Is that a pizza threat?

As reported by Citypages

On Monday evening, police were called to the 1300 block of Desoto Street about a “suspicious piece of pizza.”

The 43-year-old man demanded that police write out a police report about the slice of pizza, claiming it was left near a fence with the intent to harass. Police described the pizza slice to the Pioneer Press: “The man had found a piece of pizza that was three-quarters eaten, with bite marks in it.” It was a cheese and pepperoni pizza with traditional hand-tossed crust, in case you were wondering.

No other potentially harassing slices of partially eaten pizza slices were found at the scene. We call all sleep in peace tonight.

I disagree with the last statement “We call all sleep in peace tonight.” In fact, we should all remain vigilant. Perhaps it’s even time to set up a threat level assessment based on the toppings.

What’s this? Green pepper’s and mushrooms? You son of a . .. .


Next time Pizza will be sending out for you.


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