Totally Doin’ It with Art and Emily: MNKINO

We went to MNKINO, a monthly event at the West Bank Social Center where anyone can screen a short film based on the month’s theme. This month’s theme was “On/Off.” The theme of the next event, which will be held on September 22, will be “Transparency.”

Art’s Part

My first reaction to MNKINO was “BLEGH! This is the sort of stuff kids were making in high school!” And it’s true—it did feel very much like a film screening from my high school. But then I remembered that I went to the Perpich Center for Art(‘)s Education, and that the kids there were being balls-out experimental. And that was and is exciting to me.

The videos on display at MNKINO were all in this same vein. Some videos were made by talented videographers who didn’t know how to tell a story; some were made by true amateurs who tried their best and it showed. Some—and there’s no other way to say it—were really stupid. But you know what? That’s ok! They all put themselves out there to try something new based on a prompt that someone gave them a month ago.

I dare you to try it. I’m going to! The next theme is TRANSPARENCY!

Emily’s Part

I first heard about MNKINO when I went to Give & Take a few weeks ago, and I was all, “This is something Art would totally do!” So I was going to call him, but then I realized that he was in New York chaperoning a bunch of bitter 15-year-olds in tiny, tiny shorts on a trip where cell phones had been banned.

So I had to wait.

Then, when he returned to the Midwest, I told him about it, and he was all, “That is something I would totally do!” So we decided to go. (Art was actually going to participate with a sandwich-related movie, but we didn’t get around to it. But there’s always next month!)

So anyway, tonight was the night, and we were able to make it to the event after struggling to find a parking spot and then struggling even harder to figure out how to get into the West Bank Social Center. (It’s right above the Nomad World Pub, but you have to go into their little backyard area and navigate around a bunch of hipsters playing Bocce Ball to get up there.)

But of what I was able to see, it was a pretty cool event. People had some really interesting and different (except for two people who sort of made the same movie) takes on the theme of “On/Off,” some of which I even understood. (People who make movies are weird. But in a cool way.)

I’ll also probably be quoting a line (Blog, blog, blog . . . STRATEGY!) from the first movie I saw for quite a while.

Plus, it’s free (if you don’t count the Nomad charging us over $13 for two beers). So now you have no reason not to go.

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