Totally Doin’ It with Art and Emily: The Tin Fish and Jackson’s

We ate dinner at The Tin Fish, located in the Lake Calhoun pavilion, then had dessert at the recently opened Jackson’s Coffee and Gelato at Bryant and Lake.

Art’s Part

It is generally accepted by people who make lists that Minneapolis is a great place to live, especially in the summer. The City of Minneapolis has millions of miles* of biking and walking paths, enough trees to fill five forests, and 10,000 lakes. These are all great for doing things outside!

But what if you have the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD? You’ll need a pretty good excuse to leave the house ever.

Outdoor Lure #1: Lake Calhoun Pavilion.

If you live in Uptown or in St. Louis Park, Lake Calhoun is a good walk or a very easy bike ride away. And let me tell you something: they have beer. And if you don’t want to pay Metrodome prices for beer, you can bring your own beer. Or you could bring scotch and drink scotch at or near the beach. The options are endless**!

But the food they have at the pavilion—called The Tin Fish—is delectable. I had a Mahi Mahi taco (which is known to most by another, more juvenile innuendo-name—but I hate puns so I won’t use that other term) with some of the juiciest, most tender fish I’d eaten in a while. Emily and I split some stuffed grape leaves, which inspired in me a great desire to move to Toronto, buy their professional hockey team, and name them the Toronto Grape-le Leafs.

After our meal that filled us with just the right amount of food, we decided to visit, for the second time in as many days,

Outdoor Lure #2: Jackson’s Coffee and Gelato

This delicious outdoor lure is maybe a mile from the Lake Calhoun pavilion. Jackson’s hasn’t been open for more than a week, and already I’ve eaten there twice. I can’t say anything about their coffee (after all, we wouldn’t want Artpartment-adjacent Urban Bean to be jealous), but they do have delicious gelato, which is certainly worth buying and eating. No outdoor seating though. Alas.

But if you were really into it, you could do what Emily and I did and just walk two blocks down Bryant to 32nd to Bryant Park and sit at a picnic table and watch the kids play basket ball and listen to the parents teach their children how to play hide and go seek like not idiots.

*Actually I’m pretty sure it’s billions
**I asked my mathematician friend, and the options do, in fact, eventually end

Emily’s Part

NOTE: I’m going to go ahead and assume Art made all the fish taco jokes this post can handle, so I’m not going to make any. However, I did do plenty of giggling while reading over my post and thinking of it that way. I’m only human!

I went to the The Tin Fish for the first time last week when I was having a crazy fish taco craving and someone recommended it. I was excited to find out this place even existed because I didn’t even know the Lake Calhoun pavilion served food.

But surprise of surprises, they have delicious reasonably priced a la carte fish tacos! With a wide selection of fish!

After enjoying it so much the first time, I was anxious to go back and suggested Art and I meet there for dinner. It’s about a mile from his place and two miles from mine.

He walked. I biked. Aren’t we super active for people who spend most of our time on the Internet?

After a mildly traumatic experience where a piece of my bike broke off and flew ten feet (it turns out that part wasn’t necessary, but it was still disconcerting) and waiting in a slow-moving line with a very poorly trained dog, we ordered our tacos and grabbed a table.

In my opinion, they’re worth what appears to be, based on the two times I’ve been there, a routinely long wait. Simple, delicious and just the right amount of heat (at least for me, but I’m sort of a baby).

After the tacos, we decided to head to Jackson’s Coffee and Gelato, which just opened a few blocks from Art’s place. We’d already tried their gelato the night before, but hey, we were active that day (see above), so it was totally justified, right?

Plus gelato is really good.

And while their gelato probably isn’t the best I’ve ever had and they could probably do with more of a flavor selection (I believe there were ten, but about half were sorbet or some other non-gelato product I wasn’t interested in), they make up for it with reasonable prices and a discount for cyclists (I found this out when the cashier spotted me awkwardly fumbling with my helmet while trying to find my cash).

Overall, I’d definitely still recommend it.

2 Comments so far

  1. doniree on August 5th, 2009 @ 9:08 am

    I’ve been meaning to try Tin Fish since the start of the summer. I have this idea that canoeing around the lakes and then having dinner there would be a fun date. I mean, thing to do. Either way, glad the wait in line is worth it. I’ll give it a shot sometime.

  2. sloped on August 5th, 2009 @ 9:19 am

    Ever since Emily first talked about Tin Fish on Twitter I’ve been thinking about making the journey over their to try it. This may force my hand.

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