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Breaking the law and ruining the environment for charity?

Only in Wisconsin. It’s reported that Western Wis. bar plans charity Favre burn

The Milwaukee Burger Co. says patrons can bring in their Favre jerseys, pictures, posters and memorabilia and toss them into the barrel. The bar plans to donate $10 to an unspecified charity for each piece burned

Though, a quick search of a Wisconsin Gov’t website shows

Smoke from burning garbage stinks, can trigger asthma attacks and contains toxic compounds. Open burning of household solid wastes also is illegal with limited exceptions For example, it is illegal to burn all plastic materials, kitchen wastes, dirty or wet paper wastes, treated or painted wood, furniture and demolition material – or any other material that creates a nuisance. The exceptions include (if not prohibited by local ordinance) lawn and garden debris, small quantities of clean, untreated, unpainted wood and clean paper waste that is not recyclable

It then goes on to suggest Alternatives

Reuse: Reuse household items and give toys, clothes and furniture that you no longer want or need to someone who can use them.

Recycle: It’s the law in Wisconsin to recycle plastic, glass, metal, newspaper and cardboard. Take your recyclables to the recycling center closest to your house if there is no roadside recycling pick-up.

So unless the Favre pictures, posters and memorabilia are made out of clean paper and don’t have any plastic they cannot be burned by law. Also, it appears that burning clothing may also be against the law.

Why can’t this stuff be given to a charity that will reuse and recycle?


Minnesota Football? Minnesota Football!

If you like Football you’ve heard of the Two Jet Aggie Spread Right

I like football.

And beer.

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

Best Day Ever sends the Internet some beer

I asked for some beer pics yesterday and @Best_day_ever decided to play along.

It’s good to see some people still like to have fun on the Internet, drink beer, and steal a football win within the last seconds of the game. TD!



SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

SurlyFest and pumpkins from the garden.

The first rule of Fight Club

Don’t post video of Fight Club on Youtube

Wright County authorities are investigating an underground teenagers’ fight club in Monticello that sent at least one fighter to the hospital a week ago.

“We’ve heard of fights before, but nothing organized like this, where they put a video on YouTube,” said Lt. Todd Hoffman, a Wright County sheriff’s deputy. “We just want to put a stop to it before somebody is severely injured.”

A clip of the fight, subsequently taken down, was briefly posted online, he said.

I thought kids these days were raised to believe that everyone is a winner?


Internet Man?

Just a little something I found on The Twitters.

Our very own Metblogs Author, Art Allen, as illustrated by former Metblogs author Donavon Cawley.


Alone on Lake Harriet

Alone on Lake Harriet
Image uploaded on September 6, 2009 by conner.mccall

It kind of feels like Fall, don’t you think?


Rock and Roll Water Fight?

The Parlour Suite

The Parlour Sweet

This moment of local rock brought to you by Tim Carlson MPLS

The Parlour Suite


How Green Was My Garden: Master of your Domain, or at least your Garden

The University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Program in Hennepin County is looking for a few good gardeners!  They are looking for Hennepin County residents with a variety of gardening experiences; previous volunteer experience; good communication skills, including public speaking and leadership skills.  More information can be found on their website —  

Terry Straub
Program Coordinator
University of Minnesota Extension
Hennepin County Master Gardener Program
479 Prairie Center Drive
Eden Prairie, MN   55344-5378
P:  612.596.2130
F:  952.828.7280
Preferred E-mail at:
Hennepin County Master Gardener Hotline:  612.596.2118

Become a Master Gardener!  Applications are now on-line at

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my.

It seems this was the weekend for Minnesota teams to get all Wizard of Oz on the world as the Gophers played the Golden Bears, the Twins played the Detroit Tigers, and the Vikings played the Detroit Lions.

I owe the connection and headline entirely to this tweet by FreshMn and @amycrea.

As you know the results shake out like this, Twins still behind, Favre hurt his fingernail, and the Gophers had a tough opponent that took it to them.

As you may not know there is a rift in the Mn sports community as to what the Gopher’s new TCF Stadium should be called; the two main nicknames seem to be “The Bank” and “The Vault”.

Here’s how I see it, if the team is going to metaphorically match the nickname as “The Bank” they would need to go big on Offense and as “The Vault” the would want to be stingy on Defense.

It seems the Football Captains want to name it Awesome

What do you think?



Share in the bounty of Jason DeRusha Day

Thanks to the power of social media, WCCO reporter Jason DeRusha is getting his own official day this Monday, September 21…

I made this poster to help promote it…
Jason DeRusha Day, September 21, 2009

Get the poster here.

Print if off. Put it up at work. Post it in the hallways. Then be sure to TwitPic yourself holding it with the #derushaday hashtag.

You know, just spread the love!

@sloped is auctioning off the “original” DeRusha Day poster on eBay.

There’s a party tonight (Monday, Sept. 21) at Om. Details here.

Just what the doctor ordered

Local doctor Will Nicholson, M.D. wrote a great piece and I think you should read it, Here’s a waste of health care dollars: Refuting myths.

In health care, we vow to “first do no harm.” If only politicians had to make a similar promise.

As a family physician, I’ve spent a lot of time debunking myths about health care that my patients see on the Internet, late night TV or in the back pages of magazines.

I never dreamed I would have to debunk myths about health care from our elected officials and supposed leaders

…Before such people presume to regulate and reform my profession, they should try holding themselves to its ethical standards

“supposed leaders” Here, Here!
Hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!

Please feel free to spread or debunk a myth in the comments.


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