Do we have any journalists left in Minnesota?

Last week MPR reported that a Missing Winona County suspect a ‘tremendous risk'”, as did every other pulp in town and possibly in the state. ( I’m not picking on MPR)

The text of the article was almost identical in every case and upon my first read I noticed what seemed like glaring problems with the story, but apparently I’m the only one.

The story opens with

The Winona County attorney called an inmate who has escaped from a locked hospital ward a “tremendous risk” to public safety with a violent past.

and then it goes on to say

“Goodwin was arrested Saturday while on work release on suspicion of buying drugs from a police informant. … He was charged Wednesday with felony escape from custody, and a warrant was issued for his arrest”

So this guy is a ‘tremendous risk’, but the State allowed him out for work release? Does that make any sense?

Also, what happened to the police informant? Is this scumbag of an individual just allowed to sell drugs at will to people that are a ‘tremendous risk’ to society? Why would that be allowed? Does society really need help enabling the revolving door parole system which keeps the recidivism stats moving along?

It seems to me that so much of modern paid journalism is recycled, regurgitated, and sticks to one angle of a story.

What every happened to real reporting?

Aren’t there any reporters left willing to ask deeper questions about a story? Or could it be that actual reporting isn’t the type of thing our papers and newsources are willing to support?

So I ask, do we have any journalists left in this state?

If so, tell me whom you like and what makes him/her a good journalist.


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  1. David (jacc) on April 20th, 2009 @ 12:44 pm

    I’m going with Steve Perry and David Brauer, both are independent thinkers that write on controversial topics without being adversarial.

  2. Robert Moffitt (justpbob) on April 20th, 2009 @ 12:54 pm

    "Goodwin has a violent past, convicted eight times for assaults, including a stabbing in 2002."


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