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Saint Paul Art Crawl 2009

It’s time again for the Saint Paul Art Crawl! One of my favorite reoccuring Saint Paul events.

Check out an artist interview I did last fall

From their website

The St. Paul Art Collective / Saint Paul Art Crawl
Hundreds of artists and galleries. Thousands of visitors.
In Lowertown and throughout Saint Paul.
Saint Paul Art Crawl
Spring 2009
April 24 – Friday evening, 6-10 pm.
April 25 – Saturday afternoon, noon-8 pm.
April 26 – Sunday, noon-5 pm.
Beat the Recession – The Art Crawl is Free!
Where else can you see art by over 370 resident, guest and gallery artists? And, in such beautiful
and historic buildings?

Also, it appears the event is expanding this year into the East Side!

I have a party to attend on Saturday, but I am going to try and make it Friday Night or Sunday Morning.

Who’s in? DM me

Have you been before? If so what is your favorite building?

Do you know any artists I should check out? Do tell.


Kids, books, and Dakota County – three happy things.

I was happy to see a cool family event is happening near my home this weekend. If any Dakota County dwellers are reading this, specifically ones in the West Saint Paul area with kids, here’s an event for you to check out this Saturday. The Wentworth Public Library is having an event:  El Dia de los Niños/El Dia de los Libros ( link is a PDF). Translation = The Day of the Child/The Day of the Book.

Why should you go? Because reading to your kids is good, and speaking Spanish is great fun. You may not speak Spanish, but who knows? You might learn something. Plus there’s going to be snacks, crafts, prizes… heck they’ll even have a piñata. And who on God’s green earth doesn’t like a piñata? Exactly.

Mo’ taxes, mo’ problems

The legislature is debating several new tax increases:

  • Cigarettes up $.54/pack (on top of the most recent increase from S-CHIP)
  • Liquor tax to be increased by an undisclosed amount for the first time in 20 years
  • A new upper tax bracket (starting at $300,00/household), taxed at 9% (one of the highest in the nation)

There is a comment from House Taxes Chairwoman Ann Lenczewski, DFL-Bloomington, saying that since tax cuts hurt people, and increases hurt people, so they are taking a “reasoned, balance approach.”

Except I have not seen one word about these cuts. Only increases.

I don’t know about you, but I think that raising tax rates in a recession might not be the best idea.

(via Star Trib)

MN makes the national blogs

From Gawker:

Michele Bachmann, crazy dumb suburban Minnesota baby-farmer and US Congresswoman, is basically a troll. She says whatever nonsense comes into her head, into microphones, and what comes into her head is usually right-wing conspiracies she read about in an email forward from your crazy uncle.

The article goes on to talk about the fiasco with Muslims getting kicked off planes, and the comments that she made.

The only real value in that article is how there is a vibe right now of “That crazy Minnesota” in some of the national circles, for reasons such as above, and the Franken-Coleman debacle.

Do we have any journalists left in Minnesota?

Last week MPR reported that a Missing Winona County suspect a ‘tremendous risk'”, as did every other pulp in town and possibly in the state. ( I’m not picking on MPR)

The text of the article was almost identical in every case and upon my first read I noticed what seemed like glaring problems with the story, but apparently I’m the only one.

The story opens with

The Winona County attorney called an inmate who has escaped from a locked hospital ward a “tremendous risk” to public safety with a violent past.

and then it goes on to say

“Goodwin was arrested Saturday while on work release on suspicion of buying drugs from a police informant. … He was charged Wednesday with felony escape from custody, and a warrant was issued for his arrest”

So this guy is a ‘tremendous risk’, but the State allowed him out for work release? Does that make any sense?

Also, what happened to the police informant? Is this scumbag of an individual just allowed to sell drugs at will to people that are a ‘tremendous risk’ to society? Why would that be allowed? Does society really need help enabling the revolving door parole system which keeps the recidivism stats moving along?

It seems to me that so much of modern paid journalism is recycled, regurgitated, and sticks to one angle of a story.

What every happened to real reporting?

Aren’t there any reporters left willing to ask deeper questions about a story? Or could it be that actual reporting isn’t the type of thing our papers and newsources are willing to support?

So I ask, do we have any journalists left in this state?

If so, tell me whom you like and what makes him/her a good journalist.


Did I break the Internet? (Coachella Queries. )

Do you ever wonder that?

I mean locally, of course, not at Coachella or someplace totally way more awesome than SxSWhatnot or Seattle.

That is, do you know somone at Coachella? You know, someone local? Or, have you heard about any Coachella acts that you really, really, really, want to roll through the T.C.?

.My friend mellowlee says “Now playing at #Coachella ; #Calexico Check it out at #webcast ♫

 and stephenhero just can’t catch a break  “Glasvegas cancelled. Bullshit! I feel like a Gypsy homosexual in 1939 Poland.” #coachella

Do tell.



Twin Cities Daily Planet turns 3 and deserves a spanking

The Twin Cities Daily Planet will turn three on May Day, and are celebrating with a Happy Hour Birthday Party at the Bedlam Theatre, 1501 S. 6th St., Minneapolis, from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, May 1.

From the press release: Join TCDP writers, photographers, videographers, media partners, readers, and other contributors for drinks and conversation – this is a great opportunity to meet face to face with members of the Twin Cities Daily Planet community, talk about news stories and happenings in the Twin Cities, and enjoy each others’ company—offline.

Birthday cake and a short presentation at 6. Bedlam offers some great happy hour drink specials, including tap beers for $3.

What do you get a nonprofit online newspaper for its birthday?

Off Year, but the races are heating up

[DISCLOSURE: I am working as communication director for Richard Easton]

Even though this year ends with an odd number, there are still elections.

In Saint Paul, Eva Ng and incumbent Chris Coleman are running for mayor.

There are 5 major candidated for school board: Elona Street-Stewart, John Broderick, Tom Goldstein, Richard Easton, and John Krenik.

Both these races are non-partisan.

I did not include websites for the candidates, since I dont feel this is the forum to do that. You can Google them if you want. Plus, not all have websites, and I didnt want to give any candidate an advantage.

Please, go to your calendar now. Mark November 3rd. Learn about the local candidates. It is still your civic duty to vote, even in an off year.



Yeah, that was me voting.

What do you think?


Has the long arm of THE LAW gotten too long?

MPR’s Tom Scheck reports Senate bill aims to cut prison sentences to save state funds.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman chimes in

“In my experience going back to the ’80s, I’ve never seen a rush at the last moment to attempt to save lots of money by making radical changes to the criminal justice system,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

Hear me out, I have a theory. My theory is that an overhaul to the criminal justice system is long overdue. I know it. You know it. Our law makers know it, but they couldn’t appear soft on crime and make the changes during normal economic times. In effect, this reform may be the silver lining in our massive budget problem.

Bob Collins is Live-blogging Midmorning: Getting ‘less tough on crime?’

What do you think? Has the long arm of the law gotten too long?



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