirt on getting ready to make out with a bird. I don’t know if I’d call that nerdy or not. When I added “Minnesota” to my search, I wound up on this link. I’ll save you the trouble – it’s a “quality gay dating site”. Google Images has failed me.

The movie is also rumored to star Anne Hathaway (the hottie from The Devil Wears Prada or the beard that was married to Jake Gyllenhal’s character in Brokeback Mountain) and Rodrigo Santoro (who plays one of the dudes that get buried alive in “Lost” and has apparently been called the Brazilian Tom Cruise…). Fox hasn’t confirmed the aforementioned casting, but Fox doesn’t do a lot of things right anyway.

Drop and Give Me Twenty!


Photo courtesy of CrossFit MSP

The holidays are fast approaching, and I’ve made a plan to gorge myself guilt-free. It’s called: CrossFit MSP Boot Camp.

According to Wiki, CrossFit is “one of the fastest growing fitness movements on the planet,” combining constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

The Boot Camps, hosted for the first time at the CrossFit gym in St. Louis Park, incorporate the same philosophies as CrossFit, minus the complex lifting movements. Owner Michael Pilhofer says they’re for both men and women looking to get an efficient, short (15-20 min), fun workout, done in a small group environment.

I submit that the Boot Camps are also for those wishing to make a little more room in their waistband for a second helping of turkey.

Another plus is that CrossFit workouts are scalable for people of all fitness levels. Meaning even those of us who only run… after the ice cream man… will still benefit.

The six-week camps start November 2, and some discounts are available for signing up with a friend. As I learned in a similar boot camp, the best motivation to not wimp out is group peer pressure.

Well then try this on for size

MIA Wallpaper: Doryphoros

Image uploaded by Minneapolis Institure o Farts errr misread that Minneapolis Institure of Arts

The Doryphoros
120-50 B.C.
Pentelic marble
78 x 19 x 19 in. (198.12 x 48.26 x 48.26 cm)
Greece, Europe
The John R. Van Derlip Fund and Gift of funds from Bruce B. Dayton
On view at the MIA

HOW To Install Wallpaper on Your iPhone:
1. In Flickr, go to the screen that gives you the option for ‘medium’ or ‘original image’ sizes. Click ‘Original Size’
2. Tap and hold your finger on the image. When you see a pop-up box, choose ‘Save Image’
3. Go to your iPhone’s Camera Roll, choose the photo, tap the Action icon, then tap ‘Use As Wallpaper’

[Ok, I’ll grow up now]


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